How To Add a Profile Picture as Emoticon in Facebook Chat

Dump those old school chat smileys such as ūüėČ ūüėÄ ¬†’cause Facebook has introduced something more wide and amazing in its chat & messaging system.

Users can now use anyone’s profile picture, or that of a page or event as a smiley or emoticon in Facebook Chat!

facebook chat with new emoticons

Implementing this new feature is like 1-2-3:

  1. Get the Profile ID or Profile Name of the person you wanna add as emoticon
    1. For this, open the person’s profile & from URL,¬†find the Profile Name/ID.
      (like name from
  2. Now, while chatting, simply type the profile name like this: [[ProfileName]]
So for example, my Facebook Profile Name is ishaan.trickvilla. Now if I want to use my profile picture as an emoticon, I will use [[ishaan.trickvilla]] in Facebook chat & voila! It’s added as an emoticon there!

This new year, wish your Facebook friends with a stylish message in chat!

happy new year facebook chat

For more such fun & useful smileys, see list below:

[table id=9 /]
Bookmark this page to keep these smiley codes handy, by pressing Ctrl+D
If you know of some more useful or fun emoticons, share them in the comments below ūüôā

Hidden Gtalk, Gmail & Google+ chat emoticons

After the launch of Google+ chat for circles, allowing you to chat with all friends in your circles, users are extensively using the improved chat client or Gtalk. Chat without emoticons or smileys, is like a mobile without an app store.

These days, the most widely used emoticon in Google+ chat is the  ~=[,,_,,]:3 (Nyan Cat).

nyan cat google chat emoticon
The chat for Gmail & Google+ has got some rare & hidden emoticons that are so very unusually different. See the table below to reveal these amazing hidden emoticons:

[table id=7 /]

Note: The robot emoticon doesn’t work in Google+.

5 must-have lab features for Gmail

Google’s popular emailing service, Gmail, has a lab feature, where you can select some experiments that can be applied to your Gmail account. Some of these¬†experiments¬†or features are really helpful, while others may be quite outta place.

gmail labs thumbnail
Gmail Labs

We’ve hunt down the best 5 of these experiments that will make your Gmail experience even better.

How to enable Gmail Labs

1. Sign into Gmail & click on the gear icon in the top right hand corner of your inbox. Now select Mail Settings from the drop-down menu. (or select labs if it appears in your menu)

Click Gmail settings to enable gmail labs
Click Gmail settings from drop down menu

2. In the settings page, click on the Labs tab.

Click on 'Labs' tab from Gmail Settings
Click on 'Labs' from Settings

3. Here, you just need to click enable against any lab experiment you want to allow, or you can search for experiments from the search box

you have enabled gmail labs
you have enabled gmail labs

Top 5 Gmail Lab Experminents

Here is the recommended experiments list. Just search for the following experiments in the Gmail Labs page (see how to enable gmail lab above) & enable them.

1.) Mouse Gestures

In the recent Gmail Update (2nd May, 2012), this lab feature seems to have been scrapped.

This is my favorite Gmail lab feature. After you have enabled this experiment, when you are reading a mail, just hold your right mouse button and drag mouse:

  • Towards left to open previous mail
  • Towards right to open next mail
  • Towards up to go back to inbox
gmail lab feature experiment mouse gestures
mouse gestures

It’s fun & handy.

2.) Undo Send

Hmmm, no that’s no typo, this Lab feature actually allows you to call-back an¬†accidentally¬†sent email. But here’s the catch: It can undo a sent email only till a few seconds after you have hit the sent button.

Undo sent emails with gmail labs
Undo sent emails with gmail labs

This is because Gmail has not actually sent the mail, it’s still in the queue & you can call it back.¬†But that few seconds are sufficient for me, as it has proved useful, many a times.

3.) Unread Message Icon

This lab experiment tweaks the Gmail favicon (image shown in the title bar of your browser) to show the number of unread mails in your Gmail account.

show unread email messages in favicon and title bar with Gmail Labs
show unread mail count in Gmail Labs

Very useful feature to instantly check how many mails have landed in your account in just one quick look, while working on a different tab of our browser.

