Change Facebook Theme & Style

Restyle Facebook Theme and other sites’ themes like Google and YouTube with options of over a hundred themes, effortlessly for free…!!

Free Facebook Theme


Any of the 2 browsers: Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome

Procedure For Google Chrome:

  • You will find a small “S” symbol within a square at top-right corner of Chrome near the address bar (the symbol is shown below)
    Stylish Logo
  • Open Facebook and then click on this “S” symbol
  • Click on “find more styles for this site” and a new tab will open with lots of Facebook Themes.
  • Click on the one that interests you and you will get a preview of that Facebook theme
  • Click on the “Install with Stylish” button at the top right corner of that page.
  • Then click on install in the dialog box that opens.
  • You are done….check out your new theme at facebook….!!!
Free Facebook Theme

Procedure For Mozilla Firefox:

  • Open Mozilla Firefox, go to
  • Click on “add to Firefox” button to install the ‘stylish‘ add-on into firefox
  • After installing the add-on, restart your firefox.
  • You will find a small “S” symbol within a square at bottom-right corner of your firefox status bar (the symbol is shown below)
    Stylish Logo
  • Open your facebook account and then click on this “S” symbol
  • Click on “find styles for this site…” and a new tab will open with many Facebook Themes.
  • Click on any one that you like & you will get a preview of that Facebook theme
  • Click on the “Install with Stylish” button at the top right corner of that theme page.
  • Then click on install in the dialog box that opens.
  • Congoz!! Check out your new theme at Facebook..!!

How to Disable the Facebook Theme

You can anytime go back to the original Facebook theme by clicking on the stylish plugin icon and selecting disable for your current theme.

I really loved the Facebook – Dark Shiny Blue, transparency theme & highly recommend trying it…Enjoy 😉

How to get the new Google Bar Now

Google had previously announced an upcoming new bar which would replace the black bar at the top of most Google services, like Google+, Gmail, Search etc.

The announcement came with a YouTube video on Google’s channel , showcasing the New Google Bar. See the official video here:

get new google bar now

You know how much impatient we are at TrickVilla to get our hands (& mouse) on the latest tech. So here is a trick for such impatient tech nerds, to help you get that amazing new Google Bar right now, right away!

For Google Chrome

For Chrome users, just follow the simple steps below:

1. Download & install this extension: Edit This Cookie to your Chrome.

2. After installation, open and click on the extension button from top-right corner of Chrome.

click the extension button

3. Now open the section Pref | and change the Value field to the following code:



4. The above code is a single line script, make sure you don’t have any spaces in it after pasting the script in value field.

Now simply press Submit Cookie Changes button & reload the page (

get new google bar now, cookie tweak

Voila…!! Welcome the new Google Bar!

For Mozilla Firefox

Follow these steps:

1) Install an addon called Cookies Manager+

2) Go to If you have the orange Firefox button, go to Web Developer & open Cookies Manager+, or if you’re using the menu bar, go to Tools & open Cookies Manager+.

open Cookie Manager+

3) In the search box, type

4) Now look for PREF by in the search results list.

search for

5) Double click on PREF, and in the Content field, replace whatever there is with the new code below:



6) The above code is a single line script, make sure you don’t have any spaces in it after pasting the script. Save the cookie, and go to

edit ans save cookie

Voila…!! Welcome the new Google Bar!

The new Google Bar will work across almost all Google services, including g+, Gmail, search, etc.

Thanks to Maximilian Majewski for this trick.

Note: If you delete your cookies, you will have to repeat the procedure again.

What are your thoughts on the new Google Bar? Express them in the comments below.

Chrome is now more popular than Firefox worldwide

Internet Explorer has always been the ruler when it comes to web browser usage statistics. Mozilla Firefox used to be the second most popular browser globally, until this year in November, Google Chrome surpassed the Firefox.

chrome beats firefox usage globally

According to StatCounter Global Stats, Chrome took 25.69% of the worldwide market against Firefox’s 25.23%, in November. Though at 39.63%, Internet explorer is still the market leader.

chrome beats firefox in usage estats

I personally use Chrome & love it simply for the simple UI, speed & safety, not to mention the amazing apps & useful extensions.

Firefox has better & more Plugins than any web browser, but Microsoft Internet Explorer is one browser that I am cross with, as its too slow, insecure & vulnerable, ignores many web standards, and what not.

In India, Internet Explorer’s popularity has declined and it’s now far behind leader Firefox & Chrome.

