Best Tips for Protection and Prevention of Malware Attack for Your Computer

In the recent times, malware attacks have become a major headache for the computer owners. These malware or virus badly affect our system and at times sweeps away all our personal details from our computer or laptop. The ransomware has created havoc recently putting millions of computers at risk, infecting them badly. Using the internet is a necessary thing to do all kind of work today, hence you have to be cautious about it. If you are also worried about malware attack or already suffering from malware issue, then follow these tips to prevent and protect your computer from malware infection. Continue reading “Best Tips for Protection and Prevention of Malware Attack for Your Computer”

5 Best Applock for Android

App locks have become fundamental security app as it helps to keep our phone safe and secure from any kind of hacking. It mainly helps in preventing those people who have a habit of tampering with other people’s phones. There are many personal data on your phone which you want to private and don’t want anyone’s access to them. Your social media apps, bank apps, messengers, photo and video gallery, are some of them. For keeping them secure the app lock becomes a useful tool for you. To keep your personal apps secure, here are some of the best app locks you can install on your android phone. Continue reading “5 Best Applock for Android”

6 Best Personal Safety App for Women

Safety is the biggest concern for any woman as they become victims of heinous crimes such as sexual harassment, molestation, and rape. Most women have a fear of being stalked, followed or being attacked which is indeed a big issue especially who stay or travel alone. In such situation, technology can also help in keeping you safe. There are some apps for personal safety which every woman can download that will help in keeping them safe from untoward incidents. These apps send distress signals to women’s close contacts so they can know her present status and come to her rescue if needed. These apps also send alarms to nearby police stations if anything goes wrong. To know which are the best apps for women’s safety, just have a look at the list below. Continue reading “6 Best Personal Safety App for Women”

How to Stop Cyber Bullying

In the age of internet and social media cyberbullying has become a big issue on today’s date. The main victims of cyberbullying are generally women, kids, and teenagers. If you are using social media and other things like that, then you should be familiar with its demerits also. Cyberbullying can be extremely harassing which can lead to mental depression and even suicide. So if you are tech savvy but also want to stay safe at the same time or keep your loved ones secure from this issue, then go through the guidelines of how to stop cyberbullying. Continue reading “How to Stop Cyber Bullying”

How Safe Is Online Banking

In today’s date, most of the money transaction is being done online via the medium of internet banking, mobile banking, credit and debit card. It saves a lot of our time and wires the money from one account to another within a split second. Though convenient, the internet banking has its own hazards which can be extremely troublesome for you. Continue reading “How Safe Is Online Banking”