Apple iOS 6 Drool Features

Apple’s iOS 6 – already launched in Beta and due to be available to the public by the fall of 2012 – is Apple’s latest operating system designed to enhance your iExperience. Here’s how iOS 6 plans to do it.

Apple Maps

Adding some features while improving some existing ones, iOS 6 is poised to take you in completely new directions, starting with the new Maps app.

Apple ios 6

Whether you prefer spoken navigation or visual, the new maps will amaze you with the high-quality resolution and smooth panning thanks to the ingenious vector-based elements. iOS 6’s Maps can be controlled using Siri and will provide traffic information and alternate routes if your commute becomes especially hairy.

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But if you’re in no big hurry and just want to explore, Maps will fly you over major urban areas for a bird’s eye view, or tilt and zoom in for a more intimate look at the landscape.

Enhanced Siri for iOS 6

Speaking of Siri, the enhanced version on iOS 6 understands more languages and a wider variety of questions to bring you all the information you ever wanted to know.

You’ve also longed for Facebook integration and now with the iOS 6 you won’t have to leave your app to share and post directly to the most popular social network on the planet. If in the case you don’t have a free hand to make your Facebook post, Siri will do it for you.

Photos and Facetime

The shared photo streams on iOS 6 enable you to share only the photos you want to with only the people you want to share them with. But let’s say you want to talk to the actual face of your best friend instead of looking at a picture.

iOS 6 has brought FaceTime to cellular networks in addition to WiFi, meaning you can share some quality face-time with anyone on any device (yep, even on your iPad using your cellular number) wherever you are.

Passbook for iOS 6

ios 6 passbook app

In an inspired move that will free up space in your wallet and off your keychain, Passbook has been added to the iOS 6, making it unnecessary to carry all those loyalty cards, coupons and even movie and concert tickets and boarding passes.

Now you can use your device to check in for a flight or get updates like boarding notifications and terminal and gate locations. Or check your seats at a concert or balance on your coffee card. Whatever you need to organize or keep track of, Passbook on iOS 6 will do it for you.

Email Updates

iOS 6 has redesigned the email app serving up a streamlined interface providing easier reading, writing and receiving experiences with your mail. Set up your VIP list to assure that you’ll always get the important messages from the important people in your life.

And all it takes is a swipe-up to refresh your inbox for the deliveries you’re expecting, just like in the Twitter app.

Other Updates

And what would an improved operating system be if it didn’t address your desire for enhanced calling and voicemail options? Your iOS 6 will instantly send a text message to any declined call, informing that person that you’ll call back when you get a chance and iOS 6 will remind you later that you have return calls to place.

ios 6 do not disturb
iOS 6 do not disturb

If you need to turn on Do Not Disturb, you can still specify which of your contacts you’ll take calls from and your phone will obey. All other calls will go to the voice mail and if a person calls you twice in 3 minutes, iOS 6 will let it pass through, understanding it must an emergency.

Android Inspired iOS 6?

Many have taken note that Apple seems to have based several of iOS 6’s features on Android. Things like Android’s notification tray, message flagging and the tabbed browser that Android brought over from desktops to tablets are all obvious Android inspirations.

And in a nod to Google’s Drive, the iOS 6 features iCloud, a service that promises to do far more than the Google service but still includes capabilities like backups of settings and data.

The verdict

These few features are just a taste of all the little treats in store for iDevice users. There are actually so many nifty little odds and ends; you’ll be happily puttering around with iOS 6 for weeks.

Don’t have access to the already released Beta? Don’t worry, the official release is coming up in just a few months. This fall you’ll be able to upgrade, downloading iOS 6 wirelessly on your Apple device, and considering that it’s free, you’ll find it quite adorable.

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Apple also sues Samsung Galaxy S3

In the world of big time rivalry, this one news has been spreading like fire in recent time, yeah we all know that ‘ Apple has sued Samsung for copying the iPad and iPhone” , there are different opinions waving through out the web about this, some are saying that judgment has been done, and some are seeing this only as a nasty trick of Apple to beat it’s competitor.

Apple has directly pointed towards the latest Samsung Galaxy S3, and Samsung has already sold more than nine million pre orders.

Apple has filed a complaint against Samsung in a California court recently and it clearly states that Apple thinks that the Galaxy S3 violates the patent right of iPhone, it indicates the data tapping and unified technology by Apple, along with the packaging design and user interface.

