Steve Jobs’ life in a timeline

Some of us woke up to the news of Steve Jobs’ death, the visionary that inspired a generation with his phenomenal inventions, such as the Macintosh and the famous iPod. Steve pushed the human race to develop and evolve and is now gone. He will be severely missed, in memory. I want to take a look at his life and his achievements so we can remember Steve as a revolutionary individual.

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Steven Paul Jobs was born on the 24th of February


Steve enrolled at the Reed College, in Oregon, Portland. He dropped out after two semesters.


Steven worked for Atari, the creators of the famous games Space Invaders & Roller Coaster Tycoon. He also went to meetings for the Homebrew Computer Club with an older high school friend, Steve Wozniak.

rollercoaster tycoon


Both Steve Jobs and Wozniak continued the Homebrew Computer Club meetings.


The Apple computer was founded on April Fool’s Day, just after Jobs and Wozniak created a new circuit board in their garage in Silicon Valley. Ron Wayne, a third co-founder, left Apple after just 2 weeks, the Apple computer then went on sale for $666.66 in the summer.

young steve jobs


The second Apple computer was released, it was the first ever PC to have color graphics, revenue reached $1 billion.


Steve Jobs married his girlfriend Chrissan Brennan & they had a daughter named Lisa.


Steve visited PARC (Xerox Pala Alto Research Centre) and is inspired by a PC with a user interface which is graphical.


Apple releases itself to the public, they raised $110 million in possibly one of the biggest public offerings to this day.


Annual revenue reaches $1 billion.


The Lisa computer was available in stores. Steve hired John Sculley as the CEO of Apple.


The Macintosh advert was played during the Super Bowl, which then went on to be sold.

steve jobs introduced Macintosh 1984


Steve and John Sculley clash, which lead Jobs to hand in his own resignation. Wozniak resigned Apple later that year.


Steve Jobs started Next Inc., which was a new computer creation company, making computers for universities. He also bought Pixar from George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars.

star wars


The first computer from Next Inc. was put on sale for $6, 500


Apple and IBM announce a new partnership to create new PC software and microprocessors; Apple releases portable Macs called PowerBooks.


Apple releases the Newton, which was a hand-held computer that used a pen to control it. Apple loses $188 million in the quarter of July. John Sculley is replaced with Michael Spindler who became the CEO of Apple. Sculley resigned as chairman. Steve Jobs then decides he wants the point of focus to be on developing software, instead of computers.


Apple releases the Power Macintosh, which was based on the PowerPC chip that was developed with Motorola and IBM, Jobs then licensed his operating system.


The first ever Mac clones are sold. Pixars’ Toy Story hits the cinemas and Pixar goes to Wall Street with a 140 Million IPO.

Toy story steve jobs


Apple reported they plan to buy Next Inc. for $430 million, to gain ownership of the operating system that Jobs and his team created. Steve was then given the position of advisor for Apple. Spindler was replaced with Gil Amelio as CEO of Apple.


Steve became the temporary CEO of Apple after Amelio was fired; he creates the marketing opportunity by referring to himself as the iCEO of Apple. Steve then stops the Mac clones.


Apple begins making a profit again. Apple also released the candy coloured, iMac which shook up the PC industry. The Newton was withdrawn from the shelves.


Steve Jobs becomes the permanent CEO of Apple


The first iPod was sold. Macs with OS X where also released along with the iTunes software.

Apple iPod


Apple launches the iTunes music shop, with roughly 200,000 songs sold at $0.99 each. 1 million songs were sold in the first week.


Steve went into surgery for pancreatic cancer; Apple reveals this after the surgery.


Apple creates more versions of the iPod, including the Nano and an iPod which can play video files. Future Macs were also announced that will use Intel chips.


Disney buys Pixar from Steve for $7.4 billion, which made him become Disney’s largest shareholder.


Apple releases the iPhone; customers camped overnight to be the first to have one.

Apple iPhone 4S


Jobs appears to be ill due to his significant weight loss. In September’s Apple event, he states that the reports of his death are exaggerated.


Steve explains that his weight loss is due to a hormone imbalance and he will carry on running Apple. A few days later he announces he will be on sick leave, he had a liver transplant and returned to Apple in June.


Apple sells a total of 15 million in only 9 months of the latest gadget being released, the iPad.

apple ipad by steve jobs

January 17th 2011

Jobs announces another sick leave to his employees via a memo. Tim Cook takes Steves’ place and runs Apples’ projects but Jobs keeps his title of CEO and stayed involved in major decisions.

August 24th 2011

Jobs resigns as the CEO of Apple, Cook took the title of CEO and Jobs is named the chairman of Apple.

October 5th 2011

Steven Jobs dies at the age of 56 in California.

Steve Jobs Grave

Steve Jobs had accomplished amazing success in his lifetime, he pushed our race to evolve past a point that we thought impossible before him. Think what could have been accomplished if Jobs lived longer, considering what he was capable of creating. He has inspired a generation and will not be forgotten.

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