Make your keyboard a disco

This code makes the Caps, Num and Scroll lock lights on your keyboard flash on and off, very attractively.


    • Paste the code shown below into notepad
Set wshShell =wscript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
wscript.sleep 100
wshshell.sendkeys "{CAPSLOCK}"
wshshell.sendkeys "{NUMLOCK}"
wshshell.sendkeys "{SCROLLLOCK}"
  • Save the file as disco.vbs (make sure you remove… from the copied text above)
  • Close notepad and then run the file

To remove the live disco, open task manager by pressing ctrl+alt+delete.

Then in processes tab delete wscript.exe

Works for Windows XP/Vista/7

Google Drive v/s DropBox: A Duel in the Clouds

The craze of cloud services is at its best and all companies are joining the field. The future of cloud service is very bright and it seems that in the upcoming time all will be dependent on cloud services.

Google stepped into cloud file storage service by changing its popular service Google Docs to Google Drive. When Google Drive was launched then it was rumored that it is launched to claim the first position in the cloud services and to defeat Dropbox.

So here we are with this great comparison between Google Drive and Dropbox. So let’s have a look at it.

Google Drive versus DropBox
Google Drive versus DropBox

1. Desktop Synchronization

Every user’s first demand is the ease of access. All the cloud service offer the desktop sync feature and if we talk about these particular two services, then both are good and equal in this field.

Both offer their own desktop clients which allow you to see the files directly from your PCs, the files which are hosted on their cloud servers.  You can also upload files from your desktop client.

The one thing which puts Google back is that it allows you to upload file of 1 GB max. On the other hand, Dropbox gives the option to fill one folder with one file, whatever may be the size.

2. Sharing

Both the services offer good features in file sharing but Google Drive is best here. Google Drive does not calculate the size of shared file or folder in your storage quota. So your storage capacity is not affected.

google drive
Google Drive

On the other hand, Dropbox cuts your storage limit from the data used in the shared files and folders. Well, no one will like to let his/her storage capacity wasted. So Google Drive is good choice over Dropbox, if this point is considered in mind.

Dropbox has got many third-party application support which makes it a worthy cloud service provider. The fact that one can send files/ folders via email and quickly share it with friend makes it a lot more better service.

On the other hand, Google has leveraged Gmail users and Google docs users to make it a worthy competitor of Dropbox. Needless to say that there are already many chrome web store apps available to improve your Google drive experience.

3. Web Access

Google Drive is likely to win here because it is by search giant Google and it’s the evolution of well known service Google Docs. And in fact it wins here.

The web based system of Google Drive allows you to preview different file types and to edit them online. Dropbox does not offer any feature like this. You cannot preview or edit files online in Dropbox.

So the clear winner here is Google Drive in the Web Access feature.

4. Free Service


Everyone wants to start with new services for free. If you sign up at Dropbox, then you are given 2 GB of free space and you can get 500 MB more by referring one friend. You can get maximum of 16 GB of free space by referring others to use this service.

In Google Drive, you directly get 5 GB of free space. Also the paid version of Google Drive is cheaper than that of Dropbox.

5. Mobile Apps

Along with the desktop clients, both the services offer mobile apps for popular platforms like Android, iOS. The Dropbox’s apps are better than that of Google Drive’s mobile apps. So if you mostly stay away from PC, then Dropbox is better choice.

Here’s a link to Download Google drive offline installer. Of course, many people prefer using multiple cloud storage service then confining to use only one or two.

If you’re one of those who love to use multiple cloud storage service then you would love to read our guide on transfering files from Dropbox to Google drive and other services.

What do you think? Which one is better? Drop your answers in the comments below.


How You’re Damaging Your Laptop Battery Life

In respect to the advantages that outshine the use of a desktop by a laptop computer, proper care of your laptop and its component should be taken into consideration to secure a long lasting use of your laptop.

Out of all the challenges you’ll be getting from using your laptop, you’ll definitely agree with me that the battery of your laptop is one component that gives the most problem.


The most and widely discussed issue in laptops is always having is the low duration of the battery and that defect can possibly be caused by some factors that will be discussed here:

Over Heating….

Do you know that your environment temperature also affect the life span of your battery? Your laptop battery will last long maintaining at least two hours when you operate in an atmosphere conducive (a cool office or room) for your laptop.

When your computer is under an unfavorable atmosphere that gives no room for cool breeze or cross ventilation, there is every tendency of your laptop battery coming down to an average minute of 45 minutes to 1 hour after the first six month of purchase.

This happen because the battery has nothing to cool it down like the mother board has, so your environment is the only thing that could give compensation for this.

laptop cooling pad

Do not use the laptop for prolonged hours, use it in a cool place if possible, make sure the cooling vents are not blocked. If possible, purchase a laptop cooling pad.

You can also place something thick below laptop screen to incline it so that the vents below the laptop have space for outlet.

