How to Change Desktop Wallpapers in Windows

Desktop wallpaper, also referred to as desktop background, can be a digital image from your own collection, an image outlined with a color, a solid color, or an image that is provided with Windows. You can either choose a single picture to be the desktop background or put on view a slide show with numerous pictures.

Steps For Changing Wallpaper in Windows 8, 7, Vista
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What is a Dat File and How to Open It?

What is a DAT file?

A DAT file is a data file and it is definitely not an acronym as confused by many peoples. It usually contains data in ASCII format but that is of course not a compulsion. It is a data file and can contain any kind of data – Music, Video, Text, Flash or any other file types. One can never be sure of its content until and unless you are able to open it up.

Here, in this article we will see some quick tricks and tips to open up dat file under Windows Operating Systems.

dat file extension image

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Best ISO File Opener Softwares

ISO is a file extension for CD or DVD image. There are two ways to open an ISO file. You can directly open this file or you can use the mount option to load the ISO image on your computer. For directly opening the file you can use 7 Zip, WinRAR and other free programs. You can also modify the content with these programs but it is not advisable as this will clutter the md5 check-sum of the file.The other option won’t will not allow you to modify the content but you can open and copy content from it. This can be done by mounting ISO image on a virtual drive. For more information check out the most widely used ISO file opener mentioned below. Continue reading “Best ISO File Opener Softwares”

jZip (Small Yet Powerful Winzip Alternative) – Free Download and Review

What is jZip?

jZip is a new Freeware utility tool for compressing files for Windows platform. It supports a wide array of file formats including but not limited to RAR, ISO, 7z, ZIP and TAR. It supports all compression files created under WinRAR, Win ZIP and default ZIP applications.

Is jZIP free to use?

jzip is completely free for everyone including enterprise users. It is safe and secure as the technology has been built under the same 7z compressor which is used world wide for professional use. If you are a system administrator and want to compress files using a remote server you can check these command lines for jZip Continue reading “jZip (Small Yet Powerful Winzip Alternative) – Free Download and Review”