Google Nexus 7 Features & Drawbacks

The Nexus 7, Google’s first tablet PC, redefines what consumers expect from a budget tablet PC. With a $200 price tag on the base model, Google is clearly looking to take a bite out of the market share enjoyed by the equally priced Amazon Kindle Fire.

Speaking of competition, approximately 5 minutes with the Nexus 7 makes it clear that there is none. People familiar with the Fire’s clunky and lag-prone software may think this isn’t saying much, but the Nexus 7 is also one of the best Android based tablets you can buy of any size or price.

Google Nexus 7

Tablets with comparable specifications, like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, are listed on for $249.00, although a newegg promo code or similar discounts can bring that figure down.

Nexus 7: First Impressions

First impressions of the Nexus 7 diverge greatly from those of other tablets in its price range. When you pick it up, it does not evoke the feeling of a budget item. Its build feels sturdy and high-quality.

The bezel on the sides is made of plastic and the back contains a soft rubber finish, making it comfortable to hold. Unlike other devices with a similar rubber finish, the Nexus 7 does not seem to draw and accumulate dust in its crevices.

Nexus & Back Panel

How Portable is Nexus 7?

Tablets are designed to be held. Of course you can lay it down on a flat surface or buy a kickstand accessory, but a majority of the time you’ll be holding the device in your hands like a book.This makes the weight of tablets an essential consideration.

In this regard, the Nexus 7 does rather well. At 0.75 pound, it isn’t exactly in the class of E ink-based readers, many of which weigh under 8 ounces, but it does make the Nexus 7 among the lightest tablets around.

It is certainly lighter than it’s primary competition: the 0.91-pounds of Kindle Fire, the 0.77 pounds of Toshiba Excite and the 0.76 pounds of Galaxy Tab 2.

Features & Specifications

The 7″ Nexus 7 sports a 1280×800 HD Scratch Resistant screen, with a 1.2 MP front-facing camera. A rear facing camera goes missing in the budget tablet. Like Galaxy Nexus Prime, even Nexus 7 is void of any buttons, the soft buttons are built inside the screen, supported by Jelly Bean.

Nexus 7 Screen

With 1 GB of RAM, 720p HD video Recording, NVidia Tegra 3 Quad Core 1.3 GHz Processor, complete with NFC Android Beam, Google Wallet, Micro USB, 4325 mAH Battery, the Nexus 7 comes with a $25 voucher for Play Store.

Nexus 7 Performance

Google designed the Nexus 7 with special attention to reducing cost without sacrificing performance. With the help of Nvidia’s Kai reference platform, it seems to have accomplished this.

android jelly bean statue at Google Inc.
Android jelly bean statue at Google Inc.

Add to this the amazingly smooth and buttery Android 4.1 Jelly Bean with the power of Google Now, predictive Keyboard and Google Voice Assistant, not to mention the pre-loaded Chrome browser.

In video playback tests, the Nexus 7 lasts an incredible 10 hours – merely a half hour shy of Apple’s iPad and better then all other 7-inch tablets. Amazon’s Kindle Fire by comparison only lasts about 7 hours in similar tests.

The drawback to this phenomenal battery life is a slightly longer charge time, requiring about 3 hours and 50 minutes, compared to the likes of the Galaxy Tab 2’s 3 hours and 30 minutes.

Nexus 7

Shortcomings of Nexus 7

For all it does well, the Nexus 7 does fall short in a few obvious ways. The most problematic of which is the exclusion of a memory expansion slot.

Android devices have always maintained an advantage over Apple products with their ability to expand storage by means of memory cards, so it is particularly perplexing that the Nexus 7 is without this feature.

The $200 base model only has 8GB of memory, making it less than ideal for loading up with large media files like movies and TV shows. For most users, it may make more sense to spend the extra $50 for the 16GB version.

If success is defined by achievement of an objective, then Google has done a fine job in that it blows away other 7-inch tablets. It is well designed, competitively priced and outperforms other devices in its class.

More importantly it extinguishes it’s main competition, the Kindle Fire. However, just around the corner is the Kindle Fire 2.0, and rumors of a 7″ iPad that could put the pressure on the Nexus 7.

