You Might Be Using The Wrong Social Network

Using social media effectively means more than just posting status updates to different platforms in a scatter spray fashion. If you want to achieve social media success, you need to reach the right people at the right time.

This means that you, or your social media agency, need to understand which network attracts the demographics you’re interested in. Choose the wrong network and your efforts could fall flat, at best – or even damage your brand.

Friends, Colleagues and Fans – Who Goes Where?

The mark of a good social media agency is that it knows the importance of reaching the right people.

Getting your message in front of 1,000 interested prospects is far more valuable than pushing it out to hundreds of thousands of people that don’t even know what it is you’re selling, much less have any actual interest in it.

To reach the right people, you need to know where they hang out. Here’s an overview of the most popular social networks:


Facebook Logo

Facebook interactions are generally fairly personal ones. People use Facebook to talk to friends and family, and get updates on brands that they like; and don’t mind telling people that they like.

Most Facebook users are fairly young, and they’re not likely to friend their bosses, or follow companies that sell embarrassing products.  Facebook pages are used as overt marketing tools quite frequently.

Facebook makes it fairly easy to reach people based on location, which makes it a powerful marketing tool for restaurants, gyms, and other businesses that serve a specific locality.


Twitter is popular for quick and informal conversation. Twitter users seem to fall into two categories – the people that post updates almost constantly, and use Twitter almost as an IM service.

Twitter Logo

The other people use Twitter as a makeshift RSS reader, following a handful of interesting people, and reading more than they post. Twitter is often used by brands as a way to watch for complaints, and answer small customer service issues.


Google+ is a rapidly growing social network which is used mostly by male geeks. Currently, the leading demographics are web developers, students, marketing professionals, and engineers.

Google+ logo

It’s easy to share highly targeted blog posts on Google+, not to mention use of its trending topics to let your posts reach the whole world, not just to those who follow you and it’s a popular platform for asking and answering questions too.


LinkedIn is one of the few social networks that attracts more men than women. It also has a slightly older than average population, with most LinkedIn users being 35-44 years old.

linkedin logo

LinkedIn is a network for professionals, and it’s best for B2B communications, headhunting, and job advertisements. Answering questions on LinkedIn is a good way to build your brand.

Next time you speak to your social media agency about running a campaign, ask them which networks they will target, and consider how those networks match up to your demographics.

Try to resist the urge to pad your marketing statistics by getting hundreds of thousands of MySpace fans if your target demographic is 40+ year-old male professionals.

The numbers might put a smile on your face, but they’d be a waste of time and money. Focus on genuine interactions instead.

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Secret Benefits of Facebook Pages for Bloggers & Businesses

Facebook fan page design has a number of benefits. It helps businesses & blogs to stay ahead in competition, boost brand awareness, improve interaction, and attract customers with pre-lauch offers.

Social media sites have become exceedingly popular of late and are also significant from the search engine optimization perspective. The big players are Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter. The purpose of this article is not discussing about all of these platforms, but focusing solely on Facebook.

new facebook page insights logo

Staying Ahead in Competition

Do you wish to lag behind in competition or stay ahead? There are several players on the internet and to survive in the competition is not a matter of joke.

Whether you are an owner of a big company or a small agency, having facebook pages is imperative for attracting prospective clients. Therefore, not being part of this social media site can affect your online business adversely.

Even at TrickVilla, Facebook brings us second highest traffic from social media, only after Google+.

Facebook Pages Enhances Brand Awareness

These facebook page designs get indexed by the search engines and also effective in boosting brand awareness. You might be asking how will it enhance the brand image of the firm.

Well, when customers get to know of your organization, they will not only search for your company on Google, but also check whether you have a presence on Facebook.

Users are also highly influenced by word of mouth publicity, and ask their friends and acquaintances about products or services. If their friends like your product, there are possibilities that more people will be following your brand, and start liking your facebook page.

trickvilla facebook page

This way your products gets popular and more consumers get to know about you. Before making any purchase, people have a tendency to ask for suggestions from their friend or colleagues. Let’s cite an example to explain this point.

Say for instance, if you have launched a new DVD player, new users will ask people about the product. If they find more of their acquaintances have developed a liking for the gadget, chances of a potential sale might be knocking at your door!