4.) Pictures in Chat

With this Gmail lab experiment feature, you can see the profile picture of your friend while chatting with them inside Gmail.

enable profile picture in chat in gmail labs
enable profile picture in gmail chat

A must-have for¬†aesthetic¬†lovers. ūüėČ

5.) Old Snakey

In the recent Gmail Update (2nd May, 2012), this lab feature seems to have been scrapped.

This feature allows you to play the classic old mobile game of Snakes in your Gmail inbox! Seems like Google is really fascinated by Snake game, as even Youtube contains this easter egg in its video player.

play old and classic snakey game with gmail labs
Play snake game in Gmail

You will need to enable this experiment from Gmail Labs, then go to General¬†tab in Gmail Settings and choose Keyboard shortcuts on. Now simply press ‘&’ key on your keyboard from Gmail Inbox and you will be able to play the Snake Game ūüėÄ

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[Updated] Remove new Facebook chat sidebar, get the older one

[Updated]: Facebook tweaked their chatbar to add some new features, leaving our script nonfunctional. But we have updated the scripts now. Please re-install the chatbar script for your browser below by downloading the script again. Delete the old script from your browser before installing this new one. Do not keep more than 1 script working at the same time, they may bug out.

Hate that new chat sidebar that Facebook has imposed upon you permanently? There is finally a way to get the old, beloved chat sidebar back! Truly, old is gold, so follow the instructions to get a bath in that gold:

For Google Chrome

Tested OK in Chrome 13

  • Click here to install a Chrome extension.
  • After installation, simply press F5 in you Facebook profile or just restart your browser & see the magic! It will revert your new Facebook chat sidebar to the old one for once and all ūüėČ
    Get original, old facebook chat sidebar back from new one

For Mozilla Firefox

Tested OK in Firefox 5

  • Install this Greasemonkey script into Firefox. You will see a monkey face in upper-right corner of Firefox after installation.
    Greasemonkey logo
  • Now,¬†Click here¬†to download another script & install it into your Firefox.
    Install greasemonkey script to get old facebook chat sidebar
  • Restart your browser and done!¬†It will revert your new Facebook chat sidebar to the original one for once and all ūüėČ
    Get original, old facebook chat sidebar back from new one

For Opera

Tested in Opera 11.5
Simply install this add-on in Opera: Facebook chat sidebar disabler


  • Make sure your browser is up-to-date.
  • Restart your browser after installing the script
  • Download the scripts for Firefox from Firefox itself, not from any other browser. Same for Chrome.
  • Not working? Try un-installing the script and then installing it again.
  • Make sure you do not have more than 1 copies of the same script installed in your browser, as it may cause conflicts. Always remove previously installed script before re-installing it.
  • Still in trouble? Contact us¬†or leave a comment below, describing your issues in brief.

Microsoft Taking over Skype

In one of the biggest deals of the decade, Microsoft Corp. is taking over the popular internet telephoning service Skype Global for a huge $8.5 billion in order to boost its influence in the online arena. In the purchase of Skype, companies like Cisco, Facebook and Google also showed interest.

This is the largest deal ever in Microsoft’s 36 year history.¬†¬†The deal is subject to approvals, which the company said they expect to obtain this year.¬†Microsoft’s biggest deal until now had been its 2007 buy of online advertising firm aQuantive for $6.3 billion.

Skype¬†is a¬†software that allows users to make¬†video/voice calls and chats over the Internet. Calls to other users within the Skype service are free, while calls to both landline telephones and¬†mobile phones can be made for a fee.¬†Skype will now be provided in Microsoft’s offerings such as Lync, Outlook, Windows smartphones, Xbox and Kinect, while¬†Skype will continue to be supported across all non-microsoft platforms like Sony Play Station, which already provides Skype.

“Skype is a phenomenal service that is loved by millions of people around the world,” Microsoft’s chief executive Steve Ballmer said. “Together we will create the future of real-time communications so people can easily stay connected to family, friends, clients and colleagues anywhere in the world.”

Skype has debt of $686m, which Microsoft would assume in the purchase, as per some unconfirmed reports.¬†Skype will become a new division within Microsoft and Skype CEO Tony Bates will be the president of this Division, reporting directly to Ballmer.¬†This deal is expected to boost Microsoft’s hold in their seemingly drowning smartphone¬†campaign and their online services.