Bottom line, dollar for dollar it’s the best 7″ tablet out there right now.

Google Drive v/s DropBox: A Duel in the Clouds

The craze of cloud services is at its best and all companies are joining the field. The future of cloud service is very bright and it seems that in the upcoming time all will be dependent on cloud services.

Google stepped into cloud file storage service by changing its popular service Google Docs to Google Drive. When Google Drive was launched then it was rumored that it is launched to claim the first position in the cloud services and to defeat Dropbox.

So here we are with this great comparison between Google Drive and Dropbox. So let’s have a look at it.

Google Drive versus DropBox
Google Drive versus DropBox

1. Desktop Synchronization

Every user’s first demand is the ease of access. All the cloud service offer the desktop sync feature and if we talk about these particular two services, then both are good and equal in this field.

Both offer their own desktop clients which allow you to see the files directly from your PCs, the files which are hosted on their cloud servers.  You can also upload files from your desktop client.

The one thing which puts Google back is that it allows you to upload file of 1 GB max. On the other hand, Dropbox gives the option to fill one folder with one file, whatever may be the size.

2. Sharing

Both the services offer good features in file sharing but Google Drive is best here. Google Drive does not calculate the size of shared file or folder in your storage quota. So your storage capacity is not affected.

google drive
Google Drive

On the other hand, Dropbox cuts your storage limit from the data used in the shared files and folders. Well, no one will like to let his/her storage capacity wasted. So Google Drive is good choice over Dropbox, if this point is considered in mind.

Dropbox has got many third-party application support which makes it a worthy cloud service provider. The fact that one can send files/ folders via email and quickly share it with friend makes it a lot more better service.

On the other hand, Google has leveraged Gmail users and Google docs users to make it a worthy competitor of Dropbox. Needless to say that there are already many chrome web store apps available to improve your Google drive experience.

3. Web Access

Google Drive is likely to win here because it is by search giant Google and it’s the evolution of well known service Google Docs. And in fact it wins here.

The web based system of Google Drive allows you to preview different file types and to edit them online. Dropbox does not offer any feature like this. You cannot preview or edit files online in Dropbox.

So the clear winner here is Google Drive in the Web Access feature.

4. Free Service


Everyone wants to start with new services for free. If you sign up at Dropbox, then you are given 2 GB of free space and you can get 500 MB more by referring one friend. You can get maximum of 16 GB of free space by referring others to use this service.

In Google Drive, you directly get 5 GB of free space. Also the paid version of Google Drive is cheaper than that of Dropbox.

5. Mobile Apps

Along with the desktop clients, both the services offer mobile apps for popular platforms like Android, iOS. The Dropbox’s apps are better than that of Google Drive’s mobile apps. So if you mostly stay away from PC, then Dropbox is better choice.

Here’s a link to Download Google drive offline installer. Of course, many people prefer using multiple cloud storage service then confining to use only one or two.

If you’re one of those who love to use multiple cloud storage service then you would love to read our guide on transfering files from Dropbox to Google drive and other services.

What do you think? Which one is better? Drop your answers in the comments below.


Apple also sues Samsung Galaxy S3

In the world of big time rivalry, this one news has been spreading like fire in recent time, yeah we all know that ‘ Apple has sued Samsung for copying the iPad and iPhone” , there are different opinions waving through out the web about this, some are saying that judgment has been done, and some are seeing this only as a nasty trick of Apple to beat it’s competitor.

Apple has directly pointed towards the latest Samsung Galaxy S3, and Samsung has already sold more than nine million pre orders.

Apple has filed a complaint against Samsung in a California court recently and it clearly states that Apple thinks that the Galaxy S3 violates the patent right of iPhone, it indicates the data tapping and unified technology by Apple, along with the packaging design and user interface.

Samsung Galaxy S3

Well If you ask me, the Galaxy S3 has got none of this. Who am I to do the judgment anyways? But as far as I am concerned about the products, there are sufficient evidence that the Galaxy S3 is inspired from the iPhone, but the question is that would it be sufficient to help Apple stand in a strong ground?

Let us have a look at the patent rights that Apple thinks have been violated:

Data Tapping Patent

Remember this is the patent based on which Apple previously won a case against HTC.

