Test AntiVirus with an easy Trick

A simple trick to quickly check the efficiency of your Anti-Virus.

This trick will show you how to test antivirus to see if it’s working efficiently or not.

  • Open notepad
  • Copy this code in the text file….


  • Then save it with the name fakevirus.exe on your desktop

If this file gets deleted immediately by your antivirus, that means it is working properly and is updated.

Fake Virus instantly removed by Quick Heal

If your Antivirus didn’t remove it immediately, delete the file yourself and check your antivirus. Is it updated & working? If yes, then I think your antivirus is not that efficient and you should consider changing it.

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Let us know the result for your anti virus in the comments below 😉

Multi-function button in Headphones of your iPhone

You’d be surprised if I say that the iPhone’s
native headphones have a button inside the microphone.

Just squeeze the microphone together, and the button gets pressed.

The button’s functions:

During a call:

  • Press once to answer or hang up the call
  • Hold for 2 seconds to send the call to voicemail

During a call while second call is coming in:

  • Click once to hold current call and switch to new call
  • Hold for 2 secs and release to ignore new call and send it to voicemail

Out of call:

  • Hold for 2 seconds to activate Voice Control (on 3Gs+)
  • Press once to activate iPod and play song
  • Press once to pause song
  • Press twice to skip to next song
  • Click thrice to go back to start of song or previous song
  • Click once then click and hold to fast forward
  • Click twice then click and hold to rewind

Up & Down Buttons:

  • While music is playing, up & down adjust headphones music volume
  • While music is stopped/paused, up & down adjust ringer volume

And you took the button to be ordinary!!