6 Best Streaming TV Service App for Android

The latest technology has opened a whole new dimension of entertainment services, and TV streaming apps are one of them. In the recent times, these live streaming apps have become immensely popular. These apps offer to stream your favorite shows and movies on your android device like regular TV channels. All you need is an active internet connection and voila! You can watch all your favorite shows without any interruptions. To know which are the best streaming TV app that you can download on your Android device, just scroll down the list below. Continue reading “6 Best Streaming TV Service App for Android”

11 Facebook Posts You Should Never Share

Facebook is a great a great place to interact and to meet new people along with staying in touch with your close buddies. We often post and share a lot of things on the Facebook related to various activities of ours like party pics, thoughts, important events of our life, gathering with our family members and friends. But it is also a dangerous place to share things as a wrong post can really ruin your happiness and expose you to some unwanted troubles. There are few things that you need to avoid from posting on Facebook so you don’t land in any trouble. To know what you should stop posting on Facebook, just scroll down on the list given below. Continue reading “11 Facebook Posts You Should Never Share”

7 Best News App for Android

People who like to stay connected to the world news but have little or no time to watch news channels or read a newspaper, the news apps are a great boon for them. These apps of different news channels or tabloids caters news from all around the world related to politics, entertainment, business, finance, technology and many more things. You just need to open the app, and all the news you want will be available at your fingertips. So if you want to keep up with the latest happenings and stories around the world, then here are some of the best news apps that you can download. Continue reading “7 Best News App for Android”

How to Speed Up Internet of Your Home and Office

Slow internet speed is the most irritating thing in today’s date as it can hamper a lot of our work or can delay them drastically. Getting an internet connection is just not enough as you also need to see what kind of internet speed you are receiving. Ample amount of downloading and uploading takes place while we use the internet and if the speed is sluggish, it can be really annoying. Internet speed depends on various factors and the sources it comes from. Hence if you are also plagued by the issue of slow internet and want to boost its speed at your home or workplace, then here are some tips you can use on how to increase your internet speed. Continue reading “How to Speed Up Internet of Your Home and Office”

Google Maps Uses and Tricks You Didn’t Knew About

Google Map is one of the best navigation apps that is used for seeking directions, find places, quickest means to reach a destination and many other stuff. Google Map offers you a lot and it encompasses some of the best navigating features like Google earth satellite imagery, street views, turn-by-turn navigation, traffic conditions, public transportation and other info. But there some incredible things that you can do with Google maps apart from just finding direction and navigation purpose. To know what more Google Map can do for you, just check the list of things down below. Continue reading “Google Maps Uses and Tricks You Didn’t Knew About”