How to remove personal data from new Facebook Timeline Profile

This may sound harsh to some, but Facebook is gonna force the new Facebook Timeline Profile onto everyone’s profile in a few weeks. Whether you like it or not, but that’s how Facebook has been pushing its updates.

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When you will get the new Timeline Profile, a notification bubble will appear on your Home page announcing the update & guiding you on how to use it.

Facebook Timeline Profile


Just like for those who opted-in for the Facebook Timeline Profile earlier when it was in developer mode, users will get 7 days to clean up their new profile of any personal data, that they don’t want to be visible in the public, before their Timeline Profile becomes visible to all.

However, users may choose to publish their Profile as soon as they feel it’s ready.

How to Hide Personal Data from Facebook Timeline Profile

Since your whole life at Facebook is accessible via your Facebook Profile publicly, you can choose to hide some personal activities or data to ensure privacy on Facebook:

  • If you already haven’t, activate your Timeline Profile.
  • Now go to your new timeline profile & move your mouse cursor over any activity box (a status update or a shared picture, etc.) that you would like to hide from Timeline. You will see 2 buttons on the top-right corner of that activity box. Click the second pencil button.

Hide activity from new Facebook Timeline Profile

  • Now from its drop down menu, choose Hide From Timeline & it will get hidden publicly.

Remove activity from Facebook Timeline Profile

  • However, you may also undo to make the activity reappear on your Timeline Profile.
unhide activity from Facebook Timeline Profile

If you already haven’t published your Facebook Timeline Profile, do so after cleaning it of any personal activities, by clicking the big green Publish button at the top of your Profile.

How to Increase Speed of Broadband Internet

The Internet and all the technological advances that help you access it are wonderful when everything is working the way it’s supposed to work.

However, when your broadband connection is slower than the cast of the Jersey Shore is at grasping anything remotely intellectual, you may find yourself ready to curse Al Gore and Bill Gates for propagating this thing called the Web.

internet speed (original by

Fortunately, there are ways to boost your broadband speed and embrace the many benefits of a connected world.

Restart Your Computer and Router

Turn your computer and broadband router off at the same time. Wait a minute or two, and turn them back on together. This resets the microprocessors to the same starting point to bring them in sync again.

router by andy roberts

Run a free online broadband speed test to confirm any additional problems. Try it out at

Confirm Your Broadband Speed

Run a broadband speed test to verify the maximum speed of your connection. If you are connected via a phone line, realize that the speed will not be the same once it reaches your computer due to the distance it travels through the line.

Internet Speed by

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The speed your provider states is the speed at which they send you the signal, not the speed it is when you receive it. Consider changing to a wireless router or, at the very least, use the shortest cord possible for the connection.

Confirm Your Download Allowance

A growing number of Internet service providers (ISP) limit your speed if you exceed your monthly usage amount. Rather than charge you an extra fee for going over, your ISP will slowdown your speed.

You may not notice the difference until peak hours when more users are slowing down your connection even more. Consider switching to a better plan by your ISP.

Place Your Wireless Router and Computer in the Same Room

The signal between a wireless router and your computer can travel through walls and ceilings, but doing so can weaken the signal. If possible, place your computer and router in the same room to remove any obstacles that might impede the signal strength.

Bonus: Disable SSID Broadcast for WiFi

The more barriers between the router and the computer, the weaker the signal, which results in slower internet connection.

Invest in a Quality Router

Belkin WiFi Router by Belkin Int'l

An inexpensive router or modem can produce a slower & low quality signal than a higher quality router. Price is not an indication of quality.

Some high quality routers aren’t really that much more expensive than standard routers. Read reviews to get an idea of which router meets your requirements.

Use the Right Microfilters

Microfilters help clear up phone line interference. If your broadband installation employs microfilter connectors between your phone socket and the phone line that connects to your router, make sure you’re using a microfilter for each connection.

Also, make sure you’re using the correct type of microfilter. Your provider will be able to give you exact specs for the right microfilters.

Shutdown Unnecessary Applications

Running too many applications at once can drain your broadband speed, especially during peak hours. Shutdown applications you don’t need at the moment from your control panel to verify that they are no longer running.

It may just be one or two applications slowing down your connection. To find the culprit, add each application one at a time until you find the one that is causing the issue.

Remove this application or replace it with a similar one that doesn’t have as many system requirements, or disable automatic updates.

