How to Change Desktop Wallpapers in Windows

Desktop wallpaper, also referred to as desktop background, can be a digital image from your own collection, an image outlined with a color, a solid color, or an image that is provided with Windows. You can either choose a single picture to be the desktop background or put on view a slide show with numerous
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How To Fix 0x80070005 error

The error code 0x80070005 is often referred to as Access Denied error. It generally occurs while checking or updating updates via Windows Update. To fix this particular problem, there are a couple of things we can try. Let’s take a look at what to do when you get error 0x80070005.

How To Use Google Earth Flight Simulator: Controls & Guidelines

Every Google Earth version since the one released in August 2007 has an in-built flight simulator. It uses Google Earth satellite images to provide users with a more detailed environment making it a realistic experience. At present, only 2 aircraft models (Cirrus SR-22 & F-16 Fighting Falcon) and a number of selected airports can be
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How To Open DAT Files (including Winmail.dat)

Often, we come across an unknown file type with a .DAT extension which our computer fails to open. These types of files are generally received through emails, as while re-routing an email, often the extension types of the attachments are saved to .DAT by default.

USB Device Not Recognized : Windows 8 Fix

While using Windows 8, it often happens that the computer fails to detect an USB device plugged into its USB port and shows an error. It generally shows as a pop up in the bottom right corner of the screen and reads : “USB Device Not Recognized: One of the USB devices attached to this
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