More Interaction with Facebook Pages

The quality of interaction is much better when customers communicate with you through a social media than a generic website. This does not imply that there is no need of a website but people find facebook pages more interesting, exciting and personal.

With professionally created facebook pages, you get more opportunities to understand the likes and dislikes of prospects, answer queries and reply to comments made. The level of interaction is fast, easy and more effective.

Attract Customer with Pre-Lauch Offers

This is the greatest advantage. With the display of pre-launch product offers you will be able to test the merchandise before introducing into the market. This is also an effective way to get true and candid feedback or market research from customers.

When the merchandise is soon to be launched, it is demonstrated on the facebook page. And users will be able to view it from their home. So it is an effective way to reach across to your targeted audience.

There are also options to integrate logos, images, brochures, videos and presentations to grab audience attention faster.

Have some questions? Use the comments below.

About The Author:  Jayati is a web developer and social media author at Quality Web Programming. She has authored numerous articles on Facebook fan page design and its benefit in business.

How to Make A Successful Blog

There are millions of blog out there and there are thousands of new blogs that come out each day. So making a successful blog & ranking high in search engines is not that simple. As such, budding bloggers are finding it increasingly difficult to stand out from the rest.

Hence, if you are searching for information on how to make your blog stand out, you will find this article quite an interesting read. Discussed herein, are tips on how to make a successful blog.

#1: Express Your Skills to a Different Audience

All of us were born with skills. If you haven’t discovered your talent, then you need to take time and focus on the things that you like doing. For example, if your professional training is in marketing, you could try being a successful blogger in social media marketing.

pen paper

This could be your only chance to compete against the big names in social media marketing. Unfortunately, this field is quite flooded and competing against some of the biggest names will take time and effort.

However, you can still build a successful blog by getting into a different niche. For example, instead of blogging on marketing, you can decide to blog on a different subject such as being a new mom.

#2: Artistically Design Your Blog Posts

Artistically designing your blog posts for a successful blog does not necessarily mean adding color and calligraphy to your articles. Artistically designing your blog posts simply means formatting your articles in a manner in which your readers will be able to remember them.

The formatting style used ought to resonate with your writing style. For instance, you can choose to format your blog posts as poems. In addition to being centered, make your sentences short for a successful blog.

This in turn makes your blog posts simple to read on top of giving them an appealing flow. Then again, you do not need to apply this formatting style to all your blog posts.

#3: Add Visuals For a Successful Blog

Even though you might not be talented when it comes to artistically enhancing your blog posts, you can still make your blog posts appealing to your readers by adding graphics and videos to your blog posts.

Funny Tech Cartoon

Depending on the kind of articles you are posting to make a successful blog, you can add cartoons or pictures that resonate with your topic. On the other hand, if you are writing a blog on how to…you can add a video to assist your readers understand better what you are trying to explain.

Images and videos can easily make your blog posts stand out from the rest and in turn help you build a successful blog.

#4: Find Your Voice

Your biggest and powerful asset as a blogger is your voice. Voice in this context simply refers to the tone you are using in your blog posts. Your tone should be the same in spite of the blog post you are writing, throughout your blogs.

As a matter of fact, your readers will identify your by the kind of voice you use in writing your blog post. For example, can you say that all your posts are humorous or inspiring to consider it a successful blog?

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JetPack Plugin Replaces Many WordPress Plugins

It’s an old story that self hosted blogs cannot enjoy the features of has some amazing features which are missing in blogs made with

But now it’s possible to enjoy all those features by just adding a WordPress plugin in yourself hosted blog. Jetpack plugin for makes this possible.

JetPack is a collection of various other powerful plugins in one plugin, which make it quite bulky. This concerned me about my site load speed after the installation of the same.

Jetpack Plugin For WordPress
Jetpack Plugin For WordPress

It does affect load speed, in fact it’s the bulkiest plugin, but I am able to enjoy the benefits like other useful features WordPress short links, subscriptions, lplugindPress stats, contact form, etc.

