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Guardian News App

People who like to stay connected to the world news but have little or no time to watch news channels or read a newspaper, the news apps are a great boon for them. These apps of different news channels or tabloids caters news from all around the world related to politics, entertainment, business, finance, technology and many more things. You just need to open the app, and all the news you want will be available at your fingertips. So if you want to keep up with the latest happenings and stories around the world, then here are some of the best news apps that you can download.

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1. Flipboard


Flipboard is one of the best news apps which appear more like a magazine rather than a daily news app. The appealing part of this news app is that you can customize it with your favorite news sources, sites and other things of your interest. The app curates the news you want by tracking what you read and offers you similar stories.

The interface has easy to navigate panels and provides every user access to their own favorite news magazines. Using the app is fun as it has animations and large images. You can read every type of news from different sources like Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Reuters, National Geographic, Vanity Fair and many other publications around the world.

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2. BBC News

BBC News App

BBC needs no introduction when it comes to worldwide news coverage and latest stories. The app now comes with a refreshed look and news index related to every category like politics, business, technology, entertainment, and health. It can also give you breaking news alert and round the clock video coverage of all the news item you are looking for.

You can personalize your newsfeed, and it will take you straight to the topics and stories you care about. You will be able to read and views all the top stories of the correspondents and journalists around the world of BBC network. The interface is easy to navigate, and it is a free news app you can download.

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3. Reuters

Reuters News App

Reuter is one of the best news source app that provides you unbiased news from all around the world. In case you are seeking for a news source that other trusted news organizations use, then this app will be perfect for you.

You will find stories and news items relating to various subjects including politics, business, finance, opinions, and sports. You can view articles, pictures, and videos on your Android device anywhere in the world. You can also get news alerts on the topic you have selected. It gives you in-depth analysis of the market scenario around the world and one of the best app for stock market news. You can also read the stories and save them too for viewing them lajThe Guardian

Guardian News App

If you are a fan of impeccable journalism that gives you impartial news, then The Guardian is the apt choice for you. The app keeps you updated with all the latest events and newsfeed happening around the world. You can customize your home screen by selecting your favorite topics, writers and you will also get a personalized notification for those topics.

The USP of this app is that it is more of content based which is a delight for the users to read. The app feels more like a newspaper rather than just an online newsfeed tool. You can read and save the article for viewing it later on. You can also watch award-winning videos, images that display full-screen galleries with retina-quality photographs.

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5. News Republic

News Republic Breaking News

This news app prevents you from getting into the juncture of infobesity by keeping the newsfeed simplified. It has around 2500 strong news sources of various disciplines, and the number is growing every day. The app suggests you the topics you like to read without any mixture of other subjects.

It encompasses international news, politics, technology, sports and the current trending news of the day. The app is incredibly easy to navigate, and there is an offline reading mode in case you lose data connectivity. The news app is free to download however there is an in-app purchase of $2.99 per year for removing the ads.

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6.  ABC News

Abc News App

ABC app is one of the best news apps that not only provides you latest news of all over the world, but also allows watching news clips from some popular shows like Good Morning America, World News, and Nightline. You can instantly stream any live breaking news that flashes on the channel as well.

It will show you all the latest stories related to politics, sports, entertainment, health, technology, science, and business. You can even listen to ABC radio while on the move and get to know the most up-to-date events happening around the world. The interface of the app is simple and can also be customized according to your preferences.

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7. CNN

Cnn News App

If you want to stay connected to the international news with minute-to-minute update, then CNN is the best option for you. It will give you all the information you need about happenings around the world related to various topics like politics, sports, films, entertainment, health, and technology. You will get all the in-depth analysis of the stories presented by the correspondents via text content, photo galleries and news clips.

You can even watch live news broadcast on the app and some original series of CNN like “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown” and award-winning news programs like “Anderson Cooper 360”. You can download the CNN app to your android phone for free, and it has no in-app subscription.

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These news apps cater all the current events that occur around the world and locally. They give you every detail behind the stories with the network of journalist and correspondents of every news agency. Some of the apps collect news items from other sources and provide you the stories according to your choice. Most of the news apps are customizable and can give you news alerts according to your needs. So if you are searching for news apps that can give you up to date information of every category, then these are some of the best news apps you can download on your Android handset.

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