So what is Data Tapping? When you see a person’s mobile number, or a site URL in a message, you can click on that to directly call the person or get over to that website. This is Data Tapping and Apple has a patent over it.

Almost all Android Versions use this, even ICS & that’s what Apple is after.

Unified Search

This one is also much of Google’s concern as it’s about unified search in Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, which lets users search simultaneously in their mobile as well as on the web via a single search box. Apple’s got a patent over it too.

android ice cream sandwich logo

Slide To Unlock

Slide to unlock technology, Apple already had lodged a complaint regarding this issue and eventually won, but this was in 2011 and the case was against HTC.

Predictive Text

It’s about word completion technology, which helps to improve the speed for text entry. You start typing a word and your keyboard automatically and smartly gives you suggestions over what you might wanna type.

Apple is also targeting towards Google android, as the Galaxy S3 represents the latest Android 4.0, Apple is targeting two birds with one stone, which also seem legit as the both are strong competitors to Apple.

But at the same time Google really has nothing to do about it, because if they change the programming code a of a product which is already popular in various nations (nine million have already been sold!) it will simply make clear to everyone that there are issues of patent violation.

Here one thing pops up in my mind! Would it be possible that Apple is doing like this just because they are loosing the ground? After the death of Steve Jobs, how is Apple doing under the leadership of Tim Cook?

Galaxy S3 Keyboard

The launch of retina enabled Macbook pro has failed to create an oomph factor among the mass as it did when Steve launched iPhone and iPhone4 as well. Many people think that the Macbook is a great achievement but it failed to create the sensation, and some think that it was a failure just because Apple has failed to do any ground breaking development.

Even Microsoft now knows the fact that Apple could be at a potential threat to stand globally after failing to attract the masses to their mobile phone release this year, they are now ready with new windows 8 tablets & mobiles, and experts are hoping that this could shake the ground where Apple is standing now.

Considering these facts I think Apple would be able to catch up some air from this patent violation case, which is much needed at this moment, but without no serious technical development and innovations I really doubt how long Apple would be able to stand tall…yeah we miss you Steve.

All this has at least made #BoycottApple trending for days on Google+ & Twitter.

About The Author: Tom is a tech blogger and he has a passion to write about almost anything on technology, he is also busy writing about a site, you can read his articles about cheap used cell phones, selling old mobile, android magic to know more about his project.

2 Common SEO Mistakes In Your Site

So until now you’ve focused 80% of your time and efforts on link building and 20% on content quality and site structure. Too bad! With Google updating its algorithm to weed out over-optimized pages or websites, it’s more than likely that your sites are to be found in hot waters very soon.

But there’s still some time on your hands and utilizing it the right way can help you to at least minimize this impending over optimization penalty. Here are the 2 ways that will surely help you reduce the impact of this penalty:

1. Change Pages With Slight Keyword Variations

Many websites use this tactic to increase the content on their page and also think that this will enable them to attract more specific customers to their website.

Google Search in education

Keep in mind that negligible variations in the main keywords (usually the one that is used in the title) will attract over optimization penalty from Google. As a solution to this, SEO experts have been recommended changes like amalgamation of the slightly varying keywords under one title in one page with detailed content.

To simplify this, here is an example explaining the same. Suppose your website has different pages with keywords like California Summer Tourism, California Beach Holidays, California Beach for Vacations.

Instead of having different pages for each of the links and keywords, combine all three of the keywords and use them in one detailed content page with a title like ‘California Summer Beach Holidays’.

This will also save time since you won’t have to write different anchor texts for each of these pages.

2. Change Link Infused Footers

A number of websites cram numerous links at the foot of the content. This will, in all probability, not trigger the interest of the visitor to the website. It is a faulty technique in many ways.

google logo

Not only are you wasting valuable links that you have bought for your website, you are also hampering your visitor’s reading experience that will harm the traffic on your website in the future.

As a remedy, SEO experts at are advising websites to change this strategy and instead place the links at the top, in between and sides of the content, according to their relevance.

You can instead keep those links in the footer of the content that might be useful for the reader after he has finished going through the content completely.