Update Anti-virus Software

avg antivirus free
Out-of-date anti-virus software can drain your broadband speed since your computer will be searching for updates each time you turn on your computer. Viruses and adware can further slowdown your computer.

See: Top 5 Free Anti Virus Softwares

Run a full diagnostic test to confirm the presence of any viruses. Also, install recommended updates or install new anti-virus software. If your computer remains slow, reinstall Windows or revert back to the last saved version to remove any hidden viruses.

About The Author:

Tony Alvarez is a computer tech and writes for a site where you’ll find unlimited broadband deals and see how relevant a broadband comparison may be for your business or personal use.

[Always up-to-date] List of Google Easter eggs

This is an always up-to-date list of easter eggs or fun tricks in services across Google, from Google Search to Google+.

google easter eggs tricks logo

I will keep updating this list every time a new easter egg pops up on Google. If I do miss one, you may add that in the comments below.

This list will be updated as soon as a new easter egg launches, so keep an eye here by bookmarking this page.

1. The Freezing Google….

This winter, Google has released a new easter egg in Google search, just open and type Let it snow in the search box.

google winter snow easter egg

Enjoy the falling snow with a cup of hot chocolate as you watch you screen frost!

2. Google Celebrates Festival of Lights

Hanukkah, also known as the festival of lights, is a Jewish festival which is 8 days long. Google lighted up its search page accordingly.

google hanukkah easter egg

Visit & type Hanukkah in the search box. You will be greeted by lights…

3. It’s Christmas Time!

Google lights up for x-mas with a string of colorful lights! Type Christmas at and see how Google engineers have in store for you!

google christmas easter egg

You will get a similar easter egg if you type Santa, Xmas, Santa Claus….

4. Collection of Fabulous Google Easter Eggs

We’ve already written about 10 awesomest Google Easter Eggs, see the collection.

How to get the new Google Bar Now

Google had previously announced an upcoming new bar which would replace the black bar at the top of most Google services, like Google+, Gmail, Search etc.

The announcement came with a YouTube video on Google’s channel , showcasing the New Google Bar. See the official video here:

get new google bar now

You know how much impatient we are at TrickVilla to get our hands (& mouse) on the latest tech. So here is a trick for such impatient tech nerds, to help you get that amazing new Google Bar right now, right away!

For Google Chrome

For Chrome users, just follow the simple steps below:

1. Download & install this extension: Edit This Cookie to your Chrome.

2. After installation, open and click on the extension button from top-right corner of Chrome.

click the extension button

3. Now open the section Pref | and change the Value field to the following code:



4. The above code is a single line script, make sure you don’t have any spaces in it after pasting the script in value field.

Now simply press Submit Cookie Changes button & reload the page (

get new google bar now, cookie tweak

Voila…!! Welcome the new Google Bar!

For Mozilla Firefox

Follow these steps:

1) Install an addon called Cookies Manager+

2) Go to If you have the orange Firefox button, go to Web Developer & open Cookies Manager+, or if you’re using the menu bar, go to Tools & open Cookies Manager+.

open Cookie Manager+

3) In the search box, type

4) Now look for PREF by in the search results list.

search for

5) Double click on PREF, and in the Content field, replace whatever there is with the new code below:



6) The above code is a single line script, make sure you don’t have any spaces in it after pasting the script. Save the cookie, and go to

edit ans save cookie

Voila…!! Welcome the new Google Bar!

The new Google Bar will work across almost all Google services, including g+, Gmail, search, etc.

Thanks to Maximilian Majewski for this trick.

Note: If you delete your cookies, you will have to repeat the procedure again.

What are your thoughts on the new Google Bar? Express them in the comments below.

Interactive Stanislaw Lem Google Doodle on anniversary of his first book

Here is another cool interactive Google Doodle at celebrating 60th anniversary of Polish writer Stanislaw Lem’s first book: The Astronauts.

google doodle stanislaw lem

The doodle consists of 3 fun-to-do puzzles that later reveals an animation where cartooned Lem & a robo-cat talk to a robot created by pieces collected in the Doodle game. Lem is then rewarded with a bowl of noodles, after which the Google search page vanishes!

The art for this doodle was inspired by the Polish illustrator Daniel Mróz, who had drawn the artwork for The Cyberiad, a series of short stories by Lem.

Lem died in 2006 aged 84, due to a heart disease.