How to Maintain Your Computer

Computer is an important gadget of our office and house, and you must take care of it like any other thing since it is part of your daily use. PC maintenance is the key to its longevity and smooth functioning. So if you have a computer or laptop at home, here are some computer maintenance tips and tricks you can opt for to proper operation of your system.     Continue reading “How to Maintain Your Computer”

How to Change Desktop Wallpapers in Windows

Desktop wallpaper, also referred to as desktop background, can be a digital image from your own collection, an image outlined with a color, a solid color, or an image that is provided with Windows. You can either choose a single picture to be the desktop background or put on view a slide show with numerous pictures.

Steps For Changing Wallpaper in Windows 8, 7, Vista
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17 Best Macbook (and Pro) Skins

Decorating laptops with laptop skins and stickers have become a very popular idea all over the world. These skins and covers help to make the laptop more fun and interesting. MacBook users often look for unique laptop skin ideas as the logo (the partially eaten apple) on the Apple products leaves a lot of room for creativity. You can do plenty of new things with the logo engraved on your MacBook. There are numerous ideas available all over the internet about how to best customize the look of a MacBook. Here are some unique ideas that you can use to make striking MacBook skins. Continue reading “17 Best Macbook (and Pro) Skins”

10 Best Screen Sharing Softwares

Since I started troubleshooting networks and remote systems I have noticed the desktop and screen sharing programs to be the most important way to get the task done. It makes the work easier as it retains the responsive environment under which both the users and the supporting staff can easily share data and guide each other. The screen sharing software is a must-have tool for both individual and team engaged in remote assistance. You can easily connect with systems across continents and work as if you are physically present before the remote machine itself. I have listed some of the most elite screen and desktop sharing programs which have made my life easier – Continue reading “10 Best Screen Sharing Softwares”