Surfing made easy with new advances in web browsers

Each day millions of people around the world visit millions of web pages. Each day, too, these numbers continue to increase. That is why engineers are ever at work on improving the efficiency with which web browsers can download pages when they are selected. Let us look at some of the newest advances in web browsers that make surfing easier than ever.

HughesNet from Select Surf

At one time dial-up Internet was the dominant form of web connection. Since 2001 broadband has largely replaced the dial-up method except in remote rural areas where setting up a broadband connection would be too costly. Now thanks to HughesNet—“America’s favorite satellite Internet,” available to everyone in the United States, no matter where they live—even that does not have to be the case any longer. HughesNet provides an “always on” connection that makes it unnecessary to have the phone lines occupied. It is also very easy to install. Best of all, the downloading process is incredibly fast, taking only sixteen seconds to complete the download, say, a song that takes 4 MB of memory.

The buyer has three service options—Basic, Power 150 and Power 200—each of which has different download speeds. HughesNet equipment can be either bought or leased. Technical support is always available when the owner needs it. The service even comes with free email—as many as five accounts for the whole family—plus protection for the privacy of each account holder. HughesNet offers its services in every state except Alaska and Hawaii, plus the District of Columbia.

Online multitasking is easier than ever with HughesNet. The user can pay his utilities bill and then immediately go on to download photographs of his daughter’s graduation party. Or he can update his work portfolio and move on to the movies he wants to watch.

Advances in cell phone surfing

As more and more people use their mobile phones to surf the web, so many website designers are working to make those sites more “mobile friendly.” In so doing they hope to increase the number of mobile surfers even more—the percentage today only amounts to something like 19 percent of all smartphone owners. The Worldwide Web Consortium is working toward establishing a set of sixty guidelines that will make sites easier to view on the smaller screen of a smartphone. Among those guidelines are:

  • the elimination of graphics or ads that could take up too much screen space
  • placing the content at the top of the screen so that the user does not have to scroll through a bunch of navigation links
  • the elimination of cookies, which do not work on smartphones. Navigation is much faster without cookies.

New innovations for night surfing

Many people work—and thus surf—at night and sleep during the day. Google Chrome has come up with a high contrast extension designed with such people in mind. With it colors can easily be modified and the color schemes can even be inverted with keyboard shortcuts. Inverting colors helps to avoid bright computer screens, which can be blinding when viewed at night. When the option is chosen, black and white become inverted and colors are turned into their complements so that, for example, yellow becomes purple. This extension works only with the latest version of Google Chrome. It can be bought at the Chrome store. Once it has been added you will see a “high contrast” symbol—a circle that is half black and half white—just to the right of the address bar. When you click on it, you will be able to choose among five options—normal, increased contrast, grayscale, inverted color and inverted grayscale—any of which can be set as your default scheme. The extension works best with themes that use the “light overlay.” You can also choose various themes with inverted colors. Inverted grayscale does the same except that it coverts every color into a shade of gray.

Innovations that improve the way the web can be surfed are continually being made and will continue to be made. Who knows what future surfing will be like?

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