Social Media Tips for Bloggers

The main goal of anyone who sets up a blog is to generate more traffic for better exposure. Unfortunately, starting a blog doesn’t just mean creating the website and posting content. Social Media marketing is just as important.

It is important for a blogger to find ways on how to drive traffic to the blog for it to be a presence in the World Wide Web and establish a community of returning readers.

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Social media sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and more have been a part of our everyday lives. Majority of the people have accounts from these different social networking sites that they access on a regular basis.

Members of these social networking sites are also growing in numbers everyday, making it a great venue for promotion. For this reason, blog owners must tap the potential of these social networking sites in order to gain attention and drive traffic to their site.

Secrets of Social Media Promotion

Here are practical tips that every blogger must know to utilize social networking sites in promoting their blog:

Recognize Effective Social Media Sites

There are a lot of social networking sites that are available today. It will be difficult to maintain accounts to all these sites so it is important to analyze which social networking sites is most popular to your target audience.

This way, you will be able to concentrate managing your accounts to sites where you will get greatest benefit from. Try your hand at

  • Facebook with its Pages, Events & groups
  • Google+ with its +Pages, help & Trending Topics
  • Twitter for its hashtags & popularity
  • LinkedIn for highly targeted audience
  • Pinterest if your blog is more about photos

Build Followers

Now all you need to do is socialize. Build connections with members from these social medias by posting often, sharing your views, commenting on others’ post, interacting with the other members and the like.

Once you have developed a relationship with these members, invite them to visit your site and read your blog. This way you can build a good readership, while getting feedback from them too on your profiles.

Choose Quality over Quantity

Do not flood your wall will posts as this may not help in attracting traffic to your site, but instead might brand you as a spammer who posts irrelevant content.

Funny Tech Cartoon

Try posting a mix of text-based post, posts with photos and videos and the like to attract members to your post. Do remember, funny posts & pictures get the maximum number of +1’s, likes and shares.

Don’t just promote, Engage…

Do not publish post on your pages that deal mainly in promoting your site. You can find a lot of sites online where you can get sources for great topics that you can share in these social networking sites.

Things like tips and tricks, comics & cartoons, current news, and the like related to your blog’s niche work very well to engage your key audience.

Lock Readers from Search Engines

Add a button in your blog that will allow people to connect with you via the different social media sites. Like you can add a Facebook like button for your FB Page, a +1 button for you +Page, follow button for Twitter, etc.

This will allow people coming to your blog from search engines to connect with you on your social sites so that they keep returning. Consider some social buttons like TrickVilla has, at the top of our sidebar.

WP Mash Widget at TrickVilla
WP Mash Widget at TrickVilla

Allow Content Sharing

Add share buttons for all major social networks on each blog post of your site, allowing readers to share content they love onto their own networks, thus attracting more audience to your blog.

This will be a big help in increasing the readership of your blog as these social networking sites has a huge audience base, so the more your posts get shared, the wider audience it will reach.

As a blogger, you should know how powerful social media is in driving traffic to your site. Following the tips mentioned above will surely help your blog to be noticed and soon, readers will come running to your blog.

TrickVilla’s majority of traffic comes from Search Engines, but then from Social Media, that’s the power of Social Networks…!!

Author’s Bio: Abie is a freelance blogger who currently works as a content writer for the site