Secret Benefits of Facebook Pages for Bloggers & Businesses

Facebook fan page design has a number of benefits. It helps businesses & blogs to stay ahead in competition, boost brand awareness, improve interaction, and attract customers with pre-lauch offers.

Social media sites have become exceedingly popular of late and are also significant from the search engine optimization perspective. The big players are Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter. The purpose of this article is not discussing about all of these platforms, but focusing solely on Facebook.

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Staying Ahead in Competition

Do you wish to lag behind in competition or stay ahead? There are several players on the internet and to survive in the competition is not a matter of joke.

Whether you are an owner of a big company or a small agency, having facebook pages is imperative for attracting prospective clients. Therefore, not being part of this social media site can affect your online business adversely.

Even at TrickVilla, Facebook brings us second highest traffic from social media, only after Google+.

Facebook Pages Enhances Brand Awareness

These facebook page designs get indexed by the search engines and also effective in boosting brand awareness. You might be asking how will it enhance the brand image of the firm.

Well, when customers get to know of your organization, they will not only search for your company on Google, but also check whether you have a presence on Facebook.

Users are also highly influenced by word of mouth publicity, and ask their friends and acquaintances about products or services. If their friends like your product, there are possibilities that more people will be following your brand, and start liking your facebook page.

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This way your products gets popular and more consumers get to know about you. Before making any purchase, people have a tendency to ask for suggestions from their friend or colleagues. Let’s cite an example to explain this point.

Say for instance, if you have launched a new DVD player, new users will ask people about the product. If they find more of their acquaintances have developed a liking for the gadget, chances of a potential sale might be knocking at your door!

More Interaction with Facebook Pages

The quality of interaction is much better when customers communicate with you through a social media than a generic website. This does not imply that there is no need of a website but people find facebook pages more interesting, exciting and personal.

With professionally created facebook pages, you get more opportunities to understand the likes and dislikes of prospects, answer queries and reply to comments made. The level of interaction is fast, easy and more effective.

Attract Customer with Pre-Lauch Offers

This is the greatest advantage. With the display of pre-launch product offers you will be able to test the merchandise before introducing into the market. This is also an effective way to get true and candid feedback or market research from customers.

When the merchandise is soon to be launched, it is demonstrated on the facebook page. And users will be able to view it from their home. So it is an effective way to reach across to your targeted audience.

There are also options to integrate logos, images, brochures, videos and presentations to grab audience attention faster.

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About The Author:  Jayati is a web developer and social media author at Quality Web Programming. She has authored numerous articles on Facebook fan page design and its benefit in business.