You Might Be Using The Wrong Social Network

Using social media effectively means more than just posting status updates to different platforms in a scatter spray fashion. If you want to achieve social media success, you need to reach the right people at the right time.

This means that you, or your social media agency, need to understand which network attracts the demographics you’re interested in. Choose the wrong network and your efforts could fall flat, at best – or even damage your brand.

Friends, Colleagues and Fans – Who Goes Where?

The mark of a good social media agency is that it knows the importance of reaching the right people.

Getting your message in front of 1,000 interested prospects is far more valuable than pushing it out to hundreds of thousands of people that don’t even know what it is you’re selling, much less have any actual interest in it.

To reach the right people, you need to know where they hang out. Here’s an overview of the most popular social networks:


Facebook Logo

Facebook interactions are generally fairly personal ones. People use Facebook to talk to friends and family, and get updates on brands that they like; and don’t mind telling people that they like.

Most Facebook users are fairly young, and they’re not likely to friend their bosses, or follow companies that sell embarrassing products.  Facebook pages are used as overt marketing tools quite frequently.

Facebook makes it fairly easy to reach people based on location, which makes it a powerful marketing tool for restaurants, gyms, and other businesses that serve a specific locality.


Twitter is popular for quick and informal conversation. Twitter users seem to fall into two categories – the people that post updates almost constantly, and use Twitter almost as an IM service.

Twitter Logo

The other people use Twitter as a makeshift RSS reader, following a handful of interesting people, and reading more than they post. Twitter is often used by brands as a way to watch for complaints, and answer small customer service issues.


Google+ is a rapidly growing social network which is used mostly by male geeks. Currently, the leading demographics are web developers, students, marketing professionals, and engineers.

Google+ logo

It’s easy to share highly targeted blog posts on Google+, not to mention use of its trending topics to let your posts reach the whole world, not just to those who follow you and it’s a popular platform for asking and answering questions too.


LinkedIn is one of the few social networks that attracts more men than women. It also has a slightly older than average population, with most LinkedIn users being 35-44 years old.

linkedin logo

LinkedIn is a network for professionals, and it’s best for B2B communications, headhunting, and job advertisements. Answering questions on LinkedIn is a good way to build your brand.

Next time you speak to your social media agency about running a campaign, ask them which networks they will target, and consider how those networks match up to your demographics.

Try to resist the urge to pad your marketing statistics by getting hundreds of thousands of MySpace fans if your target demographic is 40+ year-old male professionals.

The numbers might put a smile on your face, but they’d be a waste of time and money. Focus on genuine interactions instead.

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Secret Benefits of Facebook Pages for Bloggers & Businesses

Facebook fan page design has a number of benefits. It helps businesses & blogs to stay ahead in competition, boost brand awareness, improve interaction, and attract customers with pre-lauch offers.

Social media sites have become exceedingly popular of late and are also significant from the search engine optimization perspective. The big players are Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter. The purpose of this article is not discussing about all of these platforms, but focusing solely on Facebook.

new facebook page insights logo

Staying Ahead in Competition

Do you wish to lag behind in competition or stay ahead? There are several players on the internet and to survive in the competition is not a matter of joke.

Whether you are an owner of a big company or a small agency, having facebook pages is imperative for attracting prospective clients. Therefore, not being part of this social media site can affect your online business adversely.

Even at TrickVilla, Facebook brings us second highest traffic from social media, only after Google+.

Facebook Pages Enhances Brand Awareness

These facebook page designs get indexed by the search engines and also effective in boosting brand awareness. You might be asking how will it enhance the brand image of the firm.

Well, when customers get to know of your organization, they will not only search for your company on Google, but also check whether you have a presence on Facebook.

Users are also highly influenced by word of mouth publicity, and ask their friends and acquaintances about products or services. If their friends like your product, there are possibilities that more people will be following your brand, and start liking your facebook page.

trickvilla facebook page

This way your products gets popular and more consumers get to know about you. Before making any purchase, people have a tendency to ask for suggestions from their friend or colleagues. Let’s cite an example to explain this point.

Say for instance, if you have launched a new DVD player, new users will ask people about the product. If they find more of their acquaintances have developed a liking for the gadget, chances of a potential sale might be knocking at your door!

