Samsung Galaxy Beam: A Projector Phone Review

Mobile phone technology is advancing day by day and now we have entered the world where android phones can act like a portable projector. Here we will discuss about one such mobile phone which is unveiled by Samsung and is very famous as projector phone.

We are talking about Samsung Galaxy Beam. In this article you will find complete information about Samsung Galaxy Beam including its technical specifications, price details and review.

Technical specifications of Samsung Galaxy Beam

Size & System Specifications

Samsung Galaxy Beam is an android smart phone which comes with 4.0” super AMOLED capacitive touch screen which gives great resolution of 480×800 pixels & it supports 16M colors.

Samsung Galaxy Beam

Its physical dimensions measures 124 x 64.2 x 12.5 (mm) and it weighs approx. 145.3 g. It is an android smart phone which comes with a very cool and attractive additional feature: Built-in HD projector

Samsung Galaxy Beam runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS and is powered by Cortex-A9 processor which is clocked at 1.0 GHz.

Its processor is a dual core processor means it is faster than other smart phones of this range, which is a good thing. Its OS is not the latest version of android but according to Samsung, it can be upgraded to Android 4.0 which compensates this drawback.

Network and memory of Samsung Galaxy Beam

It supports both 2G (GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900) as well as 3G (HSDPA 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100) networks. It clearly means that is a good option for faster and speedy android phone lovers.

samsung galaxy beam projector

Samsung Galaxy Beam comes with 768 MB RAM, 8 GB internal memory. It supports micro SD card facility by using which, its external memory can be extended upto 32 GB which is enough memory for any kind of application.

Data/connectivity and camera

Samsung Galaxy Beam supports all latest connectivity tools. It supports GPRS (Class 12 with 4+1/3+2/2+3/1+4 slots), EDGE (Class 12), Wi-Fi (/802.11 b/g/n) and Bluetooth (v3.0 with A2DP, HS) connectivity.

Along with it, this phone comes with 3G, GPS and USB connectivity tools which make it a world class connectivity phone. Samsung Galaxy Beam comes with 5 MP primary camera which gives high resolution of 2592 x 1944 pixels.

It comes with additional camera features like flashsmile detection, touch focus, geo-tagging, etc. It also has 1.3 MP secondary camera which makes you able to enjoy video chat facility.

It also supports video shooting and you can shoot very nice and crystal clear (720p@30fps) HD videos with this phone.

Samsung Galaxy Beam Projector
Samsung Galaxy Beam Projector

Battery and price details of Samsung Galaxy Beam

Samsung galaxy beam comes with 1800mAh battery which gives stand by time up to 630 hrs (2G) and 530 h (3G). it gives up to 14 h 10 min talk time with 2G and 7 h 20 min talk time with 3G.

Samsung Galaxy Beam is launched in India with a price tag of Rs. 29,999/-

Final Verdict

Samsung Galaxy Beam is really a cool android smart phone which comes with very unique features like Projector, touch sensitive controls etc. It comes with powerful and fast processor which is really desirable for such kind of phone.

However its operating system is not the latest but as it can be upgraded to latest version so no problem with it too. In all, Samsung Galaxy Beam is a nice android smart phone which comes with very good features.

Apple also sues Samsung Galaxy S3

In the world of big time rivalry, this one news has been spreading like fire in recent time, yeah we all know that ‘ Apple has sued Samsung for copying the iPad and iPhone” , there are different opinions waving through out the web about this, some are saying that judgment has been done, and some are seeing this only as a nasty trick of Apple to beat it’s competitor.

Apple has directly pointed towards the latest Samsung Galaxy S3, and Samsung has already sold more than nine million pre orders.

Apple has filed a complaint against Samsung in a California court recently and it clearly states that Apple thinks that the Galaxy S3 violates the patent right of iPhone, it indicates the data tapping and unified technology by Apple, along with the packaging design and user interface.

Samsung Galaxy S3

Well If you ask me, the Galaxy S3 has got none of this. Who am I to do the judgment anyways? But as far as I am concerned about the products, there are sufficient evidence that the Galaxy S3 is inspired from the iPhone, but the question is that would it be sufficient to help Apple stand in a strong ground?

