7 Best Caller Id Apps for Android

Pesky calls from unwanted numbers are a big headache for most of us. We often get calls from unknown numbers which annoys us during important meetings or late at night which disturbs us a lot. It becomes a major harassment for us as we are not able to identify who exactly is calling us and for what purpose. Thankfully, caller ID apps are available today which can show us the name, source, and location of the caller, so it becomes easy to identify them. It also helps in securing you from pesky callers by blocking them. To know which are the best caller ID apps for Android just have a look at our list down below. Continue reading “7 Best Caller Id Apps for Android”

5 Best Android Puzzle Games

Puzzle games are always fascinating as it not kills time but also puts your brain to use. The challenges of the gameplay make you think to strategically move ahead in the game and solve the problems that you come across. It will not only entertain you but will also improve your cognitive power indirectly. If you are a fan of puzzle games and want to install them on your phone, then have a look at some of the best puzzle games that you can install on your android device. Continue reading “5 Best Android Puzzle Games”

8 Best Android Browser App You Can Install

The web browser is one of the most important apps for your android phone. We often need to browse the internet on our phone, and at that time the performance of the browser matters a lot. They should not only make your net browsing easy but also make it secure as well. So if you are in the habit of extensive net browsing on your smartphone, then you should have a good net browser as well. To know which are the best android browser apps for your android phone just browse through the list given below. Continue reading “8 Best Android Browser App You Can Install”

7 Best MP3 Converter You Can Use

On many occasions, we do get video or music files of our favorite numbers, but we cannot store them on our phone or iPod as our device does not support the format. Even if we download the video of the song, it consumes a huge chunk of space in our SD card which causes a lot of issues for us. To prevent that thing you can convert those file into the MP3 format on your PC before transferring them to your phone. To know which are the best Mp3 converters that you can use to meet your requirement just scroll down and go through the list. Continue reading “7 Best MP3 Converter You Can Use”

How to Stop Cyber Bullying

In the age of internet and social media cyberbullying has become a big issue on today‚Äôs date. The main victims of cyberbullying are generally women, kids, and teenagers. If you are using social media and other things like that, then you should be familiar with its demerits also. Cyberbullying can be extremely harassing which can lead to mental depression and even suicide. So if you are tech savvy but also want to stay safe at the same time or keep your loved ones secure from this issue, then go through the guidelines of how to stop cyberbullying. Continue reading “How to Stop Cyber Bullying”