7 Best Caller Id Apps for Android

True Caller App

Pesky calls from unwanted numbers are a big headache for most of us. We often get calls from unknown numbers which annoys us during important meetings or late at night which disturbs us a lot. It becomes a major harassment for us as we are not able to identify who exactly is calling us and for what purpose. Thankfully, caller ID apps are available today which can show us the name, source, and location of the caller, so it becomes easy to identify them. It also helps in securing you from pesky callers by blocking them. To know which are the best caller ID apps for Android just have a look at our list down below.

Caller Id App

1. Truecaller

True Caller App

It is one of the most popular caller id apps for Android on today’s date. The app lets you know about the identity of the callers by displaying their name and location. If the caller has synced his email id, you can see that as well. It can also block the unwanted calls that annoy you. You can also search and find out the source of any number like their location and name. What you need to make the app work is a 3G/4G or Wi-Fi connection on your android phone.

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2. Whoscall

Whos Calling Me App

It is one of the best caller id blocks that have over five million users in eight different countries. This app helps you to identify the callers and the text messages that you receive even if they are not stored in your contact list.  The app collects the identification from its database of 600 million users. It can filter out the malicious calls and texts by enabling you to block them. It mainly blocks those annoying calls of robot call, telemarketing, scams which are indeed a big nuisance. So next time if any unknown person calls, it won’t leave you guessing on whose on the other side calling you.

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3. Calls Blacklist

Free Caller Id

This app helps in blocking the unwanted calls and SMS messages that annoy you. It also allows you to create a blacklist of those numbers which are a nuisance for you and prevent any incoming calls or text messages from them.  The great thing about this app is that it does not eat into your battery life and prevents it from draining. But remember that this app is not for identifying the callers but only to create a filter for blocking them. The app is lightweight and one of the best call blocker you can have on your phone.

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4. Mr.Number

Blocking Caller Id

It is a simple yet a powerful caller id app that used by millions of Android users across the globe. It can block the unwanted numbers, SMS and the spam calls from bothering you.  It is also a great phone number identifier to know who is the unknown caller is calling you. This will help you in getting the incoming call details easily.

The app has a reverse lookup for both mobile and landline numbers which will help you in seeking out their details. It can automatically block text messages and calls from any unknown private number and even report about any call or SMS as a spam to warn others.

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5. Hiya

Whitepages Caller Id

It is a white page caller id app which lets you know which calls are spam or unwanted in real-time. It identifies the nagging callers like telemarketers, scammers, bill collectors, robot callers and other nuisance elements. You can create a blacklist and white list of the contacts so that you will never miss an important call and avoid getting disturbed by unwanted calls.

The phone book contact photo feature of the app lets you see the other details of your close contacts profile pictures, job title and city info acquired from Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. The app has a database of millions of phone numbers hence seeking out details of any phone number is not tough with Hiya installed on your phone.

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6. CIA


It is yet another useful app that can put a brake on those pesky unwanted and spam calls by blocking them. It also identifies the numbers of the incoming calls and lets you know who is calling you by providing the complete profile of the caller.

One of the best features of this call identifier app is that it scans real-time details which informs about the identity of the caller. The app is used by millions of people all around the world due to its simple hassle-free usage.

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7. HD Full-screen caller ID

Caller Id App For Android

It is a stylish caller id app which has an attractive interface which allows you to view a full-screen image of the caller. It has a huge database and lets you store around 500 contacts for free. This app is appropriate for those people who want to view pictures for identifying incoming/outgoing calls, missed calls and messages. The only thing you have to do is store HD pictures on the contact list for avoiding blurry pictures.

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So if the pesky calls and unwanted messages are bothering you and you want to put an end to that menace, then these caller id apps listed above will block the annoying unwanted numbers along with identifying them and informing you about their details.

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