More Recharge, Less Discharge

Though it’s been clear that it doesn’t matter how long your power pack stays inside the charging port of your laptop after your laptop battery is fully charged, in fact, it has no negative effect on it what so ever

That’s because your laptop is build in a way to stop receiving power into the battery after the battery is fully charged, the power that is entering into the laptop at that time is directly consumed and not added to the fully charge battery.

Charging Laptop Battery
Charging Laptop Battery

But there’s one thing you should know when charging your laptop battery. When your laptop battery is fully charged, it is advisable for you to exhaust the battery power to a reasonable level before going back to charge the battery all along.

This is so for nothing but to sustain the battery durability of two hours or three hours that it’s default to work for. Your battery will last long if you discharge it for at least 2 hours before recharging.

Unnecessary Use of CD Drive

Get in mind that the CD drive in your laptop is not meant for frequent use but only when necessary, to elongate the life span of your battery durability. Please endeavor not to use your CD  drive like your home theater.

Some laptop users make use of their laptop CD  drive more than the laptop itself by using the CD drive to watch movie or listen to music, the truth of the matter is that the CD drive in a laptop is designed to install some drive on the laptop and occasionally for downloads of files from a CD or burn file on a CD .

Keep CD out of Laptop Drive
Keep CD out of Laptop Drive

When you frequently use your laptop CD drive to watch videos, you gradually drain the energy retained by the battery faster than when you operate the system without using the CD drive.

Also, when not in use, keep your CD Drive empty, since even if you’re not using that CD in the Drive, laptop will keep checking the CD, draining your battery.

WiFi On, Bluetooth On….

The last factor I’ll be talking on that also damages the laptop battery is when your wireless device like the Bluetooth, WiFi connection are left on when it is not in use.

Turn off wifi & bluetooth to save battery
Turn off wifi & bluetooth

Your laptop battery drains at a very high rate in dispatching out energy for these and that could reduce the durability of your battery gradually until it gets obvious for you to notice.

Switch off your WiFi & Bluetooth when not in use.

About The Author: Tobi Bamidele is a freelance guest blogger from ProComputerTech blog where he writes on computer technology and tips and guides for better computing life.

Top 10 Free Parental Control Software and Browsers

These days, children are far more adept at using computers than their parents. The biggest worry is how to control the information they receive without completely removing their independence and having to look over their shoulders.

With the rise of the internet predator and the proliferation of pornographic sites on the web, children’s online safety is of paramount concern to parents. It is therefore comforting for parents to know that there is a range of free downloadable online safety resources available to them.

Basic Protection

Windows 7 or Windows Vista come with some parental controls built into the operating system. These have to be turned on and the settings adjusted to your particular needs.

Parents can set time limits on PC or laptop use, allow or block access to certain games or programs and get information about a child’s computer use. However, these controls don’t monitor internet use and additional parental controls from another provider will be needed.

These may be available, for example, as part of your broadband and satellite television package and can be added to the Windows Parental Controls already installed. You can visit Broadband Expert for satellite TV provider information.

Google has its own online safety tools which parents can access and set to their own requirements. For example, Google SafeSearch screens sites that contain sexually explicit content and removes them from search results.

Google safe search
Google safe search

Children will not, therefore, accidentally stumble upon pornographic images when searching the internet. Parents can choose the filter level and can even lock it with a password so that children cannot turn it off or bypass it.

Once locked, a very striking image of coloured balls is visible on the search page, even from across the room, so parents can easily see that the SafeSearch lock is still in place.

For later versions of Internet Explorer, Parental Control Bar is a free download that prevents access to adult content. It can be locked with a password but is not suitable for use with multiple Windows user accounts.

If you’re happy to have one account only on the family PC then this software offers adequate, if rather basic, parental controls.

Chat and Email Monitoring

Windows Live Family Safety is a freeware download for Windows. It may already be included in your Windows 7 package but can otherwise be easily downloaded from the Windows website.

You will need a Windows Live ID but once you have set one up, setting the tool to your requirements is easy. It is suitable for use on multiple Windows user accounts and once the settings are arranged, the server will filter the content available to your child’s account.

The beauty of this tool is that instant-messaging and email monitoring are included too.

K9 Web Protection can be downloaded and installed free of charge and provides parents with an activation key which doubles up as the password for each control task.

K9 Web Protection
K9 Web Protection

Parents can choose categories for the websites they want to block, including everything from abortion to violence. Adult pop-ups can also be blocked. However, online chat and email monitoring is not part of this freeware program.

KidsWatch Family Protection Suite is a free control tool which has a paid-for upgrade too. KidsWatch blocks inappropriate site content and pop-ups, but also alerts parents to undesirable chat conversations and email content using a keyword-monitoring system.

Parents can view the entire dialogue of instant-message and chat conversations. Individual settings for each child mean that children of different ages can have their own user accounts with suitable settings for their age group.

Along similar lines, Online Family Norton also blocks inappropriate sites and content and allows parents to monitor chat, instant messaging and emails. Again, settings can be attributed to individual user accounts depending on the age of each child in the family.

