FireFTP – Download, Features, Tutorial and Chrome Alternatives

What is FireFTP?

It is an open source, FTP client add-on program for Firefox Mozilla browser. It supports all platforms supported by Firefox browser and can handle web upload and download of files and directories effectively.

fireftp firefox image

The last stable version is v2.0.4. Continue reading “FireFTP – Download, Features, Tutorial and Chrome Alternatives”

Change Facebook Theme & Style

Restyle Facebook Theme and other sites’ themes like Google and YouTube with options of over a hundred themes, effortlessly for free…!!

Free Facebook Theme


Any of the 2 browsers: Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome

Procedure For Google Chrome:

  • You will find a small “S” symbol within a square at top-right corner of Chrome near the address bar (the symbol is shown below)
    Stylish Logo
  • Open Facebook and then click on this “S” symbol
  • Click on “find more styles for this site” and a new tab will open with lots of Facebook Themes.
  • Click on the one that interests you and you will get a preview of that Facebook theme
  • Click on the “Install with Stylish” button at the top right corner of that page.
  • Then click on install in the dialog box that opens.
  • You are done….check out your new theme at facebook….!!!
Free Facebook Theme

Procedure For Mozilla Firefox:

  • Open Mozilla Firefox, go to
  • Click on “add to Firefox” button to install the ‘stylish‘ add-on into firefox
  • After installing the add-on, restart your firefox.
  • You will find a small “S” symbol within a square at bottom-right corner of your firefox status bar (the symbol is shown below)
    Stylish Logo
  • Open your facebook account and then click on this “S” symbol
  • Click on “find styles for this site…” and a new tab will open with many Facebook Themes.
  • Click on any one that you like & you will get a preview of that Facebook theme
  • Click on the “Install with Stylish” button at the top right corner of that theme page.
  • Then click on install in the dialog box that opens.
  • Congoz!! Check out your new theme at Facebook..!!

How to Disable the Facebook Theme

You can anytime go back to the original Facebook theme by clicking on the stylish plugin icon and selecting disable for your current theme.

I really loved the Facebook – Dark Shiny Blue, transparency theme & highly recommend trying it…Enjoy 😉

Chrome is now more popular than Firefox worldwide

Internet Explorer has always been the ruler when it comes to web browser usage statistics. Mozilla Firefox used to be the second most popular browser globally, until this year in November, Google Chrome surpassed the Firefox.

chrome beats firefox usage globally

According to StatCounter Global Stats, Chrome took 25.69% of the worldwide market against Firefox’s 25.23%, in November. Though at 39.63%, Internet explorer is still the market leader.

chrome beats firefox in usage estats

I personally use Chrome & love it simply for the simple UI, speed & safety, not to mention the amazing apps & useful extensions.

Firefox has better & more Plugins than any web browser, but Microsoft Internet Explorer is one browser that I am cross with, as its too slow, insecure & vulnerable, ignores many web standards, and what not.

In India, Internet Explorer’s popularity has declined and it’s now far behind leader Firefox & Chrome.

In India firefox beats chrome in usage stats

Globally, popularity of Internet Explorer has been plunging drastically, and it’s not far when one day, Internet Explorer will fall behind Firefox & Chrome.

Talking about USA, Internet Explorer (45.68%) is still the market leader, & Chrome (19.84%) is pushing up really hard, while Firefox (20.76%) is seeing a dive down. Here too, Chrome & Firefox are having a good showdown.

In USA firefox & chrome are close in usage stats

How to disable animated GIF images in Google+ or elsewhere

Those with slow internet connection find it really annoying when their Google+ stream keeps on loading…and loading….and loading indefinitely, due to the overhauling numbers of animated GIF photos shared by users on g+. Some animated GIF images are really awesome & funny, but they may become boring after some time.

disable animated image

You can try stopping this animated image after you’ve read the instructions for your browser below.