You will also be required to ensure that you are not posting blacklisted and harmful links in the body of the content and ensure that your website doesn’t get penalized for over optimization.

Top 10 Free Parental Control Software and Browsers

These days, children are far more adept at using computers than their parents. The biggest worry is how to control the information they receive without completely removing their independence and having to look over their shoulders.

With the rise of the internet predator and the proliferation of pornographic sites on the web, children’s online safety is of paramount concern to parents. It is therefore comforting for parents to know that there is a range of free downloadable online safety resources available to them.

Basic Protection

Windows 7 or Windows Vista come with some parental controls built into the operating system. These have to be turned on and the settings adjusted to your particular needs.

Parents can set time limits on PC or laptop use, allow or block access to certain games or programs and get information about a child’s computer use. However, these controls don’t monitor internet use and additional parental controls from another provider will be needed.

These may be available, for example, as part of your broadband and satellite television package and can be added to the Windows Parental Controls already installed. You can visit Broadband Expert for satellite TV provider information.

Google has its own online safety tools which parents can access and set to their own requirements. For example, Google SafeSearch screens sites that contain sexually explicit content and removes them from search results.

Google safe search
Google safe search

Children will not, therefore, accidentally stumble upon pornographic images when searching the internet. Parents can choose the filter level and can even lock it with a password so that children cannot turn it off or bypass it.

Once locked, a very striking image of coloured balls is visible on the search page, even from across the room, so parents can easily see that the SafeSearch lock is still in place.

For later versions of Internet Explorer, Parental Control Bar is a free download that prevents access to adult content. It can be locked with a password but is not suitable for use with multiple Windows user accounts.

If you’re happy to have one account only on the family PC then this software offers adequate, if rather basic, parental controls.

Chat and Email Monitoring

Windows Live Family Safety is a freeware download for Windows. It may already be included in your Windows 7 package but can otherwise be easily downloaded from the Windows website.

You will need a Windows Live ID but once you have set one up, setting the tool to your requirements is easy. It is suitable for use on multiple Windows user accounts and once the settings are arranged, the server will filter the content available to your child’s account.

The beauty of this tool is that instant-messaging and email monitoring are included too.

K9 Web Protection can be downloaded and installed free of charge and provides parents with an activation key which doubles up as the password for each control task.

K9 Web Protection
K9 Web Protection

Parents can choose categories for the websites they want to block, including everything from abortion to violence. Adult pop-ups can also be blocked. However, online chat and email monitoring is not part of this freeware program.

KidsWatch Family Protection Suite is a free control tool which has a paid-for upgrade too. KidsWatch blocks inappropriate site content and pop-ups, but also alerts parents to undesirable chat conversations and email content using a keyword-monitoring system.

Parents can view the entire dialogue of instant-message and chat conversations. Individual settings for each child mean that children of different ages can have their own user accounts with suitable settings for their age group.

Along similar lines, Online Family Norton also blocks inappropriate sites and content and allows parents to monitor chat, instant messaging and emails. Again, settings can be attributed to individual user accounts depending on the age of each child in the family.

Child-Friendly Browsers

If you have concerns about your children using the usual internet browsers, then you might want to consider one or two of the child-friendly browsers available. Kidzui is a web browser that comes preloaded with suitable content for kids and is perfect for younger children.

There is even an associated child-friendly video content site called ZuiTube which children can be encouraged to visit instead of YouTube, ensuring that they are not exposed to any risky media.

Buddy Browser Blocked Page
Buddy Browser Blocked Page

Another similar internet tool is Buddy Browser, which also comes filled with suitable YouTube video content for kids. Buddy Browser also detects undesirable content in real time and blocks it instantly. It also offers safe social networking for children.

Broadband Provider Parental Controls

It is also worth examining your existing broadband package, as many satellite television and broadband providers include free parental control tools with their broadband services. Visit Broadband Expert for satellite TV provider information

There are many resources available to parents to ensure their child’s online safety, but none of them can act as a replacement for parental supervision. Parents should always be fully aware of their child’s online activities to be absolutely sure of their safety.

About The AuthorSarah James is an expert in broadband and satellite television services and writes on technology for a variety of websites and blogs. She recommends that you visit Broadband Expert for satellite TV provider information.