6 Best Travel Apps for Planning Your Holidays

There are many things that we have to consider when we plan to go on a trip or holiday. It includes the mode of the journey, expenses, proper route, conveyance, hotel bookings and many more things. These are important so that you can enjoy your holidays without any trouble. To help you in planning your trip properly, there are numerous travel apps available now a day. These apps will assist you in chalking out your entire travel plan right from flight tickets, hotel booking, shortest routes and many other things. To know which are the best travel apps you can download on your Android device, just have a look at the list below. Continue reading “6 Best Travel Apps for Planning Your Holidays”

5 Best Applock for Android

App locks have become fundamental security app as it helps to keep our phone safe and secure from any kind of hacking. It mainly helps in preventing those people who have a habit of tampering with other people’s phones. There are many personal data on your phone which you want to private and don’t want anyone’s access to them. Your social media apps, bank apps, messengers, photo and video gallery, are some of them. For keeping them secure the app lock becomes a useful tool for you. To keep your personal apps secure, here are some of the best app locks you can install on your android phone. Continue reading “5 Best Applock for Android”

Top 7 Search Engines of the World

Search engines are the first thing that you come across when you start your internet browsing. Search engines are used for finding out any subject related queries, pictures, songs, videos, information or websites that we are seeking. There are several search engines which can deliver good search result corresponding to our questions. The usefulness of the search engine is determined by the type of information it can provide us. To know which are the top search engines in the world, just scroll down on our list below. Continue reading “Top 7 Search Engines of the World”

6 Best Personal Safety App for Women

Safety is the biggest concern for any woman as they become victims of heinous crimes such as sexual harassment, molestation, and rape. Most women have a fear of being stalked, followed or being attacked which is indeed a big issue especially who stay or travel alone. In such situation, technology can also help in keeping you safe. There are some apps for personal safety which every woman can download that will help in keeping them safe from untoward incidents. These apps send distress signals to women’s close contacts so they can know her present status and come to her rescue if needed. These apps also send alarms to nearby police stations if anything goes wrong. To know which are the best apps for women’s safety, just have a look at the list below. Continue reading “6 Best Personal Safety App for Women”

8 Best Video Calling App for Android

Video calling has become the latest fad among the people as speaking to one another is just not limited now to chatting or voice calling. Video calling apps have gained tremendous popularity as the people are now more interested to see each other while interacting rather than just talking to each other on the phone. So if you also have a similar inclination and want to have a video chatting app on your android device, just check out the list of some of the best video calling apps you can download to your phone. Continue reading “8 Best Video Calling App for Android”