Child-Friendly Browsers

If you have concerns about your children using the usual internet browsers, then you might want to consider one or two of the child-friendly browsers available. Kidzui is a web browser that comes preloaded with suitable content for kids and is perfect for younger children.

There is even an associated child-friendly video content site called ZuiTube which children can be encouraged to visit instead of YouTube, ensuring that they are not exposed to any risky media.

Buddy Browser Blocked Page
Buddy Browser Blocked Page

Another similar internet tool is Buddy Browser, which also comes filled with suitable YouTube video content for kids. Buddy Browser also detects undesirable content in real time and blocks it instantly. It also offers safe social networking for children.

Broadband Provider Parental Controls

It is also worth examining your existing broadband package, as many satellite television and broadband providers include free parental control tools with their broadband services. Visit Broadband Expert for satellite TV provider information

There are many resources available to parents to ensure their child’s online safety, but none of them can act as a replacement for parental supervision. Parents should always be fully aware of their child’s online activities to be absolutely sure of their safety.

About The AuthorSarah James is an expert in broadband and satellite television services and writes on technology for a variety of websites and blogs. She recommends that you visit Broadband Expert for satellite TV provider information.

You Can’t Ignore Microsoft Surface Tablet

Microsoft announced its new tablet on June 18 in a secret event. In an art and film studio, Microsoft invited 200 reporters and members of the media to hear the details of their newest tablet.

While Microsoft usually has an in your face approach when releasing new products, this announcement was a more aloof, mature approach, leading to a higher anticipation of the tablet.

Microsoft Surface Tablet


Chances are consumers won’t be disappointed by the tablet. A 9 mm thick tablet, it weighs only 1.5 pounds and is one of the lightest and sleekest tablets available today. The electrical supply is unique and the tablet runs on low power ARM chips.


The tablet is made of vapour-deposited magnesium and has bevelled edges as well as a built-in kickstand for easy usability.

Making a special effort to focus on the features, the tablet comes with a magnetic locking cover, surpassing the iPad’s protector. Both the built-in kickstand and the cover are obvious ideas, but have not been used in tablets until this year.

Keyboard – The Highlight

The star feature of Surface Tablet is its unique keyboard. When you flip down the magnetic cover & fold out the kickstand, to make Surface Tablet look like a laptop, the accelerometer in cover detects the motion and a keyboard light up!

Surface Tablet Keyboard
Surface Tablet Keyboard

The keyboard is pressure sensitive & guess what, it’s complete with a touchpad! When you fold the keyboard back up, it powers down, saving you battery.


As with most tablets, users will have several options to personalize their tablet. Included is one HDMI, full-size USB 2.0, and microSD card slot. Users can choose between 32GB or 64GB of storage.

Surface Tablet comes with the NVidia’s Tegra Processor, with a battery of 31.5 Watt-hour.

Operating System

The Operating System is the all-new Windows 8 RT as well as a new, and reportedly improved, version of Netflix. Overall, this tablet may be the newest rival to the iPad.

So far there has been no word on the cost of the tablet, but considering the features, it will probably be similarly priced. The real question is, can Windows break out of their PC shell?

It’s hard to say, but this tablet certainly deserves a second look.

Surface Tablet

Next Surface Tablet

Microsoft also announced that the next iteration of Surface Tablet will have

  • Intel i5 Processor
  • Full-size USB 3.0 port
  • Microsoft Windows 8 Pro
  • Thicker at 13.55 mm
  • Heavier at 903 g
  • Better 42 Watt-Hour Battery
  • 128 GB of storage

At the tablet announcement, Microsoft president Steven Siniofsky talked about the surface device. Reporters mentioned that he was not a gifted public speaker and his voice and hands trembled during the presentation.

However, even with these setbacks, the demonstration of the tablet and its design captivated the audience.

Panos Panay, manager of Microsoft’s Surface products, also spoke and did an excellent job explaining the engineering feat behind the tablet. He mentioned the 200 custom parts that make up the tablet and spoke with ease about the features of the product.

Panay also mentioned that a key feature of the tablet was that it was made to look and feel like a book. Designed to appeal to eBook readers as well as computer enthusiasts, Microsoft is hoping to expand their customer base with the newest tablet.

This announcement was a great success for Microsoft. With a renewed attention to detail and excellence, Microsoft is hoping to become a larger part of the market and appeal to a larger base of customers.

The Surface Tablet is more like a touch screen Laptop without an optical drive.

Surface V/S Laptop by +Johnathan Chung
Surface V/S Laptop

The above pic beautifully illustrates the design of Surface, shared on Google+ by +Johnathan Chung

Best thing would be the ability to run full softwares like Photoshop, not the crappy touch version of Photoshop.

In an uncharacteristically subdued announcement, they revealed their newest tablet, promising that it would surpass all current tablets.

While its impossible to know how the tablet will be received and if the claims are actually true, this tablet may be the next big thing for Microsoft.