JetPack Plugin Features


After Jetpack installation on your self hosted blog you can enable your blog visitors to subscribe to your posts and comments. They will get the blog’s latest updates in their inbox. It is a worthy replacement for subscribe to comments plugin. Stats

JetPack lets you enjoy the latest version of this popular WordPress plugin, which gives you concise snapshot of your blog statistics. This more advanced version will provide the stats in more detailed manner. Later upgraded versions of the plug-in will also be available through jetpack.

WordPress Stats
WordPress Stats

Spelling and Grammar

Jetpack gives you more robust contextual spell checking feature with more advanced style checking and intelligent grammar checking of your blogposts. The feature is powered by After the Deadline open source technology.

Social sharing

With this plugin an array of most of the social sharing sites comes beneath your blog posts, which makes easy for your readers to share the post on their social media profiles they like. It is powered by ShareDaddy.


Taking backup of your blog is very important. This JetPack plugin lets you do that in the most easy and convenient manner. Helps you to restore your blog in case of a crash. It lets you take real-time backup and security scanning of your blog.

Contact form

This JetPack plugin will let you insert a contact form into any post or page you want.

Gravatar Hovercards

Gravatar Hover Cards
Gravatar Hover Cards

Most of the blogs support Gravatar profiles in their blog posts and comments, then this plugin will allow user’s Gravatar profiles in the form of pop-up business cards, giving it a more professional look. short links

This plug-in will create real-time short links for all your blog pages and posts which can be easily shared on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest.

Short code embeds

This plugin will allow bloggers to use short codes to embed videos from YouTube, slide share, etc. in their blog posts.

Beautiful math

With this bloggers will be able to use specialized markup language to post complex math equations in their blogposts.

Sidebar widgets

After Jetpack installation some new widgets will appear on your WordPress blog. These will allow you to add images, Twitter updates and RSS feed links in the sidebar of your blog.

Enhanced distribution

Sharing of posts is as important as posting. So Jetpack plugin will allow better real time sharing of your blogpost and comments by letting the search engines know about them immediately. A good pinging tool.

Jetpack is a bundle of lot many plugins which might be of use and in some you might not be interested in installing them. So you have the option of selecting the ones you want to install and ignoring the not so important ones.

But some of the plugins are installed by default. Once you click on “Learn more” button the “Deactivate” button will appear. By using this you can deactivate the plugins that you do not want.

Try JetPack plugin and use some of the amazing features on your blog.

About The Author: Catherine Jones writes for VoIP phone service. She is a freelance blogger and likes to write about various topics like social media, latest technology trends.

2 Common SEO Mistakes In Your Site

So until now you’ve focused 80% of your time and efforts on link building and 20% on content quality and site structure. Too bad! With Google updating its algorithm to weed out over-optimized pages or websites, it’s more than likely that your sites are to be found in hot waters very soon.

But there’s still some time on your hands and utilizing it the right way can help you to at least minimize this impending over optimization penalty. Here are the 2 ways that will surely help you reduce the impact of this penalty:

1. Change Pages With Slight Keyword Variations

Many websites use this tactic to increase the content on their page and also think that this will enable them to attract more specific customers to their website.

Google Search in education

Keep in mind that negligible variations in the main keywords (usually the one that is used in the title) will attract over optimization penalty from Google. As a solution to this, SEO experts have been recommended changes like amalgamation of the slightly varying keywords under one title in one page with detailed content.

To simplify this, here is an example explaining the same. Suppose your website has different pages with keywords like California Summer Tourism, California Beach Holidays, California Beach for Vacations.

Instead of having different pages for each of the links and keywords, combine all three of the keywords and use them in one detailed content page with a title like ‘California Summer Beach Holidays’.

This will also save time since you won’t have to write different anchor texts for each of these pages.

2. Change Link Infused Footers

A number of websites cram numerous links at the foot of the content. This will, in all probability, not trigger the interest of the visitor to the website. It is a faulty technique in many ways.

google logo

Not only are you wasting valuable links that you have bought for your website, you are also hampering your visitor’s reading experience that will harm the traffic on your website in the future.

As a remedy, SEO experts at are advising websites to change this strategy and instead place the links at the top, in between and sides of the content, according to their relevance.

You can instead keep those links in the footer of the content that might be useful for the reader after he has finished going through the content completely.

You will also be required to ensure that you are not posting blacklisted and harmful links in the body of the content and ensure that your website doesn’t get penalized for over optimization.