How to Speed Up Internet of Your Home and Office

Check Internet Speed

Slow internet speed is the most irritating thing in today’s date as it can hamper a lot of our work or can delay them drastically. Getting an internet connection is just not enough as you also need to see what kind of internet speed you are receiving. Ample amount of downloading and uploading takes place while we use the internet and if the speed is sluggish, it can be really annoying. Internet speed depends on various factors and the sources it comes from. Hence if you are also plagued by the issue of slow internet and want to boost its speed at your home or workplace, then here are some tips you can use on how to increase your internet speed.

Internet Speed

Test Internet Speed

Check Internet Speed

The first thing you need to do before you take any step to optimize your internet speed is to check the internet speed of your system. You need to see how consistent is your net speed or what is causing the internet speed to slow down. There can be several reasons which can slow down the pace of your internet connection like:

  • Old or outdated software
  • Several devices running on the same network
  • Constant downloads
  • Signal interruption caused by a wall or other devices
  • Low internet speed provided by the internet service provider

Once you have gone through this checklist, check the rate of Mbps (megabits) that you are receiving on your computer by analyzing the upload and download speed. It will give you an approximate idea of what is the speed of your net connection and how close it is to the speed plan you have actually subscribed for.

Internet Speed Test Online

Internet Speed Meter

If you are wondering how to check your internet speed before you take any step for its improvement, then you can do it online as well. There are plenty of internet speed tester sites where you can check the internet speed and get a clear picture of the net speed you are getting. The results may vary in case you are using a wireless network of Wi-Fi or direct LAN connection.

How to Boost Internet Speed

Average Internet Speed

Now the main thing comes is how to increase internet speed in your home or office and what are the steps that should be taken. It is no rocket science and can be easily applied which will help to boost your internet speed.

Place Your Wi-Fi Properly

Internet Connection Speed

Most of us use wireless internet network via Wi-Fi router for internet usage and its position is extremely critical. Do not keep the router in an enclosed area or close to any wall, doors, windows or baby monitors. They may cause interference in the signal of the router and you can suffer from a weak Wi-Fi network.

Ideally, keep it on a high shelf in the central place of the house which will maximize its coverage area. It will eliminate the interference and you will get proper internet speed that you require.

Protect your Wi-Fi Router

Optimum Internet Speed

The most important thing that you need is to secure your Wi-Fi by setting a secure password. It will prevent people from logging into your network without your knowledge which might result in decreasing internet speed. Mostly, the routers come with a password protection features that you can activate via a web browser.

Use Wired Connection

High Speed Internet Service

Try to connect your desktop and laptop via wired Lan connection instead of using Wi-Fi network for them. It will bring down the strain on the wireless network sharing and will help in optimizing your internet speed.

Scan Your Systems

Internet Speed For Streaming

The hardware you are using on your system also determines the internet connection speed. Over a period the device gets outdated, and it is not able to cope up with the new technology. With the passage of time due to the old hardware of your computer, laptop or smartphone you may encounter internet speed issue. Usually purchasing advanced machines or upgrading the OS and other software can resolve the internet speed issue.

Run Anti-virus Program

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To boost internet speed of your system, it is important that you scan your computer and laptop with a good antivirus program. They can also fiddle with your system’s ability to connect to the internet and affect the connection speed. Do the scanning once in week or month to eliminate the malicious virus or malware out of your system.

Remove Toolbars

Best Internet Speed

Your browser’s performance also decides the speed of your internet. In case your browser is populated with too many plugins and toolbars, it will automatically affect the internet speed on your system. To ensure fast internet speed without any hassle, it will be apt to remove all unnecessary toolbars and plugins from the browser.


These are some of the simple steps that you can opt for if you want to resolve the internet speed issue. Apart from them, you can also try other solutions for improving your internet speed like:

  • Clearing the cache and cookies
  • Turning off app updates of PC and other devices
  • Regularly turning off the router for a short period and restarting the system again
  • Keeping adequate space on the hard drive
  • Closing unnecessary tabs while browsing internet so that your bandwidth is not consumed excessively
  • Disconnecting from VPN or proxy servers

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