OLX India Funny TV Ad Campaign

There is absolutely no need to introduce OLX to the web world, but in case you have been living under a rock all these days, it is like India’s Craigslist, a free online Classifieds advertising website.

OLX empowers users to sell anything & everything by posting short classified adverts on their website very easily & for free. Buyers can then comment on these ads or contact the advertiser for buying their products.

Highlights of OLX


OLX is far ahead of any such classifieds advertising service in India & other 96 countries due to the following highlights…

User Friendly

OLX is super-user friendly, as sellers can too easily design their adverts themselves, picking color combinations, adding images & videos to make their advert an eye candy.

The OLX TV campaign highlights the ease of selling products – as soon as the Dad agrees to sell the old Desktop PC, it’s gone & that too for a great price!

Easy Management

Buyers have full control & track of their bought products on OLX, while sellers too easily manage all their products on sale, viewing comments, stats & analytics of their adverts.

Social Adverts

Your adverts at OLX are not only at OLX site, but sellers can also share their adverts on their social networking sites, like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. to attract more interested buyers & to reach an even larger audience.

OLX Anytime, Anywhere

OLX mobile site

OLX site has a mobile browser compatible version too, so users can easily view the site on their smartphones, empowering buyers & sellers to buy/sell products on the move.

So now you can sell your Grandpa’s old car while travelling in it, just like the their TV advert 😉

No Language Barrier

OLX is available in over 40 languages, so now you can feel yourselves at home on their site.

Featured Adverts

Sellers can also pay OLX to get their advert highlighted & featured on the top of their respective category for more audience & buyers.

Their TV campaign is simple and shows the reality of our lives, selling unused items for great prices, without any celebrities in the ads, now that’s what you call simple-yet-effective advertising.

TV Advert Campaign Video

The campaign’s punchline, “Sab Kuch Bikta Hai”, Hindi for “Everything Sells” is a self-explanation for the awesome free service by OLX.

A Touchscreen With Buttons, No Really

Modern touchscreen technology, such as that used in smartphones, tablets or even the self service checkout at the supermarket, offers a host of benefits to users.

The ability to quickly enter details, enlarge images or even turn the pages of an e-book are all positive advantages, without question. How many of us find ourselves cursing, however, when we accidentally send a message full of spelling mistakes on our phone, or touch the wrong icon to open an application.

Even with good dexterity it can be difficult to avoid these errors, but for those who have a disability, using a touchscreen can be an off-putting, awkward and fiddly experience that leaves them feeling dispirited.

A Californian company has developed a unique technology that will vastly improve the use of touchscreens for anyone who has struggled with them previously.

Pop-up Buttons

Tactus has come up with a transparent sheet of buttons that take up the same amount of space on a device as the glass layers of a normal touchscreen, but that actually pop-up out of the screen, for better accuracy.

The buttons then recede back into the device when not in use, leaving a perfectly smooth surface. Beneath the surface of the Tactus touchscreen are a number of channels into which, upon demand, a special kind of oil is pumped.

Tactus Touch Screen Buttons
Tactus Touch Screen Buttons

These channels can be arranged into any pattern or shape a manufacturer desires and raise a deformable membrane covering the surface of the touchscreen to form the buttons.

People with a visual disability may find it hard to operate a normal touchscreen display, but Tactus claim that the pop-up buttons will be detectable by touch, making accuracy easier.

In addition, those with poor dexterity who find it difficult to exert enough pressure on a touchscreen will find the buttons much more usable. The pinching gesture to enlarge text or images may also be unnecessary for those with dexterity issues, with the blister type buttons that can complete the task for them.

Future Benefits

Touchscreen QWERTY Buttons
Touchscreen QWERTY Buttons

The introduction of this new technology may have far reaching benefits for future device users. The ability to use the buttons like a normal QWERTY keyboard, could facilitate ease of use and potential for information distribution for disabled students to study through tablets and smartphones.

The Tactus technology is not restricted to QWERTY keyboard buttons, with the potential for pop-up guidelines or shapes to guide users with low vision through tasks other than just texting or typing.

There is also the possibility of the technology being used for other devices, such as self service checkout screens, car dashboard instrument displays and home remote controls.

Whilst smartphones often give a vibration feedback when users press the touch keypad, many people are still more comfortable with the sensation of pressing a real key and the new buttons promise this, whilst still giving the sleek and smooth top layer of a normal touchscreen when not in use.

Touch Buttons in Remote Controls
Touch Buttons in Remote Controls

Once this technology has been fine-tuned, we may even see buttons that can be customised depending upon a user’s individual needs and requirements, allowing those with specific ability and accessing problems to tailor their device to their own specification.

About The Author: This guest article was written on behalf of Evoke Interactive (visit website), by Francesca, a UK-based blogger with an interest in technology and gadgets.

Skip Those TV Commercials with Dish TV Hopper

DISH Network turned the whole home DVR industry on its collective ear with its new Hopper DVR.

dish hopper
dish hopper

Whether you’re a DISH Network subscriber who hasn’t made the move yet, or subscribe to some other television programming system, the Hopper DVR comes with an impressive array of features, advantages, and benefits all designed to change the way you and your family watch television at home.

