Make your own Android

Google released Androidify, an app that lets you turn the little green Android Robot into yourself, your friends, your family or anyone…!

Using this app, you can change the clothes of the Android Robot by choosing some funky ones from the app’s gallery. Oh yeah, you can even make the robot grow some hair!! 😉

Customize it and have fun!

Android Android2


Find your stolen Android

This trick is about an android app called Plan B that lets you find your Android phone after it has been stolen. Just follow the steps below:

  • Install the app remotely to your cell
  • The app Plan B will start automatically and send your phone’s location to your Gmail address.
  • You may text the word “locate” to your lost phone, if it doesn’t start, by borrowing a friend’s phone.

Plan B will start locating your phone using cell towers and GPS. It will email you the location every 10 mins, even if you didn’t have GPS switched on.

You can start the process again by texting “locate” to your number from any other phone.

Plan B is currently only available on select carriers in the United States.


Protect yourself from Facebook Spam

You might be getting messages in chat/inbox/wall posts from your friends to click on a link, saying there is a video/pic/info of a girl or that they have tagged you in a picture.

Facebook chat spam

These are spams, don’t visit such links.
They might infect you with viruses/malware/spyware if you happen to download anything from such links & may even steal your private info.

These links are masked and shortened and look something like:

These are facebook apps and request you for permissions before you can open and view their content.

facebook app spam

If you grant them the permissions they request, the maker of this app can access some of your private info like name, profile picture, gender, networks, user ID, list of friends, and any other information you’ve shared with everyone.

Also, they can access your chat and send out chat messages to all your online friends, bragging about the link.

If you have been a victim already, follow the steps below to remove the app from your profile:

  • Click on the accounts button on the top-right corner of your facebook profile
  • Then go to privacy settings
  • In the bottom-left corner of the page, you will find Apps and Websites, click on edit your settings under it
  • You will now see Apps you use category in the new page that opens, showing a list of your most recent apps
  • Click on the button edit settings in that category
  • A new page will open listing all the apps you use
  • Now find the app you find suspicious/spam and remove it by clicking on the cross shown near that app.
  • Alternatively, you can press Ctrl+F to find the name of the app you want to delete.

All the best, protect your privacy and be safe!