In India firefox beats chrome in usage stats

Globally, popularity of Internet Explorer has been plunging drastically, and it’s not far when one day, Internet Explorer will fall behind Firefox & Chrome.

Talking about USA, Internet Explorer (45.68%) is still the market leader, & Chrome (19.84%) is pushing up really hard, while Firefox (20.76%) is seeing a dive down. Here too, Chrome & Firefox are having a good showdown.

In USA firefox & chrome are close in usage stats

How to disable animated GIF images in Google+ or elsewhere

Those with slow internet connection find it really annoying when their Google+ stream keeps on loading…and loading….and loading indefinitely, due to the overhauling numbers of animated GIF photos shared by users on g+. Some animated GIF images are really awesome & funny, but they may become boring after some time.

disable animated image

You can try stopping this animated image after you’ve read the instructions for your browser below.

If these Animated GIF pictures are annoying you, or making your Google Plus experience sluggish & slower, then follow the steps to disable or stop them in your web browser:

Google Chrome

Open Google Chrome & install this extension called Paused which will do the trick for you! No more animated GIFs to trouble your browsing experience.

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

The simplest way: Press the Esc key on your keyboard to stop any animated GIF while browsing anywhere, not only in Google+!



escape key
Image by Dirkstoop

No need for any plugins or scripts, the ESC key rocks! 🙂

Internet Explorer

Follow the simple steps below:

  • From the menu bar, click on Tools & choose Internet Options.
  • Now choose Advanced tab & scroll down to Multimedia category.
  • Simply un-check Play Animations in webpages & click OK.


disable animated images in Internet explorer



Note that in some cases, pressing the Esc key will do the trick 😉


Simply Press F12 & un-tick Enable Animated Images.

disable animated images in opera

After learning the method for your browser, you can test it on the animated image displayed at the top of this page.

Did this tutorial solved your problem for animated GIFs? Leave your views in the comments below 🙂

[Update] Hide the new Facebook ticker sidebar

Yeah, I know that the new constantly updating & rolling ticker sidebar of Facebook at the right hand side is very very annoying. For people like me with more than 600 friends, its really frustrating to constant updates.


Simply click on a icon button at top-right corner of Facebook Ticker sidebar to hide it.

hide facebook ticker sidebar


So here is a secret trick that will disable that Ticker sidebar from your Facebook profile, just like we provided you a way to get back your old FB chat. No more talk, let the action begin 😉

Hide facebook ticker sidebar

Just follow the instructions below for your specific browser to hide that annoying Ticker sidebar.

Google Chrome

You just need to install a Chrome extension, in easy 1-2-3 steps:

  1. Click here to go to the extension page.
  2. Click the big blue button saying Add to Chrome and click install in the dialog box that appears.
    install chrome extension to hide facebook ticker sidebar
  3. Refresh your Facebook Home Page and Voila! the bar is gone 😉

Mozilla Firefox

  1.  Install this Greasemonkey script into Firefox, if you already haven’t. You will see a monkey face in upper-right corner of Firefox after installation.
    Greasemonkey logo
  2. Click here to download another script & install it into Firefox. (the scripts are in KBs, worry not 😉 )
  3. Restart Firefox and see the Facebook ticker bar vanish!


  1. Right-Click here and choose Save linked content as…. from the drop-down menu
  2. Save the file onto your desktop.
  3. Go to the desktop & rename the file so it ends with user.js  i.e. the downloaded script must be renamed to 93039.user.js from 93039.userscript image
  4. Now open Opera, go to Menu>Settings>Preferences or press Ctrl+F12.
  5.  Click on advanced tab & choose Content from left sidebar & click on button Javascript Options.
  6. Below the new dialog box that opens, click button Choose & browse to the desktop & click OK.
  7. Click OK to close all open dialog boxes and restart Opera, now open Facebook & your Ticker news sidebar must have vanished!

Apple Safari

On user request, for Mac users. Not tested by us:

  • Download & Install SIMBL. Exit Safari.
  • Download Greasekit & copy it to ~/Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins. If no such folder exists, then create one.
  • Re-open Safari, if you did everything right, then you will see Greasekit in the menu bar.
  • Now, click here from Safari. Click Install when Safari asks you if you want to install this script.
  • You should now see Remove Facebook Right Column in the drop-down menu of Greasekit from menu bar.
  • Restart Safari & log into Facebook. The Ticker news sidebar should have disappeared.
These scripts above have been tested (except for Safari) and they work perfectly fine with the Facebook chat bar reversion script.
Let us know your thoughts & reactions in the comments below: