Google Maps Uses and Tricks You Didn’t Knew About

Google Maps

Google Map is one of the best navigation apps that is used for seeking directions, find places, quickest means to reach a destination and many other stuff. Google Map offers you a lot and it encompasses some of the best navigating features like Google earth satellite imagery, street views, turn-by-turn navigation, traffic conditions, public transportation and other info. But there some incredible things that you can do with Google maps apart from just finding direction and navigation purpose. To know what more Google Map can do for you, just check the list of things down below.

Google Maps

Avoid Traffic Jams

Google Maps Directions

Google Map helps best in avoiding traffic jams and navigates you towards less stressful routes that goes towards your destination. It will show you where the roads are congested on the traffic map and suggests alternate routes to you. It will also calculate the estimated journey time that will be taken from your location to your destination. By suggesting driving directions, Google maps will direct you to the best possible route which will make your commuting easy.

Find Parking Spots

Google Maps Direction

Google Map not only shows you directions for driving but also parking spots for your car. It helps to seek out the location where you can leave park your car properly and leave it for a prolonged time. It is especially helpful to find parking locations at the airport where you can park the car, the distance from the parking lot and the cost of keeping the car in the parking area.

Track Flight Status

Google Flights Map

Google Map also helps to track a flight and informs about its arrival as well as departure time. You can do it by a Google Map tool called FlightStats. All you have to do is enter your flight information in the tool, and it will start tracking the flight status. So whether you are waiting at the airport for your own flight or some friend or relative’s flight, Google Map will give the precise information you want about the flight you are seeking.

Calculate Taxi Fare

Driving Directions Google

In several major cities of US and Canada, Google Map will also help in giving a fare estimate of the taxi you intend to hire. All you have to is put your starting and ending points on the map, and it will show you both directions to your locations and fare estimate too. Hence it will help you to calculate the amount of money you need to shell out before you start your hire a cab.

Find Restaurants

Google Maps Food

In case you are hungry and looking for eateries then Google Map will locate places for you to fill your hungry tummy. You have to search for restaurants or food near me, and it will show you results of all the eateries in your vicinity. It will also show food delivery centers from where you can order food from the comfort of your home. So apart from showing you directions, it can show you places to eat food as well.

Find Wi-Fi Spot

Google Map Location

If you are worried about your data pack and seeking a Wi-Fi to connect, then Google Map will also help you locate and connect to the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot and enjoy fast internet speed.

Track Your Health

Google Maps Measure Distance

It does not monitor your heartbeat or blood pressure, but it does show you the measurement of the distance you have walked or jogged. It can save your path and the distance you have to cover and help you to burn the number of calories by jogging on that path.

Information of Your Destination

Google Maps Infowindow

You can also seek information on Google Maps regarding the destination you are going to. If you are visiting a tourist attraction, then you can even get info on this app by the combination of Wiki and Google Map clubbed together. It will show you local information, places to visit around and modes of transportation.

Convert Currency

How To Change Google Maps Currency

This mapping program from Google also allows you to get the conversion rate of a particular country’s currency with your currency. You just have to click on the location on the map where you are headed or situated, and it will display the exchange rate of that country.


These are some of the hacks of Google Maps that you can utilize apart from navigation and direction for driving. These features of Google Map can cater every need of yours right from finding places to eat, tracking flight details, checking exchange rates and many other things. So Google Map is just not a navigation tool, it encompasses a whole universe of utilities inside it

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