8 Best Android Browser App You Can Install

Android Browser

The web browser is one of the most important apps for your android phone. We often need to browse the internet on our phone, and at that time the performance of the browser matters a lot. They should not only make your net browsing easy but also make it secure as well. So if you are in the habit of extensive net browsing on your smartphone, then you should have a good net browser as well. To know which are the best android browser apps for your android phone just browse through the list given below.

Android Browser

1. Google Chrome

Chrome Browser For Android

This browser needs no introduction if you are an android user. It is one of the most popular internet browsers that is used by millions of users across the world. Like the desktop browser, it comes with a material design, multiple tab opening and deeper integration with Android. To have a private and secure browsing you can use the incognito mode which does not save your browsing history and allows you to have seamless browsing without any worry. It also warns you about harmful sites and prevents you from downloading malicious data. It has a beta version as well, and with regular updates, it surely makes it on the top of android browsers list.

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2. Dolphin

Dolphin Browser

The Dolphin browser gained a monumental popularity among the android users. It has a number of features for you which would be helpful for accessing the internet. The interface is incredibly simple to use which allows you to bookmark your favorite pages or create shortcuts for instant access. It also has additional useful features like flash support, ad blocker, incognito mode and few other add-ons like gesture control. Like Chrome, it also supports voice-based search which is indeed a great help. If you want to change the theme of the browser, then there is an array of themes for you to select.

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3. Mozilla Firefox

Firefox Browser For Android

You can call the Firefox browser as one of the grandpa browsers since it was present even before chrome came into existence. Like the desktop version, the Firefox app is also easy to use. It has similar features like syncing (bookmarks, history, etc.) privacy features, quick sharing, and Chromecast support. The browser is light so you won’t have any trouble in operating it or face hanging issue. It also supports flash files and secures your phone from web malware and saves your data as well. However if you compare it with chrome, it might not be up to that mark, but its performance is satisfying.

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4. Opera

Opera Browser For Android

Opera has a couple of browsers which gives a pretty neat performance when it comes to net browsing. They are packed with features such as ad blocker, video compression for saving data, private browsing, and bookmarking favorite pages. It has an intuitive download manager which makes downloading a file quite convenient. The interface of the browser is clutter free which makes the navigation easy for the user. The Opera is a good option for those people who want a browser which can help them to save their precious mobile data and uninterrupted net browsing.

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5. UC Browser

UC Browser Android

It is quite a compact web browser which can open web pages in a jiffy, but it can be irritating at times due to its repeated permission asking. For downloading, of course, it is one of the best browsers that you can use, but it has its own downsides. There have been accusations regarding its privacy and security of this browser, but even after all that, UC browser remains as one of the best web browsers because of its simple interface and download capability.

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6. Flynx

Browsers For Androids Phones

It is a pretty smart browser app which has evolved itself from the time of its launch. What separates it from the other browsers that it does not force you to close the other apps while using it. Instead, there is a bubble type floater that can be seen on the side of the screen while the page opens in background. When you decide to open it, just click on the floating balloon and it will pop up.  The interface of the browser is clutter-free, and you also get a night mode feature along with it.

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7. Brave

Best Browsers

Brave is a pretty new browser which is trying to get a prestigious spot in the market. The browser has some great features which sure looks promising. Among them is the inbuilt ad-blocker. Also, it blocks third-party cookies, block scripts which help in safe and secure browsing.  The net browsing can be done with multiple tabs at a time, and it comes with other features like bookmarks, history and the incognito mode.

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8. Naked

Naked Browser

Don’t go on the name; it is a pretty neat web browser with simple looks. The browser might not be gorgeous but can do all the necessary basic things like shortcuts, bookmarks, and history. Its simplicity sometimes works against it as the developer has tried to keep it as basic as they can to give you a superbly optimized internet browser for android.

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These browsers are some of the top browsers that can provide you optimized web browsing, help in quick downloading and most importantly a safe and secure internet search option. So if you are also looking for a browser that will offer you trouble free web browsing o your android phone, then the above list contains some of the best web browsers that you can install on your android device.

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