9 Best Websites for Game Cheat Codes


Cheating is the most terrible sin you can commit, but when it comes to gaming, it is considered to be an easy way out. Gamers always opt for a convenient way to cross the challenging levels in the game which are hard to crack. In case you are not a regular gamer, it becomes harder to pass the levels. At such juncture, cheat codes come handy for us. The evolution of advanced gaming has surged the demand for cheat codes as well. These game cheats provide an easy walkthrough, unlock new levels, provide new weapons, cars, and many more things. So if you are a gamer but completing game levels is a problematic thing for you, then here are some of the websites from where you can get cheats codes for games and play them with ease.

Game Cheats

1. MegaGames


Mega Games is a useful site for the gamers who are looking for game FAQs along with other helpful things such as patches, trainers, cheat codes mods, emulators, demos, fixes and other things. There is a huge database of over 9000 games on this website, and it has cheat codes for both PC and gaming consoles such as Xbox and Play Station. Get all the latest cheats for games that are currently trending or have launched recently on this website.

2. Super Cheats


In the list of websites which renders game cheat codes, Super Cheats is one of the best sites you can visit. The website has a question, and answers feature for getting the cheat codes you require. The site renders cheat codes, walkthrough for top-line games for various platforms right from PS3 to SNES. The listing is enormous as just in the PC category there are 5201 cheats and 2002 walkthroughs with data collection of 10,432 games of different genre and platforms.

3. IGN

IGN Cheats

It is mainly an entertainment website, but it has game cheat codes for different platforms like Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PC, 3DS, PSP, and iPhone. It also gives reviews, news, and interviews related to the games and gaming industry. The site is neatly organized by segregating each category. The cheat codes are just not given randomly, but instead, they are presented in a blog styled description. The users mostly submit the cheats found on this site.

4. GameSpot


This site is not typically a game cheat data website as it mainly focuses on the game reviews. The site concentrates on games from every platform with individual pages that contains cheat codes, secrets, unlockables and Easter eggs. For the people who are seeking cheat codes for less searched games, there is a high chance they will get it over here.

5. Cheat Happens


The site is ultimate stop for all game lovers as it is a dedicated website meant for game cheats. You shall get everything on this single portal lie cheat codes, PC trainers, game reviews, wallpapers, guides and a message board. It has been providing cheats to the gamers since 2002 with a composition of free and premium offerings.

6. Chapter Cheats

Video Game Cheats

The site looks like a mixture of all the websites that offer cheat codes for games.  It is easy to navigate on the site as the categories are arranged in a proper order. It contains a database of top games, upcoming games, all the latest cheats along with walkthroughs. All the games have their own page where you will find their unlockables and other game-related options.

7. Gamefaqs Com

Www Gamefaqs Com

It is another site that offers a large database of cheat codes for the top of the chart games. To make the search simple, it has different categories of different platforms including PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4, and NS. You can find cheat codes of popular games like Grand Theft Auto V, WWE, Call of Duty, Walking Dead and many others. You will also get game hacks, walkthroughs, Easter eggs of trendy games on this site. The site look might not be appealing, but it indeed contains the stuff that you are looking for.

8. GameWinners

Game Cheat Codes

GameWinner.com encompasses cheats and codes archive for 56 platforms from the classic era games to the latest chartbusters. Its library includes FAQs, strategy, cheat codes, along with CodeBreaker, Gameshark and Action Replay codes. It is a useful and simple site, however, it might not appear informative at its first look.

9. Cheatcc.Com

Www Cheatcc Com

Cheatcodecc or cheat code central caters cheats for games of every type of platform right PC, PS4, Xbox 360. It has categorized listing for each game on the site and provides cheats, codes, cheats codes, FAQs, and walkthrough for every one of them. The site also gives you hints hidden in the game along with giving tips and tricks to unlock them. You will also get to see the game review on the site and all other news related to it. For searching cheat codes for games, it is indeed one of the best sites for finding cheat codes.


These sites provide all kinds of cheat codes for games of different platforms by giving useful hints to unlock new levels and features of a game. The cheats are generally found in listing form with a dedicated individual page for each of them. Hence if you are also in the quest of finding cheats for your favorite game, then browse through one of these sites given above.

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