Top 7 Search Engines of the World

Search Engines

Search engines are the first thing that you come across when you start your internet browsing. Search engines are used for finding out any subject related queries, pictures, songs, videos, information or websites that we are seeking. There are several search engines which can deliver good search result corresponding to our questions. The usefulness of the search engine is determined by the type of information it can provide us. To know which are the top search engines in the world, just scroll down on our list below.

Search Engines

1. Google

Google Search Engine

It tops as one of the most dominating and best search engine in today’s date. The search engine giant is way ahead of its competitors, making it the most popular web search engine for users of all platforms. Apart from the updated information it provides you can also get images, news feeds, videos and find your way with its maps. At times privacy becomes a concern on this search engine as it keeps a track of your search result in its history. However, with numerous other features and with a simple search interface, Google remains the top ranking search engine in the world.

2. Duck Duck Go

Duckduckgo Search Engine

After Google, DuckDuck Go is becoming an immensely popular search engine and there is a reason. Besides the updated information it provides to the user, it also protects their privacy. The interface is quite simple and easy to use. The search engine does not keep any track of your browsing history neither shares any of your personal information.

The website is free of ads which is indeed a great relief. DuckDuck Go can also acquire search results from other engines like Yahoo, Bing, and Yandex and provides them privately to the users. It also recognizes voice search option which makes it convenient for the users to use the website.

3. Bing

Bing Search

Microsoft’s own baby Bing search engine is yet another top search engine in the world. It is one of the best alternatives to Google search engine too which was launched in 2009. The website provides numerous services to the users right from images, web related queries, videos and maps as well.

The search engine also meets your questions related to finance, sports, mathematical calculation and tracking of flights. It helps in finding local information as well which makes the Bing a popular search engine.

4. Ask.Com

Ask.Com Search Engine

It is also known as Ask Jeeves; this search engine has also got a decent amount of users across the world. However, the website is more like a question-answer community rather than a full-scale search engine. Getting useful information on at times becomes tough as it is not able to meet all the queries.

In competition, it falls back when compared to Yahoo, Bing and mainly Google. Though having limited features, it is still able to find plenty of globally for search engine operations.

5. Yahoo

Yahoo Search Engine

Yahoo is one of the old school search engines that stands with the biggies like Google, Bing, and DuckDuck Go. If you are using a Mozilla Firefox, then Yahoo becomes your default search engine as it is the official search site of this browser. The great thing about Yahoo is that you can access over 38 international languages while searching a query of yours on the site.

It acts as an apt alternative to Google by relatively giving a decent search result. Recently it has integrated with Flikr which has powered it up for competing with Google on images. It upholds your privacy by not keeping track of your browsing history thereby making it a popular site for searching your questions and answers.


Aol Search Engine has the capability of giving other search engines sleepless nights, and there is a strong reason. It has got a good market share of 0.05 % which is not bad for rubbing shoulders against the giants. Verizon communication bought this search engine for $4.4 million. While using, you will find many useful websites like,, and

7. Baidu

Baidu Search Engine

It is a Chinese origin search engine that was founded in the year 2000 by a Chinese entrepreneur named Eric Xu. It has shown steady growth in its user base and gaining a good amount of market share. It is solving billions of queries from all over the world, and according to Alexa ranking, it sits on 4th position.

Like other search engines, it can provide quick results right from audio files, maps, images and other information. Apart from that this also offers cloud storage option like Google drive which is indeed an attractive feature.


These search engines can give you appropriate results according to your queries. They can not only provide information about particular subject or website but can also cater you with music files, videos, and images. They can also be helpful in finding directions with the integrated maps which comes with the search engines. So if you are thinking of searching or getting something from the internet, then these are some of the best search engines that will give you the appropriate search result you are looking for.

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