Best Note Taking Apps for Android

Notes App For Android

Notepads are useful for jotting down something quickly like important name, numbers or list of items for shopping. There are many notes taking apps available on Play Store which you can download on your Android device. With these apps, you can easily note important numbers, shopping list or phone numbers on your phone. Most of the note apps are easy to use, and some of them also have few added features too. To know which are the top note-taking app you can download on your phone, have a look at the list given below.

Notes App For Android

ColorNote Notepad

Colornote Notepad Notes

Colornote is a smart and an awesome notepad app that you can download on your android phone for free.  It is incredibly simple to use and you can write notes, take down phone numbers, emails, messages and create a daily shopping list. The note app comes with different themes or background color according to your liking.

Feature Highlights

  • Calendar support
  • Internal and cloud storage backup
  • Sticky note memo widget
  • Password protection to lock screen
  • Reminder alarms
  • Vivid background and font colors
  • List and grid view
  • Share notes via SMS, email or twitter
  • Price: Free

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Evernote App

Evernote is one of the most popular note apps that is packed with features. To use the app you have to register your email ID or Google account. Along with typing notes traditionally, you can take notes in various formats such as text, sketches, photos, audio, video, PDFs and web clippings. It is a cross-platform app so you can get it on iPhone and Windows devices as well.

It is an incredibly easy to use the app and it supports home screen widgets for quick access to the app. It is great notepad you can download on your android device which will help you take down list and notes.

Feature Highlights:

  • Create offline notes like checklists, writing names and numbers
  • Attach various media files to the notes like video, photos, PDF, audio and web clippings
  • Uses the camera to capture the text on paper, printed documents, business cards and even handwriting or sketches
  • Can attach Microsoft office documents
  • Apt for both home and business use
  • Home screen widget for quick accessibility
  • Price: Free, $7.99/month and $69.99/year

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Google Keep

Google Notepad

Google Keep is one of the coolest note-taking apps that you can install on your phone. The app is loaded with multiple features which let you keep the text notes, photos and audio clips in one place. It is usually a default app that comes with Android phones.  The app has a simple interface which is incredibly easy to use. It has a color-code option feature which you can add to your note, making it easy to identify and quickly share the notes with others who needs to edit them. If you are looking for an alternative to Evernote app then it one of the best options.

Feature Highlights:

  • Add notes, lists and photos
  • Record a voice memo
  • Add color and labels to code notes to quickly organize
  • Price: Free

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Onenote App for Android

OneNote is a popular note app that is developed by Microsoft. It encompasses the feature of its Microsoft office app like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint as the app is integrated with them. It is a powerful organizing tool and can cater your every need right from inserting clips from the web, adding multimedia files, pin and search notes. The app also allows draw and write with your finger. The app is great for noting down important for official or school purpose.

Features Highlights:

  • Create notes of any type and save them right from the text, photos, audio clips and other things
  • Clip pages from websites and it will save those automatically in your account
  • Arranges your notes into pages, subpages, sections and notebooks
  • Search particular info inside the notebook
  • Offers 5GB of cloud storage
  • Paid version has 1TB storage space
  • Price: Free, $6.99/month or $69.99/year

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INKredible – Handwriting Note

Handwriting Apps For Android

It is one of the best handwriting apps that you can download on your Android handset. The app is incredibly simple to use, and it feels like a blank paper on which you can write with ease. It is a beautiful app which lets you write or scribble on the screen just like a paper.  You can write with the help of your finger or a stylus, and there is no menu for distraction. Unlike other apps, it does not have the feature of pinning audio-video clips or sharing texts, but for a quick write-up, this app is pretty useful.

Feature Highlights:

  • Simple interface
  • No UI controls or buttons on the screen
  • Scribble or write like a pen with the help of your finger or stylus on the screen
  • Has an undo-redo button and an erase tool
  • Can choose lined, grid or plain background
  • Close up writing mode to highlight a particular section of writing
  • Price: Free

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These are some of the top notepad apps that will be incredibly useful for those people who have a habit of jotting down everything. They are simple to use and helps you to organize your daily activities by enlisting them. You can record voice memos or even include video files in them. The app widgets give quick access to them, and they become an important tool for taking notes and also reminding you of the tasks you have written.

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