Best Apps for College Students

Apps For College Students

A student’s life is full of challenges as they have to prove themselves academically and achieve success. However, reaching the goal itself is a laborious task. Certain Android apps have been launched to help college students in planning their homework, saving money and learn new things related to their subjects. To know which apps can help them in their everyday needs, have a look at the list given below.

Apps For College Students

Best Planner Apps

Google Drive

Organization Apps

The Google drive is one of the most helpful apps for the students as it acts as an organizer cum storage app for them. A student has to note down a million things and keep track of them too. Google drive offers them a vast amount of cloud storage to keep all their notes, pictures, documents, important slides and other vital files in a single place. It can prove to be a good planner app as well since they can schedule their tasks on the Google sheet which help them to do all their study related work in an orderly fashion.

The Google drive initially offers 15 GB of space, and it is free to download. However, it can be upgraded to 100 GB of space at an in-app purchase of $1.99 per month, $9.99 for 1TB and massive 10 TB for $99.99 per month. With its enormous storage capacity, it is surely one of the best apps for college going students.

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Best Organizer App

It is one of the best organizer apps that college students can have on their Android device. It helps you to plan and remind yourself of the important task that requires being done. The app also has an alarm system which will help you to remind you of the work at the same time every day.

Apart from making reminders, you can also attach photos, PDFs, presentations and many more things. The app is free to download, however there some unique features that you need to unlock with in-app purchases. It works efficiently both as a reminder app and planner app for the students.

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Powerschool For Students App

It is a popular app for college students and their parents. This app helps you to get real-time access to attendance, assignment scores, and other things. It will help both the parents and the students to keep a check on their progress in the college through a single channel. The app has a huge user base of 13 million students across the globe.

If you have more than two kids in the house then also it won’t be a trouble for the parents. They can monitor attendance and progress report of all the children through a single account. It pushes notification for every attendance and test grade via email. With real-time tracking features, it is surely one of the best student-friendly apps you can download.

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Best Educational Apps


Best Apps For Nursing Students

It is one of the best apps for nursing students with an enormous amount of medical news and content for them. It gives you access to several types of health-related topics which can be incredibly helpful for the nursing students to study various human health issues in a plain and simple language. Medical and nursing students can benefit a lot from this app as it suggests various medications which can be taken under different health disorder.

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College Apps

Turn your smartphone into a notebook with this incredibly helpful app for the college going students for taking important notes. The app has a simple interface, and it has been particularly designed for college and university students. It allows you to draw on it, attach pictures of your camera and lets you record the lectures in audio-video format.

The handwriting feature of the college app is incredibly helpful for taking quick notes so that you don’t miss out anything. It can also assist you to complete your homework and stay ahead of everyone in the class. It comes in the free trial version, but you can buy the full version which has features like the organization of notebooks, sharing of important notes along with backup and restore of notebook boards.

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Best Educational Apps

It is not only among the best educational app that a student can have but also works as an online tutor for them. The app has about 1000 courses that can educate you on different topics right from math, science and even technology. These online classes have lectures, reading assignments and even video content for learning a subject in a better way.

It is one of the best learning apps for the students as it helps to cover the various topics through a single app. Once you have finished the courses loaded on the apps, it will also give you a certificate. Most of the courses on this educational app are free. The app provides a beautiful blend of traditional and modern learning methods.

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Tooth Morphology

Apps For Dental Students

It is a good medical app for the dental students for learning the details of dentistry. The app was developed by the students of Sheffield dentistry students which have become widely popular. The app has a 3D demonstration showing the actual micro scan of teeth.

The interface of the dental app is simple, and demos given are easily understandable which makes it an excellent educational app too. However, there are some limitations of information here as there are no advanced tutorials loaded in the app for students of higher grades.

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Best Social Media App


Best Social Apps for College Students

For the students who want to start networking to create a base of their career, LinkedIn is the ideal app. It is a professional social networking app which allows you to connect with corporate professionals, companies, and human resource.

The app lets you connect with industry experts, fellow students, potential employers, professors and companies who offer an internship. The LinkedIn profile of a student can help them to give them an early career boost even before they graduate from the college or university.

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Top Apps for College Students

Facebook can be exceptionally helpful for the college students if used in the right way. This social media app allows the student to connect with all their friends and professors to develop a strong bond between them. It also has many news and educational pages which you can follow to get daily updates on the subject you are interested. It not only lets you make a connection with the new people but also helps in acquiring new knowledge every day.

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Best Dating App


Dating Apps for College Students

This dating app is a boon for all the singletons in the college looking for a match for themselves. This app is useful only for college students since you will need a .edu email for becoming a member of this app.
This dating app has a simple interface like Tinder which lets you filter your searches, i.e., from a class year, gender or even college major. Swiping left puts the profile in reject list and swiping right allows you to choose your friend or hook up your date.

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Best Dating App For College Students

It is one of the best dating apps for college students who are looking for something more than swiping photos. Hinge allows you to create a more detailed profile of yours where you can add pictures and photos of yours.
College students who are looking for a match to make a relationship, Hinge lets them connect more deeply with a string of interesting conversations. Hinge acquires data from your Facebook friends list too to make the connections, and it makes some filtration of its own as well while suggesting a new match.

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Best Budgeting App


Budgeting Apps for College Students

It is a popular budgeting app for the college students which can be connected to the bank account directly. It updates you about your spending and keeps a check on your expenditures. It is helpful for the students to plan budget of their expenses and keep an account of the money spent on movies, coffee, alcohol, and things of daily necessities.

It is one of the best money saving apps that will help in managing finance by calculating every penny the student has spent right from their credit card to cash. The app has an interesting feature of cash vs. credit card which shows your credit card balance and the cash you have to shell out to repay the bill. So if you want to save money by keeping a check on your financial transactions, then this app will certainly help you a lot.

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Money Saving Apps

It is a simple money saving app that has an attractive interface and is quite easy to use. It is ideal for the college students, especially for those staying in hostels to set their monthly budget. It will help you to calculate your income and expenses so you can have a fair idea of where your money is being spent.

The app lets you set a hardcore budget level to save the money that you spend. For example, if you have set a particular amount on food expenditure, then it will start showing you how much have you spent on food and where you need to stop. It will also warn you in case you overspend or you are close to exceeding the budget limitation.

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Best Safety App


Most Useful Apps for College Students

College campus is also a dangerous place especially when it comes to bullying and ragging in the college premises. Downloading this app will ensure your safety as it can instantly connect with friends and family members of your contact list if you face a threatening situation. The app can also send photos to the cops and the family members and even set off an alarm.

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Circle of 6

Helpful Apps for Students

It is one of the best safety apps for college students which allows you to choose six people to contact instantly if a threat comes up. The selected list is sent a pre-written text message, telling them to call up to interfere with the situation or to rescue the user. It carries the GPS location of the user to the contact list and also connects with the cops or sexual abuse hotlines. It is particularly helpful for the woman students studying at college.

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These apps will help you to plan and learn new things related to your subjects and other topics too. Right from organizing your notes, presentations to educating with factual details and demonstrations, these apps come incredibly handy for you.

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