How to Maintain Your Computer

Computer is an important gadget of our office and house, and you must take care of it like any other thing since it is part of your daily use. PC maintenance is the key to its longevity and smooth functioning. So if you have a computer or laptop at home, here are some computer maintenance tips and tricks you can opt for to proper operation of your system.     Continue reading “How to Maintain Your Computer”

Best Antivirus for Windows

A virus attack on your computer or laptop can be extremely irritating as we depend on a lot of our systems for carrying out our day to day work including official tasks, online shopping, social networking, and many more things. The vicious malware, viruses can damage our system in an exceedingly bad way and can compromise your data as well. Continue reading “Best Antivirus for Windows”

Top Music Players for Android

When a music lover buys an Android phone, he or she primarily check the music playing apps installed on the phone to get the best sound quality out of it.  Apart from the preloaded music apps, there are several music player apps available in the Google Play store which can be downloaded to stream your favorite music online or play the mp3 files stored on your SD card. These apps carry a number of features that can streamline your favorite songs and also enhance the sound output at the same time. Hence for all the music lovers out there, here is some best music playing apps that you can install on your Android phone. Continue reading “Top Music Players for Android”

How to Change Desktop Wallpapers in Windows

Desktop wallpaper, also referred to as desktop background, can be a digital image from your own collection, an image outlined with a color, a solid color, or an image that is provided with Windows. You can either choose a single picture to be the desktop background or put on view a slide show with numerous pictures.

Steps For Changing Wallpaper in Windows 8, 7, Vista
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