Let us have a look at the patent rights that Apple thinks have been violated:

Data Tapping Patent

Remember this is the patent based on which Apple previously won a case against HTC.

So what is Data Tapping? When you see a person’s mobile number, or a site URL in a message, you can click on that to directly call the person or get over to that website. This is Data Tapping and Apple has a patent over it.

Almost all Android Versions use this, even ICS & that’s what Apple is after.

Unified Search

This one is also much of Google’s concern as it’s about unified search in Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, which lets users search simultaneously in their mobile as well as on the web via a single search box. Apple’s got a patent over it too.

android ice cream sandwich logo

Slide To Unlock

Slide to unlock technology, Apple already had lodged a complaint regarding this issue and eventually won, but this was in 2011 and the case was against HTC.

Predictive Text

It’s about word completion technology, which helps to improve the speed for text entry. You start typing a word and your keyboard automatically and smartly gives you suggestions over what you might wanna type.

Apple is also targeting towards Google android, as the Galaxy S3 represents the latest Android 4.0, Apple is targeting two birds with one stone, which also seem legit as the both are strong competitors to Apple.

But at the same time Google really has nothing to do about it, because if they change the programming code a of a product which is already popular in various nations (nine million have already been sold!) it will simply make clear to everyone that there are issues of patent violation.

Here one thing pops up in my mind! Would it be possible that Apple is doing like this just because they are loosing the ground? After the death of Steve Jobs, how is Apple doing under the leadership of Tim Cook?

Galaxy S3 Keyboard

The launch of retina enabled Macbook pro has failed to create an oomph factor among the mass as it did when Steve launched iPhone and iPhone4 as well. Many people think that the Macbook is a great achievement but it failed to create the sensation, and some think that it was a failure just because Apple has failed to do any ground breaking development.

Even Microsoft now knows the fact that Apple could be at a potential threat to stand globally after failing to attract the masses to their mobile phone release this year, they are now ready with new windows 8 tablets & mobiles, and experts are hoping that this could shake the ground where Apple is standing now.

Considering these facts I think Apple would be able to catch up some air from this patent violation case, which is much needed at this moment, but without no serious technical development and innovations I really doubt how long Apple would be able to stand tall…yeah we miss you Steve.

All this has at least made #BoycottApple trending for days on Google+ & Twitter.

About The Author: Tom is a tech blogger and he has a passion to write about almost anything on technology, he is also busy writing about a site, you can read his articles about cheap used cell phones, selling old mobile, android magic to know more about his project.

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Apple iPhone 4S v/s Samsung Galaxy S2

Apple iphone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S2 both have created their name in the gadget market for some impressive features. Undoubtedly, both can be marked as instances of high-end technologies and modern concepts.

Apple fan boys may say that iPhone 4S is the best, and the Sammy fans may oppose. Let us have a brief comparison to find out the features that contribute in making these gadgets highly popular.

Let us start with Apple iPhone 4S, and find out why thousands of gadget lovers embrace this Apple product. We will also see the reasons that make Samsung Galaxy S2 the first choice of many users.

Why Apple iphone 4S..??

Lots of space

It comes with 64 GB internal storage which gives you lots of space, particularly, when compared to the 32 GB internal storage of Samsung Galaxy S2.

This means that iPhone 4S offers about two times higher internal storage which definitely means you get a lot more of photos, movies as well as music.

But yeah, external storage like SD cards is an option in S2 too.

 Apple iPhone 4S

Crispy display

iPhone4S has a high PPI screen, to the order of 329 PPl when compared to 218 PPl offered by Samsung Galaxy S2. This means more crisp display for images, texts as well as videos.

Impressive Bluetooth Support

Apple iPhone 4S has the all-new of Bluetooth 4.0 when compared to 3.0 offered by Samsung Galaxy S2. The most important difference that has been made by introducing 4.0 is a faster transfer of data with much lower consumption of power.

However, Bluetooth 4.0 makes 4S incompatible with any Bluetooth 3.0 device, that’s almost all other bluetooth devices, with the exception of another 4S of course.

Higher Resolution

Apple iPhone 4S has a significantly high screen resolution to the order of 960×460 when compared to 800×480 in Samsung Galaxy S2. This means about a 60% high resolution. Now isn’t that amazing!

