Best Tips for Protection and Prevention of Malware Attack for Your Computer

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In the recent times, malware attacks have become a major headache for the computer owners. These malware or virus badly affect our system and at times sweeps away all our personal details from our computer or laptop. The ransomware has created havoc recently putting millions of computers at risk, infecting them badly. Using the internet is a necessary thing to do all kind of work today, hence you have to be cautious about it. If you are also worried about malware attack or already suffering from malware issue, then follow these tips to prevent and protect your computer from malware infection.

Malware Protection

Install Anti-Virus and Malware software

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The best way for malware or virus protection is to install trusted anti-virus software. It is one of the most basic requirements that will prevent your machine from getting infected by a virus. It is especially required for home PC as the network servers at the workplace have layers of security walls against malware infection. The anti-virus will also help in removal of any malware from the computer and eradicate the chances of infection from your system.

Keep Backup of Your Data

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The first thing that malware does when it infects your system is sweeping off your important data. It also damages the hard drive to a great extent leading to complete computer crash or identity theft. To prevent such thing, it will be better to keep back up of your data in cloud network or on the external storage device.

Update Your Operating System

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Another way to protect your computer from the threat of malware is to update its operating system regularly. It does not matter whether you use Mac or windows, if the operating software is not updated, it might leave some loose ends for the malware to infect your computer. You need to turn on the operating system updates to fill in the patches and keep your system secure.

Install Anti-Spyware Protection

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Spyware virus attacks your computer and collects your personal information or of an organization without their consent and transfers it to a third party website. To protect your PC from it, you need to install anti-spyware software which is solely meant for protection against spyware. Like antivirus software, it also scans all incoming information or programs of the internet and blocks the threat once detected. There are plenty of free spyware software which you can download and install on your computer.

Do Not Click Suspicious Mails or Links

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It is a common thing told to every internet user not to click on any emails or an attachment that feels suspicious to you. These crafty emails or links can contain malware like worms, trojan horses, rootkits, spyware, and adware which can severely damage your system. Hence, to avoid malware infection, do not click on any such links or emails.

Browse Safely

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Your browsing habit also determines the health of your computer. For protecting your computer against malware infection, visit only trusted sites on the web. The malicious sites are often carriers of viruses and just visiting them can corrupt your operating system or make your computer to behave erratically. To prevent your system from getting infected by malware, it will be better to practice safe internet browsing.

Use Complex Passwords

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Your password can be the key to your protection against malware. Keep a habit of having a complex password which is not linked to your personal detail like birthday, anniversary or girlfriend’s name. Also, keep different passwords for different logins. For that, you can take help of a password manager which collects and encrypts the password just for your computer.

Spam Filter

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In case your email is not filtering your spam emails properly then you can consider having spam filter software. In most case, these spam filters contain phishing emails with harmful viruses like Trojan, rootkits that can damage your computer’s system. Most of the antivirus software come with a spam filtering feature which you need to activate.

Update Browser

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It does not matter which browser you are using, you need to update it regularly for preventing it from malware infection. Also, you need to check security and the privacy settings of the browser so that other websites cannot track your activities and protect yourself from malware attack.

Use Firewall

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Your computer’s firewall and antivirus program will be able to detect and block any intrusion of malware on your system. If your operating system has a firewall activated then do not use the firewall of the antivirus as they might interfere with one another.

Scan Your Computer Regularly

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Just installing antivirus software is not enough as you need to scan your computer regularly too for detecting any malware or virus. If you forget to initiate the scan of the PC, you can schedule the scanning of the anti-malware software which will automatically scrutinize your machine and warn you about any malware infection.


These are some of the basic tips that will be incredibly helpful for both protection and prevention against malware. The malware that comes from the internet can severely damage your system’s hard drive or can corrupt your operating system completely. By installing anti-malware software and by taking some precautionary measures, you can prevent the computer from getting infected by malware and operate it without any issues.

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