If these Animated GIF pictures are annoying you, or making your Google Plus experience sluggish & slower, then follow the steps to disable or stop them in your web browser:

Google Chrome

Open Google Chrome & install this extension called Paused which will do the trick for you! No more animated GIFs to trouble your browsing experience.

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

The simplest way: Press the Esc key on your keyboard to stop any animated GIF while browsing anywhere, not only in Google+!



escape key
Image by Dirkstoop

No need for any plugins or scripts, the ESC key rocks! 🙂

Internet Explorer

Follow the simple steps below:

  • From the menu bar, click on Tools & choose Internet Options.
  • Now choose Advanced tab & scroll down to Multimedia category.
  • Simply un-check Play Animations in webpages & click OK.


disable animated images in Internet explorer



Note that in some cases, pressing the Esc key will do the trick 😉


Simply Press F12 & un-tick Enable Animated Images.

disable animated images in opera

After learning the method for your browser, you can test it on the animated image displayed at the top of this page.

Did this tutorial solved your problem for animated GIFs? Leave your views in the comments below 🙂

5 awesome free online image editors

For long, Adobe Photoshop CS5 has been the king of easy & in-depth image editing, and . But some new photo editing tools have started emerging that allow you to customize your photos online, no need to download heavy Adobe softwares and pay for them, these online tools are very easy to use, allow sufficient editing options and yeah, are totally free.

1. Photoshop Express

Photoshop is among the most popular image editing softwares, today. Well, I think its the best, even online. Adobe allows you to use some of the basic features of Photoshop online for free, in an amazing dark interface with so much simplicity & yet a variety of controls, that even a caveman can produce marvelous cave paintings :p.

Photo editing screenshot in Photoshop Express online

Above image was edited using Adobe Photoshop Express (PSE), that’s what Photoshop’s online image editor is called. You can add text, frames, stickers, apply a variety of effects with in-depth control & what not. PSE has also got apps for iOS & Android to allow editing on-the-go.

2. Picnik

You must have heard or used Picnik somewhere, it’s that popular. It has a really great variety of Free & Premium editing features with great efficiency & control, enough to make Photoshop (let’s call it PS from now on) sweat.

Photo editing screenshot in Picnik

They’ve got everything from color effects & frames, to stickers & special effects. What I really liked were seasonal settings that allow you to add Halloween pumpkins or Christmas presents to you photo as per the season.

 3. Pixlr

When I opened Pixlr’s free image editor online for the first time, I got to the help menu & saw about, to check had I really opened Pixlr, or is it Photoshop! Pixlr editor’s interface is very much like Adobe Photoshop, as you can clearly see in the screenshot below.

Photo editing screenshot in Pixlr

Apart from the interface, many of its features also resemble Photoshop. It’s got a navigator, allows you to create layers, see history, has a toolbox with similar tools like the Magic Wand in PS. Pixlr has even got a Filter menu where you can find great effects, yup like PS again. But then, it’s a great tool for rookie editors.

4. FotoFlexer

In a very primitive interface, you get a fairly good variety of editing options. In FotoFlexer, you can even add animated objects, like a sparkling butterfly or star, or insert your friend’s face into that of a wrestler, or….say a donkey 😉

Photo editing screenshot in fotoflexer

It allows you to edit settings like contrast & color balance, you may add text or stickers, add borders, make a poster out of your picture, or do loads of other things. What needs improvement is the interface & more in-detail control of its features.

5. Avairy

Aviary editor has a simple yet effective interface with merely 16 editing options. It also sports 4 image effects that are pretty good, but lack user-control, they’re more of a one-touch image effects.

Photo editing screenshot in aviary

The mainstream 16 options are very basic and don’t provide for extensive editing, but are very useful. I could effortlessly touch-up my flower image shown above to bring in more colors & the stickers provide a good makeover with that hat & mustache, no?

Aviary also provides extensions for Chrome & Firefox that allow you to edit any picture while browsing, with just a right click on the image. You don’t need to leave the page as the editor opens up in a lightbox. Though the extension editor is quite slow, it serves the purpose.

Did I miss out on your favorite online photo editor? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.