10 Best Wallpaper Apps for Android

After purchasing a swanky android phone, the first thing that comes to your mind is to set attractive wallpaper in the background. Different people have different types of preferences when it comes to set the wallpapers of the android phone. Finding the right kind of wallpaper is not hard as there are several apps available in the Google Play Store that can match your taste and you can set the background of the phone according to your choice. So here is the list of some of the best wallpaper apps for your android phone. Continue reading “10 Best Wallpaper Apps for Android”

7 Bad Apps That Can Harm Your Smartphone

Most of you download several apps to your smartphone which you think can be useful for you. Some of them are used for your daily purpose, some for entertainment and few for technical purpose. You think that you are staying updated in this technological revolution but little do you know that many applications can actually harm your mobile phone. It can be shocking to you that the very app that you have downloaded to improve your mobile’s performance damages your phone’s shelf-life to a great extent. If you are unaware of such thing till now, then see the below list of bad apps that you should not download or uninstall from your phone right now to save it from further damage. Continue reading “7 Bad Apps That Can Harm Your Smartphone”

How Safe Is Online Banking

In today’s date, most of the money transaction is being done online via the medium of internet banking, mobile banking, credit and debit card. It saves a lot of our time and wires the money from one account to another within a split second. Though convenient, the internet banking has its own hazards which can be extremely troublesome for you. Continue reading “How Safe Is Online Banking”

Android Problems That Can Irritate You

No gadget is absolutely flawless, and the same thing goes for android phones too. The smartphones have made our life much easier regarding communication, social networking and with apps that help us to do shopping, find direction and control the security of our homes. But even after all this, the android system is not completely bug-free, and it can create some really irritating issues. Now if you are wondering why my phone keeps glitching, then below are some of the common troubleshooting problems that every Android phone owner has come across or can face in the future. Continue reading “Android Problems That Can Irritate You”

Best Messenger App for Android

Messenger apps have become the most important app on our phone since it has become a daily part of our life. They are just not limited to sending text messages now but have become an important tool for social networking with global connectivity. You can share everything right from pictures, videos, emojis, voice messages and many other things with the help of these apps. You will also find many messaging apps with distinct features that will make your conversations and share quite lively. So here are some of the best messaging apps that you can download on your android phone for an outstanding social network experience. Continue reading “Best Messenger App for Android”