Social Media Addiction Issues You Should Know

In the age of advanced technology and internet, a new type of addiction has become a menacing problem, and that is social media addiction. This digital addiction is equally harmful like alcohol or tobacco addiction. In today’s date, you find many people glued to their laptops and mobiles. The obsession with social media can do more harm than you can imagine. This is a perennial problem of many people and especially among teenagers. Social media addiction can have an adverse psychological effect which can be troublesome for mental wellbeing. The problem should be understood properly to find a remedy for it. To know how social media addiction issues can affect you or your loved ones, just go through the brief description given below. Continue reading “Social Media Addiction Issues You Should Know”

Tips on How to Save Data Usage

In the age of Android and iOS phones, most of the applications run on the internet which means they use your data plan heavily. In today’s date, the bills are escalating more on data usage rather than talk time which is burning a big hole in your pocket. Naturally, we all want to cut down the expenditure on our data plans and use it judiciously. If the expenses on data plan usage is also becoming a botheration for you, then use these data saving tips to reduce your mobile data expenditure. Continue reading “Tips on How to Save Data Usage”

How To Use Google Earth Flight Simulator: Controls & Guidelines

Every Google Earth version since the one released in August 2007 has an in-built flight simulator. It uses Google Earth satellite images to provide users with a more detailed environment making it a realistic experience. At present, only 2 aircraft models (Cirrus SR-22 & F-16 Fighting Falcon) and a number of selected airports can be used. Controlling the aircraft, flying it and landing it might seem a bit difficult at the very beginning, but once we get the hang of it, it can be a lot of fun. In this step-by-step tutorial, we will discuss how to go about the flight simulator and how to control the aircraft to provide users with a much better experience. Continue reading “How To Use Google Earth Flight Simulator: Controls & Guidelines”

How To Open DAT Files (including Winmail.dat)

Often, we come across an unknown file type with a .DAT extension which our computer fails to open. These types of files are generally received through emails, as while re-routing an email, often the extension types of the attachments are saved to .DAT by default. Continue reading “How To Open DAT Files (including Winmail.dat)”