9 Best Websites for Game Cheat Codes

Cheating is the most terrible sin you can commit, but when it comes to gaming, it is considered to be an easy way out. Gamers always opt for a convenient way to cross the challenging levels in the game which are hard to crack. In case you are not a regular gamer, it becomes harder to pass the levels. At such juncture, cheat codes come handy for us. The evolution of advanced gaming has surged the demand for cheat codes as well. These game cheats provide an easy walkthrough, unlock new levels, provide new weapons, cars, and many more things. So if you are a gamer but completing game levels is a problematic thing for you, then here are some of the websites from where you can get cheats codes for games and play them with ease. Continue reading “9 Best Websites for Game Cheat Codes”

Fantage Cheats and Codes

Fantage is a wonderful online game which many users get addicted to in a few minutes. If you are one of the game addicts and looking for Fantage cheats, you are in the right place. We have collected multiple Fantage cheats and tricks to help you get the advantage in the game. These are all working cheats as of August 2012 and has been tested on the official Fantage Game site.

Fantage Cheats List

Fantage Cheats image

How to disapper and teleport using Fantage cheats?

You must have the winter to acrivate this. Cry and then you will automatically disappear. First you need to jump and then cry then you will drop down and walk a little. Thereafter you will disappear as if teleporting. Continue reading “Fantage Cheats and Codes”