More Interaction with Facebook Pages

The quality of interaction is much better when customers communicate with you through a social media than a generic website. This does not imply that there is no need of a website but people find facebook pages more interesting, exciting and personal.

With professionally created facebook pages, you get more opportunities to understand the likes and dislikes of prospects, answer queries and reply to comments made. The level of interaction is fast, easy and more effective.

Attract Customer with Pre-Lauch Offers

This is the greatest advantage. With the display of pre-launch product offers you will be able to test the merchandise before introducing into the market. This is also an effective way to get true and candid feedback or market research from customers.

When the merchandise is soon to be launched, it is demonstrated on the facebook page. And users will be able to view it from their home. So it is an effective way to reach across to your targeted audience.

There are also options to integrate logos, images, brochures, videos and presentations to grab audience attention faster.

Have some questions? Use the comments below.

About The Author:  Jayati is a web developer and social media author at Quality Web Programming. She has authored numerous articles on Facebook fan page design and its benefit in business.

Social Media Tips for Bloggers

The main goal of anyone who sets up a blog is to generate more traffic for better exposure. Unfortunately, starting a blog doesn’t just mean creating the website and posting content. Social Media marketing is just as important.

It is important for a blogger to find ways on how to drive traffic to the blog for it to be a presence in the World Wide Web and establish a community of returning readers.

new google plus red icon

Social media sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and more have been a part of our everyday lives. Majority of the people have accounts from these different social networking sites that they access on a regular basis.

Members of these social networking sites are also growing in numbers everyday, making it a great venue for promotion. For this reason, blog owners must tap the potential of these social networking sites in order to gain attention and drive traffic to their site.

Secrets of Social Media Promotion

Here are practical tips that every blogger must know to utilize social networking sites in promoting their blog:

Recognize Effective Social Media Sites

There are a lot of social networking sites that are available today. It will be difficult to maintain accounts to all these sites so it is important to analyze which social networking sites is most popular to your target audience.

This way, you will be able to concentrate managing your accounts to sites where you will get greatest benefit from. Try your hand at

  • Facebook with its Pages, Events & groups
  • Google+ with its +Pages, help & Trending Topics
  • Twitter for its hashtags & popularity
  • LinkedIn for highly targeted audience
  • Pinterest if your blog is more about photos

Build Followers

Now all you need to do is socialize. Build connections with members from these social medias by posting often, sharing your views, commenting on others’ post, interacting with the other members and the like.

Once you have developed a relationship with these members, invite them to visit your site and read your blog. This way you can build a good readership, while getting feedback from them too on your profiles.

Choose Quality over Quantity

Do not flood your wall will posts as this may not help in attracting traffic to your site, but instead might brand you as a spammer who posts irrelevant content.

Funny Tech Cartoon

Try posting a mix of text-based post, posts with photos and videos and the like to attract members to your post. Do remember, funny posts & pictures get the maximum number of +1’s, likes and shares.

Don’t just promote, Engage…

Do not publish post on your pages that deal mainly in promoting your site. You can find a lot of sites online where you can get sources for great topics that you can share in these social networking sites.

Things like tips and tricks, comics & cartoons, current news, and the like related to your blog’s niche work very well to engage your key audience.

Lock Readers from Search Engines

Add a button in your blog that will allow people to connect with you via the different social media sites. Like you can add a Facebook like button for your FB Page, a +1 button for you +Page, follow button for Twitter, etc.

This will allow people coming to your blog from search engines to connect with you on your social sites so that they keep returning. Consider some social buttons like TrickVilla has, at the top of our sidebar.

WP Mash Widget at TrickVilla
WP Mash Widget at TrickVilla

Allow Content Sharing

Add share buttons for all major social networks on each blog post of your site, allowing readers to share content they love onto their own networks, thus attracting more audience to your blog.

This will be a big help in increasing the readership of your blog as these social networking sites has a huge audience base, so the more your posts get shared, the wider audience it will reach.

As a blogger, you should know how powerful social media is in driving traffic to your site. Following the tips mentioned above will surely help your blog to be noticed and soon, readers will come running to your blog.

TrickVilla’s majority of traffic comes from Search Engines, but then from Social Media, that’s the power of Social Networks…!!

Author’s Bio: Abie is a freelance blogger who currently works as a content writer for the site

That site could be stealing your information! How to stay safe

With the world having advanced to where it is today, majority of our activities are carried out online. From getting ideas for what makes up our dinner to booking a hotel, we pretty much rely on the internet for much of our daily activities.

