9 Best Websites for Game Cheat Codes

Cheating is the most terrible sin you can commit, but when it comes to gaming, it is considered to be an easy way out. Gamers always opt for a convenient way to cross the challenging levels in the game which are hard to crack. In case you are not a regular gamer, it becomes harder to pass the levels. At such juncture, cheat codes come handy for us. The evolution of advanced gaming has surged the demand for cheat codes as well. These game cheats provide an easy walkthrough, unlock new levels, provide new weapons, cars, and many more things. So if you are a gamer but completing game levels is a problematic thing for you, then here are some of the websites from where you can get cheats codes for games and play them with ease. Continue reading “9 Best Websites for Game Cheat Codes”

Tomb Raider Games List from Best to Worst

Lara Croft games have evolved a lot from the time of its launch 20 years back. Perhaps what separates this game from the rest is the Tomb Raider’s badass attitude with a thirst to achieve the impossible target. The game has gained immense popularity over the years with the release of its every franchise. Though having intriguing gameplay with breathtaking action scenes and visuals, the games have their own drawbacks. The braided ponytail lady fighter has attracted generations of gamers towards it with games on every platform. To know which are the best and the worst installment of the Lara Croft game just check out the list that is given below. Continue reading “Tomb Raider Games List from Best to Worst”

5 Best Racing Car Driving Games for Race Lovers

If you have a passion for racing and like to hit the throttle completely to the floor, then racing games are surely your favorite. They can push your adrenaline drive to the next level, immersing you so much into the racing ambiance with engines roaring to take the lead with full speed. There are different types of race games which are developed and presented to the game lovers to enjoy it to the fullest. These games can be segregated with its graphical effect, true storyline, gameplay environment and control configuration. In case you are also a crazy car racing game lover, then just check out the list of best racing car driving games to fulfill your zest for speed. Continue reading “5 Best Racing Car Driving Games for Race Lovers”

7 Best Computer Games for Kids

In the age of technology, the toddlers and kids are also getting inclined to use gadgets and playing games on the computer. Today, there are plenty of games available that can not only entertain your kids but also educate them as well. The games are intriguing, and the child can also learn many things from them. To know which are the computer games that you can allow your kids to play just scroll down and have a look at the list given below. Continue reading “7 Best Computer Games for Kids”

6 Best PC Games of All Time

PC games have remained the mother of all gaming platforms irrespective of rapid popularity of Xbox, Play station and mobile gaming. There are hundreds of PC games that have ruled the chart and the hearts of the gamers all across the world. But in the array of all those games, there are some games which deserve a special place and remains favorite among all the generation of PC gamers. Here is a list of best PC of all time that has left an unshakable mark in the gaming world. Continue reading “6 Best PC Games of All Time”