Samsung Galaxy S3

Well If you ask me, the Galaxy S3 has got none of this. Who am I to do the judgment anyways? But as far as I am concerned about the products, there are sufficient evidence that the Galaxy S3 is inspired from the iPhone, but the question is that would it be sufficient to help Apple stand in a strong ground?

Let us have a look at the patent rights that Apple thinks have been violated:

Data Tapping Patent

Remember this is the patent based on which Apple previously won a case against HTC.

So what is Data Tapping? When you see a person’s mobile number, or a site URL in a message, you can click on that to directly call the person or get over to that website. This is Data Tapping and Apple has a patent over it.

Almost all Android Versions use this, even ICS & that’s what Apple is after.

Unified Search

This one is also much of Google’s concern as it’s about unified search in Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, which lets users search simultaneously in their mobile as well as on the web via a single search box. Apple’s got a patent over it too.

android ice cream sandwich logo

Slide To Unlock

Slide to unlock technology, Apple already had lodged a complaint regarding this issue and eventually won, but this was in 2011 and the case was against HTC.

Predictive Text

It’s about word completion technology, which helps to improve the speed for text entry. You start typing a word and your keyboard automatically and smartly gives you suggestions over what you might wanna type.

Apple is also targeting towards Google android, as the Galaxy S3 represents the latest Android 4.0, Apple is targeting two birds with one stone, which also seem legit as the both are strong competitors to Apple.

But at the same time Google really has nothing to do about it, because if they change the programming code a of a product which is already popular in various nations (nine million have already been sold!) it will simply make clear to everyone that there are issues of patent violation.

Here one thing pops up in my mind! Would it be possible that Apple is doing like this just because they are loosing the ground? After the death of Steve Jobs, how is Apple doing under the leadership of Tim Cook?

Galaxy S3 Keyboard

The launch of retina enabled Macbook pro has failed to create an oomph factor among the mass as it did when Steve launched iPhone and iPhone4 as well. Many people think that the Macbook is a great achievement but it failed to create the sensation, and some think that it was a failure just because Apple has failed to do any ground breaking development.

Even Microsoft now knows the fact that Apple could be at a potential threat to stand globally after failing to attract the masses to their mobile phone release this year, they are now ready with new windows 8 tablets & mobiles, and experts are hoping that this could shake the ground where Apple is standing now.

Considering these facts I think Apple would be able to catch up some air from this patent violation case, which is much needed at this moment, but without no serious technical development and innovations I really doubt how long Apple would be able to stand tall…yeah we miss you Steve.

All this has at least made #BoycottApple trending for days on Google+ & Twitter.

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Apple iOS 6 Features You Never Knew

The highly anticipated Apple iOS 6 update has finally been announced, and with it comes a landslide of new features that will make the Apple mobile experience better.

Besides the already known features presented during Apple’s WWDC 2012 keynote event (e.g. Apple Maps and Passbook), there have been more discoveries leaking throughout the Net. This article has everything Apple iOS 6 future-users need to know.

Design Overhaul for all Apple Stores

All three stores now come in a black-themed layout contrasting with the soft white of the screen. The interface is more touch-friendly. There are top and bottom banners that direct users to different sections, making navigation easier. Users can also scroll left and right through the apps or media selection.

Apple ios 6

Selecting an app will lead to product info that now features detailed reviews and ratings, as well as other in-depth facts. The improved iCloud and Facebook integration now allows easy sharing of apps. Users can choose to do so by email, Twitter or Facebook. And of course, users can Like the apps right on its page.

Purchasing apps no longer requires going in and out of the App Store. Just click on the purchase button and there will be a progress bar right under the app’s picture. Users can even open the apps right away on the same page once they’ve finished downloading.

iTunes Match Streaming

iTunes Match now has actual music streaming through the iCloud as opposed to the old process of having to download the music to a device. You can choose to just stream the music in your iPad’s iTunes library but not in your iPhone, and the songs will start immediately.

Routing Apps & Ad Banners: For Developers

Routing apps that help you navigate the streets but don’t have native map support can now be registered by developers through Apple Maps. Whether it’s by car or by bike or even by train, it can integrate with Maps. They will show up in the App Store for people looking for the right travel guide.

Another way Apple can help developers is through the new iAd banner for iPad apps. Developers can use a medium-sized rectangle banner to display ads. Interested users can view or click on them to let devs generate more revenue.