While this is much of an advantage to us in the real sense of it, we can’t deny the fact that there are some risks involved in it too. And the risk one will be facing – should our internet security be compromised – might be dangerous to handle.

Don't be a target online

Many online users don’t even see internet security as an important thing. Many may even consider it something only necessary for those doing online business – but that’s not even half the pie…

Sites may steal/sell your details

Not all the websites are reputable and trustworthy companies. Some of them are just set up for the sole purpose of making money and can do anything to make money.

That includes selling your details (your address/email/bank credentials) to third parties.

So how do you detect a website that is trustworthy from a fraud one?

There are a host of factors one can use to determine how trustworthy a website is. Here are some ways:

Viruses/Malwares can send your info to Hackers (Crackers)

Another formidable thing you should be careful of before logging your details online is viruses/malwares. Viruses are so notorious and can spread really fast.

Any website that is not well maintained might carry malwares, and when you share your info with such sites, you risk having them exposed to crackers, loosely called hackers.

Nowadays, crackers use viruses as their means of stealing user’s information. This is why you must also have antivirus software installed on your computer.

Buy a Norton Antivirus with discount coupons or have a look at Top 5 Free Anti Virus Softwares if you can’t afford one even with the discount coupons, but remember, paid premium products offer great support.

Identity Theft Puts Your Photos at Risk

Finally, the major reason you should always be careful while providing your details to websites is to prevent identity theft. Scammers can steal your identity and use it to carry out atrocities on the internet.

On the long run you end up carrying the blame for a crime you did not commit.

How to secure Facebook Photos

Increase Facebook Security to keep hackers away
Increase Facebook Security to keep hackers away

Even if you restrict your Facebook albums to only friends/family, still your profile picture is visible to everyone. To ensure it stays away from wrong hands, keep your pic as small as possible.

With such small dimensions of your profile pic, if someone tries to edit your pic, they will have to zoom in, which will cause the pic to pixelate & blur, leaving your pic safe 😉

You may read How to Protect your Facebook from Hackers

Staying careful on the internet means following the tips I just shared in this blog post. If you are careful with how you share your details on the internet, you will enjoy a safe and secure online transaction always.

You can also purchase a monitoring program on the internet and don’t forget to look of a discount code.

About The Author:
Steve is a blogger who shows people how to use Norton Antivirus Discount Coupon and Norton 360 Premier Coupon to protect themselves online. The Norton discount coupons and Norton antivirus promo he has on his blog can help you save money on internet security.

Change Facebook Theme & Style

Restyle Facebook Theme and other sites’ themes like Google and YouTube with options of over a hundred themes, effortlessly for free…!!

Free Facebook Theme


Any of the 2 browsers: Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome

Procedure For Google Chrome:

  • You will find a small “S” symbol within a square at top-right corner of Chrome near the address bar (the symbol is shown below)
    Stylish Logo
  • Open Facebook and then click on this “S” symbol
  • Click on “find more styles for this site” and a new tab will open with lots of Facebook Themes.
  • Click on the one that interests you and you will get a preview of that Facebook theme
  • Click on the “Install with Stylish” button at the top right corner of that page.
  • Then click on install in the dialog box that opens.
  • You are done….check out your new theme at facebook….!!!
Free Facebook Theme

Procedure For Mozilla Firefox:

  • Open Mozilla Firefox, go to
  • Click on “add to Firefox” button to install the ‘stylish‘ add-on into firefox
  • After installing the add-on, restart your firefox.
  • You will find a small “S” symbol within a square at bottom-right corner of your firefox status bar (the symbol is shown below)
    Stylish Logo
  • Open your facebook account and then click on this “S” symbol
  • Click on “find styles for this site…” and a new tab will open with many Facebook Themes.
  • Click on any one that you like & you will get a preview of that Facebook theme
  • Click on the “Install with Stylish” button at the top right corner of that theme page.
  • Then click on install in the dialog box that opens.
  • Congoz!! Check out your new theme at Facebook..!!

How to Disable the Facebook Theme

You can anytime go back to the original Facebook theme by clicking on the stylish plugin icon and selecting disable for your current theme.

I really loved the Facebook – Dark Shiny Blue, transparency theme & highly recommend trying it…Enjoy 😉