Explore the World of Online Photo Sharing

There are numerous ways by which one can store as well as share photographs online. With the advancement of technology, various photo sharing websites have come up.

With the upcoming of numerous such websites, the competition in the market has also increased and hence it has become very important for one to have a good knowledge on the various features regarding online photo sharing.

Sharing is caring
Sharing is caring

The various photo sharing websites like Picasa and MyPhotoAlbum have different features:

Online Storage

Among the various features, the most important one is the capacity of online storage. The more is the capacity, more does the website prove to be beneficial.

The type of subscription that the person chooses is a deciding factor of the storage capacity. When one is a free member of any photo sharing site, there are certain limitations on the number of images/videos that can be uploaded.

But when you go for a premium membership, then there are changes in the facilities and you are able to have extended storage capacity. For any case, the photos and videos are for obvious reasons well-protected.

Online Photo Sharing

There are many websites which also allow the storage of unlimited photos and videos but such sites have many conditions applied. Many photo sharing websites need a membership of more than one or two years so that one can avail the premium
features like unlimited storage capacity.

Privacy of Uploaded Photos or Videos

Another great feature affecting the choice of online photo sharing service is the number of options related to photo sharing. The options are related to the number of people you want to show your videos and photos.

Online Photo Sharing
Online Photo Sharing

Then there are options which would help you to keep some of your photos private or public. There are certain online photos sharing websites which also allow you to share some of your photos with only a group of people and another set of photographs with another group.

This kind of flexibility helps the website to draw traffic towards itself.

Themes or Templates

Besides these, there is another feature which helps people to customize their online photo sharing account. This allows a person to choose from various templates, colors, layouts and themes.

Online Photo Sharing Decoded
Online Photo Sharing Decoded by ProDigitalTips

There are these websites which have this wide range of options regarding various tools, setting and other editing options which helps to enhance your photos as well as the photo album.


Along with the different features mentioned about various online photo sharing services, there is this fact that one should take care of the licensing factor when it comes to using any website such as snapfish and mixbook.

Thus, it is advisable that one should check the licenses and then associate with any website registering him or herself. This is because of there are numerous people lurking out there who would share your pics without your permissions & credit.

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Why you should buy genuine printer ink cartridges

When you are looking for a printer there are more expenditures than meets the eye and the most important among them is the amount spent for cartridges and maintenance.

There are people who do not think about this aspect and go ahead and spend a hefty sum on the printer and later resort to the purchase of cheap, local printer ink cartridges that affect the printer adversely.

HP Printer by laptoplab

The ink is a vital part of the printer and thus there should be no compromise made on it, as there are discounts available on cartridges with the 4 inkjets coupon and the 123inkjet coupons that cut down the cost of the cartridges to a great extent.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should buy genuine print supplies.

Never compromise on Quality & Performance

The cartridges that are manufactured by the big names are very careful about the final product and they do not wish to have an unsatisfied customer.

Thus they take all the necessary care and precaution while manufacturing these supplies and the chances of leakage, ghosting, clogging, etc are minimal.

Lot of research goes into development of branded cartridges

All branded printer supplies are a product of in depth research and a lot of hard work and diligence goes into their development.

The cartridges are finally accepted for production only when the necessary tests are done and this is not all, as constant effort is made to enhance the quality of existing products as well.

Canon Printer Cartridge by 4InkDaddy

Proper Ink Cartridge Tests

Tests are not just conducted before the ink and the cartridges are produced, extensive tests are conducted even after the final production and in case there is any glitch observed, the entire batch is rejected and the necessary correction is made.

In such a stringent environment it is almost impossible to get a cartridge that is defected and thus you will not suffer after getting the original printer ink cartridge.

High Tech Production of Supplies

Cartridges that are produced by the known brands are a result of high quality engineering and tests and these companies insist on imaging quality and faster output.

Each and every cartridge is subjected to scores of tests and digital testing is done for each cartridge to make know the exact size of the drop, its shape and placement on the page.

Printer Ink Cartridges by 4inkDaddy

The cartridges come with a warranty

This is point is of paramount importance, as the cartridges that are produced locally do not come with a warranty and thus they cannot be trusted at all.

On the other hand the branded print supplies come with a warranty and thus you can get them replaced if it fails within the warranty period.

These are the 5 main reasons why you should buy genuine print supplies and this is not something that is going to burn a hole in your pocket, as these cartridges are available at very reasonable prices.

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