How to Increase your Social Media Engagement

Does your social media campaign looks like a headless monster bereft of any human emotions? You are quick to say no because you believe that you are rigorously following the suggestions of the best marketing minds of your time.

Facebook Logo

But take a look around and you will see that something is missing in your social media marketing campaign. Take a deeper look and you will find out that it is the engagement that is conspicuously missing and no matter how hard you may try, you will find that the gap between you and your targeted audience is not narrowing down.

And the probable reason is that your marketing campaign lacks the heart and warmth and here we are going to share some tips that may help you overcome this stumbling block. Take a look:

Real Name

While promoting your service or product online via twitter or facebook, you should make a point that you are using real name i.e. human name. People are less likely to respond or participate in a marketing campaign where the leading figure is a company name.

Use of real name will make your marketing campaign more acceptable to people who are tired of being bombarded with ads all the time, bringing in more engagement & interaction.

However, this suggestion may not go down well with most marketers since they believe that this goes against the guideline of branding.

But there is nothing wrong with using real name as this make the brand more trustworthy to general visitors.

Have a Real Picture

There is no better way to humanize your social media marketing campaign than using a real picture. It is the same as using real name but its impact is more powerful than the former one.

To me, it looks absurd to post behind the veil of a company logo. It makes it looks quite unnatural. By using a real life image, you can humanize the post and it will give comfort to the readers that there is real personal involved in the process.

Yeah it may hurt your branding process, but if you want more engagement, then go for it.

Have Your Voice

The next important quality of humanizing your social media marketing campaign is having a unique voice. Just posting two tweets or updating your facebook status message twice in a day is not going to help you curry flavor to your audience.

You need to come up with interesting and useful. Use of fun elements can make your posts really awesome and you would not have to push people to share them since they will do it voluntarily.

It is like a great TV Ads that people would love to talk in spare time. This will help you build brand awareness even when you are not present.

Listen to People

Social media is definitely not a platform to dictate people. It is not your corporate venue where people gather, unwittingly though, to listen what the marketing heads have to say.

It is an open and democratic platform and you should make it a habit of listening to what other people have to say rather than promoting your service shamelessly. First listen, then react, and a great relationship will be in the making.

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How To Add a Profile Picture as Emoticon in Facebook Chat

Dump those old school chat smileys such as 😉 😀  ’cause Facebook has introduced something more wide and amazing in its chat & messaging system.

Users can now use anyone’s profile picture, or that of a page or event as a smiley or emoticon in Facebook Chat!

facebook chat with new emoticons

Implementing this new feature is like 1-2-3:

  1. Get the Profile ID or Profile Name of the person you wanna add as emoticon
    1. For this, open the person’s profile & from URL, find the Profile Name/ID.
      (like name from
  2. Now, while chatting, simply type the profile name like this: [[ProfileName]]
So for example, my Facebook Profile Name is ishaan.trickvilla. Now if I want to use my profile picture as an emoticon, I will use [[ishaan.trickvilla]] in Facebook chat & voila! It’s added as an emoticon there!

This new year, wish your Facebook friends with a stylish message in chat!

happy new year facebook chat

For more such fun & useful smileys, see list below:

[table id=9 /]
Bookmark this page to keep these smiley codes handy, by pressing Ctrl+D
If you know of some more useful or fun emoticons, share them in the comments below 🙂

Get Invites for Microsoft’s new Social Network ‘’

Microsoft has launched a social networking site, which is a research field experiment for students, helping them combine internet browsing, searching, and social networking for the purpose of learning & knowledge.

But is currently in invite-only private beta version, so you can’t join Schemer until you get an invite from them…or from TrickVilla!

How to request free invite??

If you want to join while still in Beta mode, then comment below with your email ID & we will send you an invite, we have plenty of them!

Don’t forget to subscribe to our comments to get updates on your invitation status as we will reply to your comment when the invitation has been sent.

Just share TrickVilla in return, on your Facebook profile or re-tweet about this post, using share & tweet buttons floating on the left side of this page. 😉


Secure your Facebook Account from Hackers & Phishers

Your Facebook Account is very sensitive. It has your pictures, your phone number, your hometown, your relations & friends & what not. Now imagine a mischievous hacker cracks into your account, it’s gonna be havoc everywhere!

Increase Facebook Security to keep hackers away

You already know the sensitivity of your facebook profile & that phishers & hackers can anytime gain access to it. Last week Mark Zuckerberg’s account was hacked into due to a bug & his private pictures leaked.

When Facebook founder is vulnerable, then who are you, huh? Following simple techniques will help you level up your Facebook Account security.

1. Click the down arrow at top-right corner of your Facebook profile & select Account Settings.

open Facebook account settings

2. From the left pane of Account settings page, choose Security

choose security in Facebook account settings

3. Here, you will find various methods for account security. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Security Question

You already know about this. You set a question & its unique answer. So when your password gets lost or stolen, just answer the question & you are in.

security question for Facebook

Secure Browsing

This feature will help keep phishers out in the cold. Secure browsing encrypts your browsing on Facebook with an SSL connection. Though the 128 bit encryption is not as strong, but something’s better than null. Check to enable this feature for sure.

secure browsing in Facebook with SSL connection

So next time you log into Facebook, make sure that you see https in your browser URL bar in place of Http, to check that you are signing in at the real Facebook & not a fake one which is there to trap your password.

SSL connection for facebook

Login Notifications

Facebook can notify you whenever your account is accessed from a location other than the one you usually use, or when it is accessed by a mobile or computer other than yours. This can be really handy!

login notifications in Facebook

Check the option by which you want to receive notifications, Email or Mobile. It’s recommended to enable both.

App Passwords

Facebook apps password

If you use secured Facebook app like Skype, Jabber, Xbox, then you should generate an app password. You will be able to use this newly created app password instead of your Facebook account password for increased security.

Recognized Devices

facebook recognized devices

These are the mobile or Tablet devices that you’ve used to access Facebook. If you’ve never used a device that is listed here, you gotta remove it. Keep an eye on this section to see no unauthorized devices are added.

Active Sessions

Read more about this security feature here: Check if someone else is using your Facebook account

Hope you have edited your Facebook security settings as explained above, to keep hackers away from your account.

In case your facebook account has been hacked, head over to

How useful did you find this tutorial? Let us know via commenting below 🙂

How to check if someone else is using your Facebook account

It’s quite easy to hack a Facebook account these days, thanks to innocent users who fall prey to Phishing scams.

In case your facebook account has been hacked, head over to

And it might just be possible that a hacker is using your Facebook account right now to abuse your friends, see your photos or do what not.

Also read: Optimize Facebook privacy settings

So in future, if you find any unusual activity in your Facebook account, follow the below steps to make sure your Facebook account is safe:

1. Click on the down arrow at top-right corner of your Facebook account & choose Account Settings.

open Facebook account settings

2. Then choose Security from the left pane to open Security Settings page.

facebook security settings

3. Now click on Active Sessions category to take a look at who all are using your Facebook account, right now.

facebook active sessions

It shows the estimated location & the device with which that user is accessing your account.

4. It should only show your credentials, if you see any other session there, then click on the end activity link against that session.

This will make the other person log out of your Facebook account. Now quickly change the password..!!!

Let us know your thoughts about the above trick in the comments below 😉