7 Best Free Email Service for Small Business

Email is the core requirement of any business house for doing correspondence and communication. Email marketing is still considered a vital tool for the success of your business and to get new clients. For that purpose, you need to choose a good email service provider where you can create an email account for business-related communication.

As a businessman, you need to be sure that you choose the best email service provider which can give you ample of storage space, easy to use interface, mobile accessibility, effective spam filter and cloud service. So if you are looking for a free web-based email service for your business then have a look at the list of some of the best free email service for business purpose. Continue reading “7 Best Free Email Service for Small Business”

Email Filing Software Can Make Your Job A Lot Easier

As the demands of the workplace increase, people are relying on email as their primary means of communication. Emails can be sent quickly and from anywhere there is an internet connection.

They can be just a quick note, or they can have large reports attached. Emails are used for all sorts of reasons.

email auto filing software

In light of all the emails that a person receives every day at work, an email management software program can help make one’s job much easier. An email filing software program allows users to organize their inboxes, locate emails and stay legally compliant.

Automatic Filter

Almost any email service allows users to organize their messages into various folders. Without this ability, an inbox is nearly impossible to manage. However, filing emails takes time. Even though a single click does not take long, it wastes time.

automatic email filters

An email filing program will make work easier by filing emails automatically. It will take a few days, but a software program can recognize the patterns and create filters, so messages are filed in their appropriate location by the software.

For emails that are difficult, the software should suggest files, which makes manual filing quick on the rare occasions that it is necessary.

Delete Spam

Back in the fall of 2006, Iron Port estimated that 86 billion spam emails were sent each day. Over the past five years, that number has mushroomed.

If there are seven billion people on the planet, then each person is receiving more than 10 spam messages a day. For most people, the number of spam emails they receive is much higher.

Wading through these messages takes time away from more important tasks.

spam email

The most important folder in an email filing system is the trash. Eventually, all of these spam messages must be sent here.

Rather than manually deleting each message individually, people can rely on an email filing software to automatically delete unnecessary messages.

These frustrating emails will be removed without the user even being aware.

Find Emails Quickly

Everyone has been in the situation where an email is needed quickly, but it cannot be located.

Whether the boss is asking for a report or during a meeting a message should be referenced, being unable to quickly find an email is time-consuming, frustrating and stressful.

Even with the best arrangement of folders, this is bound to happen eventually.

efficient email search

With an email filing system, people can quickly search through emails and find the specific one needed. The best programs allow users to specific their search criteria and create indexes of searches.

In future searches, the software will use these previously created indexes to locate emails faster.

Legal Compliance

One aspect of email that many employees fail to consider is the legal requirements to retain messages. Many businesses do not have adequate structures in place to protect their employees.

People must protect themselves, if their companies lack an email filing service.

stores old mails

An email filing program will catalogue every message that is sent and received in its appropriate place. It is unlikely that an old message will be needed in a court case.

However, if it is, then the email software can help find it quickly. This can save people hours of stressful searching through ancient messages.

An email filing program will make work much easier through its automated filing, search and cataloguing functions. Together, these reduce stress and save employees time at work.

People might be amazed at how email software can make their job more enjoyable and increase their productivity.

About The Author:
Wayne Steadham writes for Oasys Software, a software development company that specializes in Blackberry email filing and geotechnical analysis software.

Free Open Source Alternatives to Expensive Softwares

One area where businesses of all sizes can save money is in the use of open source softwares as opposed to traditional commercial software.

Save money-Open Source Alternatives to Expensive Softwares

Most open source softwares are free. Sometimes, it may be produced by a company that also has commercial versions available for a fee. Most open source softwares are created and supported by a virtual community of developers who wish to create useful software products “for the masses”.

What is ‘Open Source’?

By definition, open source means that you will have access to the source code of that application. Businesses with savvy technical staff can make modifications to the code for their special needs, legally.

Should you edit the source code?

This is not recommended because you will lose the ability to get support from the community and won’t be able to apply fixes or updates. However, if a business wishes to take on the task of maintaining the software themselves, then modifying the open source code for special purposes is very useful and efficient.

The open source alternatives to expensive softwares are available in nearly every area that a business might need.

[table id=4 /]

Businesses can save thousands of dollars in software costs by investigating the use of open source software. Most applications have the same or similar functionality as the expensive commercial applications.

Many open source applications have been around for years, developed by dozens of people, and tested by use in many companies of all sizes. Businesses can trust open source software to meet their needs in very economical ways.

If you have better alternatives, then you may suggest some via comments below.

About The Author:
Harvey Winehouse is a writer at creditcardsbankruptcy.com

New Facebook Email

Facebook has revamped its message service that includes an Email service for its 500 million users. You can now claim your facebook.com email address, like yourname@facebook.com

How to get the new Facebook Message System?

Facebook is gradually introducing the new message system to its users, not immediately at once, unlike what you expected, so you should see steps to upgrade soon. For the impatient lot, you can request for an invite from Facebook.

Facebook Mail

Once you are updated, Facebook will show you the steps and a small tutorial on the new system.

How to get yourname@facebook.com

After you have received your invite, you can claim your facebook.com email address. It will match your Facebook Profile Name. If you don’t have one, you can get it at the same time.

Profile: facebook.com/ishaan.trickvilla
Email: ishaan.trickvilla@facebook.com

So what’s it all about?

Rather than the current messages and updates buttons on the left sidebar of your Facebook Home page, the new messages and other buttons will appear. All messages from your friends will appear in the Messages category. Everything else is sent to the other folder, including messages from Facebook Groups, from Pages you like and external mails from Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.

Localized conversations

All conversations with your friends are centered in the new message system, everything from chat to text messages and emails are available under one roof. Yeah, if you provide your phone number, you can bring SMS messages into the system too.

Facebook E-Mail Service

Your Facebook messages are even compatible with traditional email systems (Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail). When you get mails from these systems via yourname@facebook.com, they’re directed to your Facebook Messages. When you send mails to external email addresses, they’re formatted to look like your messages on Facebook, including your name and profile pic along with your mail. You can even attach files other than pics and videos in messages/mails.

New Search

Another addition is the search element. Facebook has updated how message search works. You can either search for a person’s name or for a topic you were chatting about. You can also add people to conversations, remove yourself, or forward conversations to others.

Send Facebook messages via SMS

You can text Facebook to update your status or message on the go. You can also choose to receive SMS with messages, pokes, and wall posts from your friends in real time.

Example: To send a message “what’s up?” to a friend William Smith via a mobile text, just text msg william smith what’s up? to 9232232665

For more info, click here

How to control Privacy settings?

If you’d like to choose who can send you Facebook messages and Emails:

  1. Open the Account drop-down menu at the top of any Facebook page and click on Privacy Settings.
  2. In the Basic Directory Information section, go to View settings.
  3. Change the settings for Send me messages. Your options include Everyone, Friends and Friends of Friends.

In a Nutshell:

  • It’s free and easy to set up.
  • Having your email integrated with your messages, chats and texts makes it easier to check them all at once. All your different types of messages are in one place.
  • When people send you emails from external systems (Gmail, Hotmail, etc), they’re delivered to your Facebook Messages. When you send mails to external email addresses, they’re formatted to look like your messages on Facebook, including your name and profile picture along with your message.
  • Owning yourname@facebook.com makes it easier for friends and family who are not on Facebook yet to connect with you.
  • Attach files in messages and mails & send messages via SMS.