Status Bar Chameleon and Nifty Widgets

In line with the visual changes in all three of Apple’s online stores, the status bar itself now shifts to the color of your current running app’s theme. The Notification Center has a new Share widget that lets you seamlessly post on Twitter or Facebook.

No need to launch the two respective apps to share what you want the world to know. The World Clock and Weather apps that were previously exclusive to the iPhone are now available on the iPad.

Screen Emails with VIP Mailbox

Just like the new phone features, you can choose to name certain email contacts as VIPs and get alerts only when these people send a message. This is done through the improved VIP mailbox, which you can access through your email account.

You can keep your privacy without missing the big things.

ios 6 do not disturb
iOS 6 do not disturb

Respect Privacy

Speaking of privacy, quite possibly the most important update in iOS6 is the all-new Privacy settings. This gives you the power to keep vital information secure. Contact details, photos and the like are no longer vulnerable to intrusive apps since you can simply block them.

Third-party apps also need your permission to access private information. No more leaked phone numbers, addresses and compromising pictures!

Apple’s introduction of these new welcome features further cements their already rock-solid customer relationships while building a stronger one with developers.

About The Author: Rod Tolentino is a musician and a marketing manager for Repair Labs and An industry-recognized specialist in iPhone and iPad accessories as well as iPad and iPhone repair.


A Touchscreen With Buttons, No Really

Modern touchscreen technology, such as that used in smartphones, tablets or even the self service checkout at the supermarket, offers a host of benefits to users.

The ability to quickly enter details, enlarge images or even turn the pages of an e-book are all positive advantages, without question. How many of us find ourselves cursing, however, when we accidentally send a message full of spelling mistakes on our phone, or touch the wrong icon to open an application.

Even with good dexterity it can be difficult to avoid these errors, but for those who have a disability, using a touchscreen can be an off-putting, awkward and fiddly experience that leaves them feeling dispirited.

A Californian company has developed a unique technology that will vastly improve the use of touchscreens for anyone who has struggled with them previously.

Pop-up Buttons

Tactus has come up with a transparent sheet of buttons that take up the same amount of space on a device as the glass layers of a normal touchscreen, but that actually pop-up out of the screen, for better accuracy.

The buttons then recede back into the device when not in use, leaving a perfectly smooth surface. Beneath the surface of the Tactus touchscreen are a number of channels into which, upon demand, a special kind of oil is pumped.

Tactus Touch Screen Buttons
Tactus Touch Screen Buttons

These channels can be arranged into any pattern or shape a manufacturer desires and raise a deformable membrane covering the surface of the touchscreen to form the buttons.

People with a visual disability may find it hard to operate a normal touchscreen display, but Tactus claim that the pop-up buttons will be detectable by touch, making accuracy easier.

In addition, those with poor dexterity who find it difficult to exert enough pressure on a touchscreen will find the buttons much more usable. The pinching gesture to enlarge text or images may also be unnecessary for those with dexterity issues, with the blister type buttons that can complete the task for them.

Future Benefits

Touchscreen QWERTY Buttons
Touchscreen QWERTY Buttons

The introduction of this new technology may have far reaching benefits for future device users. The ability to use the buttons like a normal QWERTY keyboard, could facilitate ease of use and potential for information distribution for disabled students to study through tablets and smartphones.

The Tactus technology is not restricted to QWERTY keyboard buttons, with the potential for pop-up guidelines or shapes to guide users with low vision through tasks other than just texting or typing.

There is also the possibility of the technology being used for other devices, such as self service checkout screens, car dashboard instrument displays and home remote controls.

Whilst smartphones often give a vibration feedback when users press the touch keypad, many people are still more comfortable with the sensation of pressing a real key and the new buttons promise this, whilst still giving the sleek and smooth top layer of a normal touchscreen when not in use.

Touch Buttons in Remote Controls
Touch Buttons in Remote Controls

Once this technology has been fine-tuned, we may even see buttons that can be customised depending upon a user’s individual needs and requirements, allowing those with specific ability and accessing problems to tailor their device to their own specification.

About The Author: This guest article was written on behalf of Evoke Interactive (visit website), by Francesca, a UK-based blogger with an interest in technology and gadgets.

Live Blog & Stream: Google I/O 2012

The much awaited Google I/O meet 2012 is finally here. Asus Google Tablet with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is expected to be launched in this Developer Conference today, spanning 2 days.

Where on Day 1 Google is will take the stage, and then the stage would be occupied by Developers.

Live Stream

android jelly bean statue at Google Inc.
android jelly bean statue at Google Inc.