Some Apple Apps

iPhone 4S iOS 5, and soon iOS 6, offers many more applications than available in Galaxy S2’s Android. The iOS App Store offers about 30 % more applications.

However, a more percentage of apps in iOS are paid, than in Android where most apps are free.


The voice assistant is a handy new feature on 4S, something missing in S2, but not in Galaxy S3 with S-Voice.

Why Samsung Galaxy S2..??

Faster Data Transfer

Samsung Galaxy S2 offers faster max data speed to the order of HSDPA (42.2 mbps) when compared to HSDPA (14.4 mbps) that is being offered by iphone 4S.

This means that it offers a very high data transfer speed over networks.

Impressive AMOLED and Larger Screen

It has an AMOLED screen, which is more vivid as well as brighter than that of 4S. The screen is also larger measuring 4.3” when compared to iphone 4S, which measures 3.5”. This is about 40% large in size.

Better Battery

Galaxy S2 has a higher standby time to the order of 29.6 days than that offered by iphone 4S, which is 8.3 days. That’s a whole lot of difference…!!

Responsive Processor

Samsung Galaxy S2 has a significantly faster processor to the order of 1200 MHz than that offered by iPhone 4S, which is only 800 MHz.  Thus, the processor of Samsung Galaxy S2 is definitely better and more responsive.

Slicker, Lighter & Thinner

Samsung Galaxy S2 is thinner and lighter when compared to Apple iPhone 4S. To be specific, it is about 20% lighter as well as 10 % thinner in size.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich in Galaxy S3

Easy Multitasking

Last but not the least, S2 has more RAM that is Random Access Memory, i.e. 1 GB when compared to 512 MB offered by iPhone 4S. This would mean higher responsiveness and multitasking in Galaxy S2.

Android ICS Upgradable

That makes S2 open to some great Android 4.0 ICS features, like facial recognition lock screen, true multi-tasking, faster UI & much more.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Smart Features You Never Knew

The new Samsung Galaxy S3 has so many smart features, that I had to create a separate article for it, apart from the specifications’ article!

Also Read: Samsung Galaxy S3 Specifications

The more I watch or read about Galaxy S3, the more features keep popping up..!! Here is the full list.

Amazing Camera Features

Now, about the camera features, S3 has geo-tagging, touch focus, smile & face detection, image stabilization, Voice activated photo capture, face zoom, Face Slideshow & Face tagging.

Also, S 3 can optionally connect with your Facebook or Google+ account to automatically recognize & tag your friends from the photos you take, and you can even upload that pic to Fb or G+ instantly.

Galaxy S3 camera

S 3 also empowers you to capture photos while shooting a video. It also allows you to tag people from contact groups.

It’s also got a zero shutter lag, with less than one second to open the camera 😀

Best Photo Feature in Burst Mode

The Burst Mode can take upto 20 photos at a time. What’s more? It selects the best photo automatically, so you never picture a person with blinked eyes again! 😉

Galaxy S3 Best Photo Feature

Also, the camera takes 3.3 photos per second in burst mode, and that’s the fastest ever, as claimed by Samsung. Though I remember HTC claiming One X takes 4 shots per second, correct me if am wrong in the comments.

Buddy Photo Share

This is a feature I love. When you take a photo of your friends, the S 3 will recognize those faces and allow you to send a copy of that pic to everyone it recognized via MMS or email.

Galaxy S3 Buddy Share

So the next time a friend of yours clicks a group photo on his S 3, each person in the group will be sent that pic instantly!!

Eye Tracking

Another of my favorites! The front camera of Galaxy S3 detects your eye movement! So S3 will detect when you look at a tagged photo of your friend, and will show up the name of that friend below his face, along with options to call, message, mail or chat with that friend.

Galaxy S3 Eye Tracking

Also, it will display that friend’s latest Facebook, Google+ or Twitter status below their face when you look upon it, or allow you to send that pic to that friend via MMS!

S-Voice | Galaxy S3 Voice Assistant

Galaxy S3 comes with a Siri-like voice assistant that responds to your natural language voice commands. You can wake up your Galaxy S3 with upto 5 personalized voice commands, like “Hi Galaxy”, or “Wake Up”.