The Most Storage

If you’re currently a DVR user, then you’re in for a real treat with the Hopper DVR because you’ve probably been quite frustrated with the lack of recording space, arbitrarily having recorded programs deleted to make space for new recordings, and having to make choices about what to save when you really want to record a new program without the necessary space.

With the Hopper DVR you can kiss all those problems goodbye.

The Hopper DVR comes standard with a 2TB hard drive. This means you can record up to 2,000 hours of standard-definition or 1,000 hours of HD programming.

The Hopper DVR delivers the storage space you’ve always wanted but simply wasn’t available until now.

Connect with a Joey

dish hopper joey

Part of the appeal of a whole home DVR system is reducing the amount of full-featured electronics you need attached to your home theater system.

The Joey satellite receivers provide access to the Hopper from up to three separate television, and offer complete control over the DVR.

From each Joey, viewers can set up recordings, and watch recorded content with the ability to pause, fast-forward, rewind, and delete, alleviating the need for a recording device attached on each separate television.

Primetime Anytime

Primetime programming is all about getting the most viewers tuning into any given program. As a result, television networks air their most popular shows during the three hours leading up to your late local news.

This means the chances exist for viewing conflicts during primetime broadcasting. Fortunately, DISH Network developed Primetime Anytime and made it available on the Hopper DVR.

Now, you can record up to six primetime shows nightly on ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC, ensuring that everyone in your home will get to see their favorite shows.

Additionally, the recordings are stored as On-Demand programs, preserving your hard drive space and remaining available for viewing for up to eight days.

If the new Hopper DVR only offered Primetime Anytime it would be worth the $10 DISH Network charges for the entire range of features and benefits offered.

Auto Hop Feature

Auto Hop Feature

Dish has recently added a new feature called auto-hop that allows customers to skip over commercials at their leisure.  The new feature that has Dish customers smiling from ear to ear has caused quite the stir amongst the major networks.

Dish has been sued by three networks: Fox, NBC, and CBS and has in turn sued Fox, NBC, CBS and ABC.  There has not been any recent updates on this case yet.

Additional Services and Features

We live in a connected world, which means more and more devices offer access to the internet and some of the hottest social media sites out there, including Facebook and Twitter.

The new Hopper DVR is no different, and with a broadband internet connection offers a host of additional features from the World Wide Web.

By running an Ethernet cable from your internet router to the RJ-45 Ethernet port on the back of the Hopper, you open up access to news from MSNBC, financial news from CNBC, and immediate local weather reports from the Weather Channel.

Subscribers also have access to Blockbuster @ Home for access to an additional 25,000 movies, television shows, and special-interest programs, making the whole home solution from DISH Network.

About the Author:  Lisa is a full time blogger and is a Dish owner herself.  You can contact her via Twitter @theLisaForester or Google+.

How to Make an Infographic go Viral

Okay, it’s no news when I tell you that infographics help you acquire tons of links. Sure, it’s becoming quite a passé in the world of Internet marketing but they are still hot and can get the work done if you do it right.

The thing that appeals the most to me about infographics is that they strike a perfect meeting point between manual linking methods and traditional marketing.

So, it’s pretty fair to say that as a legitimate SEO reseller company if you’re going to use them for your viral marketing strategies, you better know how to create a compelling infographic and promote them to get thousands of social shares and likes to acquire the much-needed link juice for your websites.

See our Infographic: The Anatomy of a Perfect Website

Here are a few steps that will help you create a super likeable infographic:

1. Brainstorm for Great Ideas

It won’t do to have a good idea. You need a great one. Have a team and you can brainstorm together for one or a set of ideas that are unique, appealing and interesting.

In addition, they should be backed with real data. Look beyond the usual or present normal information in an interesting way.

2. Research


Now that you have an idea and the kind of audience you would like to target, research the data that you have. It will form your infographic. Your research should be based on the following:

  • You should be able to organize the information that you find.
  • The information should be visually presentable.
  • You should have real data.
  • You must have verifiable statistics that you should be able to cite.
  • Your data should resonate with the audience.

Also, with all these information and data, you should have a source that you can quote.

3. Get Input from the team

Send Emails to your team members for selecting data and sourcing ideas. Get input from the entire team. Ask them if they have an idea to represent the stats. Distill the input that you get.

4. Develop A Concept

Now, be creative and develop a concept. When you are developing it, you should consider how to visually represent the data, the color themes to make the infographics more attractive, how to get the audience to empathize, how to add humor, ways to create chunks for sharing on social networking sites and how to add graphs and images that represent the data clearly without overcrowding it.

This is where everyone gets stuck. You have to give the audience a specific infographic that should be meaningful. For this, you have to understand the target audience.

5. Design

infographic design
infographic design

Work with your designer to make it look attractive without compromising the data and concept. It should communicate with clarity all the relevant information & details.

Now that you infographic is ready, check if it contains the overview, purpose, data, theme, title and images. Get the draft ready and if necessary, make revisions.

Work as a team with your designer and let them do their work. Launch your infographic well and on your landing page to get the maximum attention. Share it on your social media sites & get max juice from it. 😉