Best Motorcycle Racing Games for Bike Race Lovers

Motorcycle Driving Games

Motorcycle games are incredibly awesome to play due to their exhilarating and fast-paced gameplay. Unlike a car, handling a bike is tough and requires focused control skills as a little judgmental mistake can make you a road kill. Bike racing games offer breathtaking stunts, insane speeds and tests your controlling abilities to the limit. If you are a fan of bike racing too, then you must have a look at some of the best motorcycle games of all time.

Motorcycle Games

Motorcycle Stunt Racing Games

Motocross Madness 2

Motocross Games

If you like doing stunts like flying your motorcycle and driving it at an insane speed, then Motocross Madness 2 is the game for you. It is an arcade style bike simulation game which lets you roar your motorcycle inside noisy indoor arenas to rugged mountainous terrains. The graphic of the game is splendid which displays the exact physics of the bike with a realistic crash and burn visuals. You can race in 70 different types of venue, by selecting the motorcycle of your choice that will test your driving skills to the limit.

The sound of the game is incredibly realistic, and it has no background soundtrack to distract you. Motocross Madness gained instant popularity right after its launch in the year 2000 among the dirt bike game lovers.  It allows you to select terrain difficulty from normal to hard and you can even view a replay if you crash into a solid object (tree, buildings) or if you do an insane stunt. With a touch of realism, this indeed tops the chart of dirt-bike motocross racing game.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

MTX Mototrax

Flying Motorcycle Games

MTX Mototrax is the perfect video game for those who love dirt bike racing game that has a fusion of elements like motocross, sports, and racing.  The game is a combination of two types of game races, supercross, and motocross. The supercross races are held inside a large stadium like arena while motocross is an outdoor affair. The game has a number of tricky designed tracks that challenges the control ability of the player. You can try a lot of freestyle stunts like flying your motorcycle including a 360-degree flip.

Apart from the career mode of the game, it also has a multiplayer option which will let you join the other players online. In offline mode, two players can race in a single race or in a motocross and supercross race series. Graphically the street bike racing game looks great with clear textures and detailed look when it comes to playing on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 2 console. However, the game has some clipping issues which frequently causes the rider’s body parts clipping through various items. The game’s soundtrack is enthralling featuring various instrumental tracks of popular songs. All in all, it is a game designed pretty well keeping in mind the fans of motorcycle racing game.

Platforms: Xbox 360, Playstation, Microsoft Windows

Free Motorcycle Racing Games


Motorcycle Driving Games

MotoGP13 is a delight for those gamers who want to race with powerful superbikes in the Grand Prix Motorcycle racing. Published by Milestone, it is a franchise of the popular MotoGP game series. This cool motorcycle racing game incorporates 4 single player game modes which include Grand Prix, World Championship, career and time attack. The 3D graphics of the game is brilliant with intricate physics of the bikes leaving little space to find out the errors. You can race with different powerful motorcycles ranging from 250 cc to 1000 cc monsters.

You can even customize your players in a limited way which includes his riding leathers, crash helmet, and the characters face too. It captures the realness of the actual superbike racing game, offering the game lovers a near-factual experience. The multiplayer option of the game lets you compete online with other bike racers for free. With the split screen feature of the multiplayer mode, it becomes incredibly easy to play the game.  If you want to make your bike racing more challenging, you can select amongst the 5 weather conditions in the game.

Platforms: PlayStation, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows

Tourist Trophy

Motorcycle Video Games

It is one of the best simulation bike racing game which lets you ride the beasts like Honda, Kawasaki, BMW Motorrad, and Ducati in more than 35 courses. Though similar in look, every bike has its own unique appearance, power, sound and feel with intricate detailing. If you are a motorcycle enthusiast, the game will give you a thrilling experience by showing you the replays of the races you have contested.

The game represents the perfect combination of man and machine, speed and control. You can unblock new bikes in the game by winning the challenges and the race events. You can start out with 22 race events and unblock several others once you start winning the championship events. You can customize your bike and even the riding gear according to your requirements. Once you get a hang of this bike racing game and it will turn out to be a sheer delight for the motorcycle game lovers.

Platforms: PlayStation 2

Road Rash

Road Rash Motorcycle Games

Road Rash is probably one of the best motorcycle racing game that is ever made. Visually it might not be that great, but this is indeed a cool motorcycle racing game to play. The idea is to win at all cost using various crazy gimmicks such as beating the opponent with chains, sticks, crashing on them deliberately and even knocking down pedestrians during the race.

The game became an instant hit with its launch back in 1991. This bike racing video game is quite simple, and the violence in the game is more of humorous rather than aggressive. It is one of the easiest bike racing game which can be played by people of all age groups including kids. It will also bring back the nostalgia of your childhood and let you have fun even with your kid in your lap. Currently, the game is coming in a reboot form known as Road Rash Redemption, which is trying to keep the theme of its ancestor with all new improved 3D graphics and gameplay.

Platforms: PlayStation, Microsoft Windows, Sega CD

Multiplayer Drag Racing Game

Drag Racing: Bike Edition

Motorcycle Drag Racing Games

This game is ideal for those who love to play drag racing. It is an amazing bike racing game with spectacular 3D graphics. The game offers a perfect mix of speed, power, and balance. Accelerate your bike towards finishing line by adjusting its sprockets to ensure winning. It is also one of the best online games you can play as you can connect with other players in multiplayer mode and compete with them in drag race challenges.

You get to choose from 17 sports bike and even customize them according to your requirement. You can paint the bikes with the color of your choice and even win cool gears for your rider by winning special tournaments.

Platforms: Android


So if you are a motorcycle racing game fan and looking for a good bike race game to play on your PC, Xbox or PlayStation, then these are some of the coolest bike racing game you can play. These games will not only meet the zeal of the speed demon inside you but will also bring back the cherished nostalgia of your childhood. With superb gameplay, great graphics and intricate details, they can be surely voted as the top motorcycle racing games of all time.

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