How To Disable New Facebook Photo Viewer

Facebook has massively rolled out the new Photo Viewer to many users, which is an exact copy of the Google+ photo viewer.

The new Facebook Photo Viewer has comments on the right side of image, while dimming the background content of that page.

disable new facebook photo viewer

But you can by-pass that photo viewer very easily, to view photos in old style.

For that, simply open that image in a new tab on your browser, either by clicking the image with you middle mouse button, or hold the ctrl key & click on the image.

This will open the image in a new tab of your web browser, but in the same old facebook style!!


Get Free Pinterest Invite

Pinterest is a different kind of social network, like an online Pinboard, where users can pins their interests on their own pinboard & see what others have pinned, to like & share common interests.

Pinterest is still new & is currently still invite-only mode, so you will need to be invited in order to sign up there.

How to request free Pinterest Invitation??

It’s Super easy to get a Pinterest Invite!

Just leave your Email ID in the comment box at the end of this page

We will email you the invitation, we’ve got plenty of ’em!

pinterest invite

Useful Tip: Don’t forget to click the checkbox: “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail” when commenting, to get updates on your invitation status by mail.

Appeal: Plz do share us in return, on your Facebook profile or re-tweet about this post, using share & tweet buttons floating on the left side of this page.

Anti-Spam Policy: As per our Privacy Policy, we never indulge in sending spam emails or selling your email IDs.

How to remove personal data from new Facebook Timeline Profile

This may sound harsh to some, but Facebook is gonna force the new Facebook Timeline Profile onto everyone’s profile in a few weeks. Whether you like it or not, but that’s how Facebook has been pushing its updates.

Read more about Facebook Timeline Profile

When you will get the new Timeline Profile, a notification bubble will appear on your Home page announcing the update & guiding you on how to use it.

Facebook Timeline Profile


Just like for those who opted-in for the Facebook Timeline Profile earlier when it was in developer mode, users will get 7 days to clean up their new profile of any personal data, that they don’t want to be visible in the public, before their Timeline Profile becomes visible to all.

However, users may choose to publish their Profile as soon as they feel it’s ready.

How to Hide Personal Data from Facebook Timeline Profile

Since your whole life at Facebook is accessible via your Facebook Profile publicly, you can choose to hide some personal activities or data to ensure privacy on Facebook:

  • If you already haven’t, activate your Timeline Profile.
  • Now go to your new timeline profile & move your mouse cursor over any activity box (a status update or a shared picture, etc.) that you would like to hide from Timeline. You will see 2 buttons on the top-right corner of that activity box. Click the second pencil button.

Hide activity from new Facebook Timeline Profile

  • Now from its drop down menu, choose Hide From Timeline & it will get hidden publicly.

Remove activity from Facebook Timeline Profile

  • However, you may also undo to make the activity reappear on your Timeline Profile.
unhide activity from Facebook Timeline Profile

If you already haven’t published your Facebook Timeline Profile, do so after cleaning it of any personal activities, by clicking the big green Publish button at the top of your Profile.

How to Find Facebook Profile ID of Person, Page or Group

Facebook has changed its interface a whole lot of times and now it has become even more difficult to find the Facebook profile ID of your friend, a page or a group after the Timeline Update.

Facebook Logo

Follow the steps shown below to find facebook profile ID:

1. Login to your Facebook account & go to the group, page or person’s profile, whose ID you want to find.

2. See the URL of their profile. It should be something like: name)

For example, The URL of TrickVilla’s Page is

3. Now, simply add graph. before in the URL, so your final URL is: name)

Now hit Enter. (Be sure to remove any www. from the URL)

4. A page will open up with a bunch of text.

Find facebook profile ID

The first row will show you the Facebook profile ID as:

"id": "147308978661573"

This number in quotes is your ID. Yup, it was that easy 😉

Let us know in he comments below if you have other methods of finding the Facebook profile ID.

How to Increase Facebook Likes for your Fan Page

With millions of users, Facebook is one of the best marketing platforms in the world. Studies have also shown that there is an increasing trend of people turning to social networks when making their buying decisions.

The above two reasons and a combination of many other reasons make it very important for a business to have a Facebook presence.

how to increase facebook likes

The best way to do that is by creating attractive and informative Facebook page. Creating the page is only the first step, to spread your message and increase your brand reputation, you need to get people to like your page.

This wont be easy unless you are a popular brand. Below are few ways you can increase your Facebook likes.

Consistently Add Informative Posts

One of the best ways to get followers and also a great way to retain those followers. The idea of getting followers is to build a brand in Facebook and you need to consistently appear in their timelines until you become a known brand to them.

Facebook funny comic

This doesn’t mean adding status updates 10-15 times a day with your marketing messages, but adding around two relevant updates during peak times. Don’t only post your blog posts and marketing messages, take some time to share other relevant and informative posts as well.

Your followers will appreciate that. Happy followers are more likely to like and share your updates, exposing them to a wider audience and helping you to increase your likes.

Use Facebook Page Insights Stats

Tracking results is very important to do this successfully and Facebook insights tab available in your page gives some great information that you can use to maximize the effect of your updates.

facebook page insights

Laughter is the best Medicine

Share some humorous pictures & statuses relevant to your niche & you will be surprised to see how many likes & shares it receives.

Funny Tech Cartoon

When a post by your page goes viral to some extent, it’s definitely gonna attract more fans.

Leverage the Power of Your Other Social Medias

Another easy thing to do is ask your followers in other social networks to like your page. If you already have a mailing list you can add a request at the end.

If you have a strong Twitter following, then you can send few tweets asking to like your page. Blog subscribers, LinkedIn connections are two more such avenues you can utilize.

facebook likes from twitter followers

If you have built a strong relationship with your other networks your are sure to get a positive response to this request.

Offer Something For Liking your Facebook Page

There are debates about the effectiveness of this method, some people arguing that you are likely to get uninterested followers that don’t engage with you at all. This is why it is important to make the giveaway something relevant to your product or service.

A discount coupon for your product or service is a good choice because they are more likely to like your page for the right reason. However giving away something cool that everyone is interested in, helps to generate buzz  & maximize your giveaway’s potential.

giveaway in return for facebook like

iPads, iPhones, cash prizes, etc. tend to generate the most buzz. To maximize the number of likes, make sure to build a attractive welcome page.

Ask Your Current Fans to Share it with Friends

People often ignore the power of asking. If you have a sizable following just asking them to share the page with their friends will help to increase the number of likes.

Just make sure not do overdo this and do not look like a spammer.

Buy Facebook Likes

This is very possible but the engagement level will be very low. A price for 100 Facebook likes can range from 20$ to 150$. This is good for an initial boost in numbers and also if you are running a lucrative promotion.

The prices are higher if you are buying Facebook fans from United States. Do some research before buying these because there are some worthless packages available that has nothing but bots.

Mentioned above are some ways you can use to increase your Facebook likes. All these methods have pros and cons, so it’s up to you to weigh things and choose the methods that best suits you.

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