Best Cleaning App for Android

Cleaning Apps for Android Phone

Over a period, Android phones tend to become slow due to the junk cache files, apps running in the background and due to unwanted files or folders. It can seriously affect the performance of your phone. To stop your phone from working sluggishly, it is recommended to install an app cleaner on your Android handset. These apps will not only clean the junk files from your phone but will also boost the speed of your phone. To know which are the best cleaning app you can download and install on your Android handset, have a look at the list given below.

Cleaning Apps for Android Phone

Clean Master

Cleaning App for Android

Clean master app is probably of the best and most downloaded app that is used for cleaning and optimizing the system. The app is capable of cleaning cache files, junk files, residual files and browser history.  It helps in accelerating the RAM speed by clearing out unwanted things from memory and boosts the phone speed. You just need to tap once on the app and it will improve the phone’s speed by 30%.

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Norton Clean

Best App to Clean Android Phone

It is also an excellent cleaning app for clearing junk files from your android phones. It helps in reclaiming the storage space by cleaning out junk, residual files and optimizes the phone’s memory. It also clears off the residual files that are often left by the apps that are uninstalled. Among the cleaning apps for Android, this one is indeed one that should be on the list of best cleaning apps for android phones.

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DU Speed Booster

Android Cleaning App

DU Speed Booster and Cleaner is one of the most trusted cleaner apps that is being downloaded and trusted by over 230 million users. Apart from clearing the junk from your phones it also has some other useful features. The app provides adequate security against viruses, adware, malware, trojan and other harmful malicious items that can harm your phone. It also helps you to check your internet network status with one tap which includes upload and download speed, Wi-Fi security and the network devices. It also cools down your phone by closing the unnecessary apps running in the background which eases the load on the CPU.

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Power Clean

Best Android Cleaning App

Power clean is a lightweight but powerful junk cleaner that you can install on your android phone.  The cleaner app helps to free the phone storage space off unnecessary apps and boosts the RAM speed to make the phone run efficiently. It clears all the old junk files, system cache, residual files to optimize your phone’s speed. It removes all duplicated junk photos just on one tap.

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SD Maid

Clean Up Android App

SD Maid is a powerful app that will help to keep your Android phone clean of junk files and unnecessary apps. It cleans up your storage space by removing the residual files left by the uninstalled apps. It also helps in optimizing the RAM and boosts the speed of the phone. It eliminates the cache phones and closes the background app that slows down the phone. It detects the duplicates files like music, documents and removes them from your system.

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Cleaner Extreme Lite

Android Clean Up App

It is an incredibly lightweight cleaner app that consumes only 3 MB space of your phone memory. It not only clears the system cache and app ache but also removes the image thumbnails left behind by the uninstalled apps which occupy your phone memory.  There is a pro version of this app which you need to purchase.

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These are some of the best cleaning apps for android that will help in clearing the junk files from the system and boosting its speed too. These apps will make your phone work efficiently by removing all the duplicate files that consume your phone memory. Hence if the unwanted cache files and background running apps is a botheration for you, then download one of these apps to clean up your android phone and make it run smoothly.

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