Social Media Addiction Issues You Should Know

Social Media Addiction

In the age of advanced technology and internet, a new type of addiction has become a menacing problem, and that is social media addiction. This digital addiction is equally harmful like alcohol or tobacco addiction. In today’s date, you find many people glued to their laptops and mobiles. The obsession with social media can do more harm than you can imagine. This is a perennial problem of many people and especially among teenagers. Social media addiction can have an adverse psychological effect which can be troublesome for mental wellbeing. The problem should be understood properly to find a remedy for it. To know how social media addiction issues can affect you or your loved ones, just go through the brief description given below.

Social Media Addiction

What Is Social Media Addiction

Addiction To Social Media

First of all, it is important to understand what exactly is social media addiction. As a guardian or parent, you might see your child or some other person being stuck to their mobile devices but don’t know the reason for it. Social media addiction is a compulsive behavior shown by a person who uses social networking sites excessively. It includes repeatedly checking Facebook status, Whatsapp profiles, stalking someone, browsing on social media constantly and so on. This thing gets so addictive that they forget all other activities and are continuously engaged in that, spending hours together on social media sites.

Why Is Social Media So Addictive

Problems With Social Media

Social media mainly works on user engagement with a sole purpose of attracting a maximum number of people towards it. People are hooked to the social network sites and are busy updating their stories, pictures, check in their location, making their private life open to the public. With the introduction of smartphones, this has gone to the next level, and people are so engrossed to see the likes and views they get on their posts. The ‘Like’ button works like an addictive injection which persuades you to post more and more things on the social network to check your followers and the attention that you get.

It has been observed that people at times do a lot of crazy stuff for updating their social feeds which can have a negative impact on the psychology of the people. It becomes more critical when it comes to teenagers as they often cannot differentiate between good and bad content. Any improper post can have a severe negative impact on them which can lead to adverse issues like bullying, defamation, and mental harassment.

Social Media Addiction Symptoms

Social Network Addiction

It is not tough to recognize a social media addict since they show some telltale signs of their addiction. If you want to identify the symptoms of social media addiction, then these are some of the things you have to look out.

  • They check their mobile repeatedly by logging into social networking sites.
  • They feel totally depressed if they are not able to access social media sites in case there is no internet connection.
  • They develop a habit of announcing their whereabouts and activities on Facebook like eating, sleeping or any other stuff.
  • They start getting isolated, and interaction with their family members begins decreasing.
  • They become anxious if they are not able to upload their pictures to Facebook or Instagram.
  • They have sleep disturbances.
  • They feel on top of the world while on using social media apps on PC or smartphone but feel drained entirely if the apps don’t work for some reason.
  • They stop valuing their actual relationships and lose the sense of time.

How to Get Over Social Media Addiction

How To Avoid Social Networking Addiction

Once you have recognized the problem of social media addiction, it is necessary to find ways how to avoid or find a remedy for this addiction. Social media addiction can have an adverse effect on the physical and mental well being of yours hence it is better to take necessary steps as soon as possible.

Acknowledge the problem

The first thing you need to do is acknowledge your issue of social media addiction. There is no shame in accepting the fact of being addicted to identify the root of the issue. It helps in a better way to solve the problem. You can speak to family and friends, or anyone whom you know is suffering from this addiction. It will help in getting rid of the addiction in a proper manner.

Turn of the Notifications

If you feel that the social media can distract you from your regular lifestyle, then turn off the notifications of the social media apps on phone and PC. The pop-up and message tones might lure you to check the social sites. Turning them off will help you to get over the habit of seeing your social media profiles recurrently which will help in bringing back normalcy to your life.

Limit Your Timing

Another way of getting over the addiction of social media is by limiting your time you spend on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and Instagram accounts. It might be hard initially to beat the temptation of the social media, but once you start limiting your time, it will help in getting over your addiction.

Engage In Other Activities or Hobby

If you want to shun the habit of browsing your social media feeds then get yourself another hobby or start some extracurricular activities. Go on a bike ride, clean your room or car, play a musical instrument. It will help greatly in diverting your mind away from the social media.

Spend Time with Family and Friends

To break off the chain of social media addiction, spending time with family and friends can work therapeutically. Chat with them and have open-ended conversations which will keep you engaged in interaction with them. You can even go outdoors or hit a club with the friends which will ease your social media stress and make you feel refreshed.


Social media is a great mode of interacting with new people and meeting the old lost friends. It shrinks our world and brings people near to each other. But it also has a negative side which can affect you mentally and draw you away from the people close to you. This kind of addition can be harmful to you and for your actual relationships. So if you don’t want to get trapped in the addiction of the virtual world and judiciously use the social media sites, then the above-given steps will help you in a great way.

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