Using voice commands with S-Voice, you can ask for weather details, set alarms, reminders or schedules, take photos, open apps, control music player, control volume, snooze alarm & do much more.

Galaxy S3 S Voice


Or you can choose to chat with S-Voice as if it was a human, asking silly questions or tongue twisters, just like we did with Siri. Also, S-voice currently comes in 8 languages: American English, British English, Italian, Germany, Mediterranean, Latin, Spanish & Korean.

Direct Call Gesture Feature

Direct call is an awesome gesture feature. Lift the phone to your ear while displaying a contact and it will call that person..!!

Same would happen if you are texting a person, just lift the phone to your ear, the proximity sensor of Galaxy S3 will detect it & call that person 😀

Galaxy S3 Direct Call

These small useful features are what make our smartphone experience magical!

Smart Stay

If you are reading an eBook or a web page online, to avoid the screen from locking itself due to inactivity on the S3, its front camera will track your eyes, & till you are looking at the Galaxy S3 it won’t lock/dim the screen.

Galaxy S3 Smart Stay

And when you look away from the Galaxy S3, the screen will lock itself say after 4-5 seconds of your looking away. Also, as soon as you look at the screen again, it will unlock the screen automatically & instantly, no need to press the sleep button!

This is surely gonna boost the battery & ease of use….

Smart Alert

As soon as you pick up the phone after leaving it alone for some time, the S3 gives a vibrating nudge to notify you of all the calls & messages you missed in between that period.

Galaxy S3 Smart Alert

Responding to that vibration, when you look upon the screen, Galaxy S3 displays the missed calls, messages and more by tracking your eyes…

S-Beam – Real Fast NFC sharing

Tap the backs of 2 Galaxy S3 smartphones against each other, to transfer multimedia files (Video/Audio/text) from one to the other. It combines NFC & WiFi Direct to transfer the data at speeds of upto 5 mbps.

Galaxy S3 S Beam

However, S-Beam only works for transferring from S3 to S3, not to any other Android phone. For that, we’ve got Android Beam, compatible with Galaxy Nexus Prime, HTC One X & more, though S-Beam is faster than Android Beam.

Group Cast

It lets you share files or whatever you’re working on, with users on the same WiFi Network. Samsung is offering an SDK and API so developers can build their own apps for Group Cast.

All-Share Play & Cast

AllShare Play uses cloud power to sync your data from Galaxy S3 to any other smartphone, computer or tablet in real time. Maybe Samsung will use SugarSync as the cloud storage service for AllShare Play.

Galaxy S3 AllShare Cast

AllShare Cast lets you broadcast app activity on S3, to any other device via DLNA & WiFi Direct in real time. So you can play that motion racing game on your big Android TV screen, while using the S3 as the motion controller….cool!

Pop Up Play – Real Multitasking

This amazing feature allows you to play a video on top of any app. While watching a video, tap the Pop Up Play option & the video decreases in size. Now drag the small video to any app & watch the video over that app.

Galaxy S3 Pop Up Play

So now you can watch Batman: The dark Knight Rises trailer while texting your friend, without having to switch in between apps. The video works like a light box, allowing you to re-size & re-position it over the app.

Amazing things that Quad Core has to offer, now that’s real multitasking I say!

Wireless Charging Kit

Had to include this accessory in the list, though it’s nothing revolutionary as you might think. This optional wireless charging kit is sold separately.

You place your Galaxy S3 over the pod in this charger & that’s it, the coil inside the charger induces current inside the coil of your Galaxy S3 to charge it, wireless!

Galaxy S3 Wireless Charging Kit
Galaxy S3 Wireless Charging Kit
Limitations of wireless charging

This is induction charging, so you need to place the phone over the pod of this kit, just a few milimeters away from it, or else it won’t work.

Also, it is very less efficient, so your phone will charge very slowly, compared to when connecting it via wire. And oh yea, the kit has been delayed until September….

Also, did I mention that Galaxy S3 will have 50 GB free storage on Dropbox for first 2 years..??!!

Which of these is your favorite Smart feature?? Use the comments below to let it out 😉