7 Best Astrology Apps of Android for Accurate Horoscope and Zodiac Predictions

Astrology App

Future is one thing that we are all anxious about. We all want to lead a happy life, excel in our academics, find a good soul mate, spend happy married life and have a successful career. To know these things we generally take help of an astrologer who gives predictions based on our horoscope or zodiac signs. In most of the cases, the fortunetellers take a good amount of money to tell your future predictions. But now you don’t have to run to them to know your future predictions as you can do it with the help of your Android phone.

There are useful astrology apps available now on Android platform which can foretell your future predictions based on the calculation of your birthday, zodiac sign, and your name. They can give you accurate predictions regarding your career, academics, love life, marriage, finance, and success in overall life. If you are looking for an app too that can give you precise answers related to your future, then download from the list of best astrology app to know your horoscope and zodiac predictions.

Astrology App

1. Yodha My Astrology & Horoscope

Yodha Astrology

If you are looking for an app that can give you accurate predictions more than a daily horoscope app, then Yodha is the right app for you. With the help of this app, you can consult with real astrologers and ask them questions related to your career, love, academics, marriage and other things.

You have to give them your birth details, and they will provide personal astrological predictions by calculating via Vedic astrology. They will create a personalized kundli and a horoscope chart based on the details what you provide. It is a free app to download however there is an in-app purchase to avail the premium services regarding horoscope reading and predictions.

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2. My Horoscope

Horoscope Apps Free

This horoscope predicting app is completely free which is made and developed by notable astrologers. It has provision for those people who want to download the content of horoscope reading. You can even connect to social media and share your horoscope results on Whatsapp, Facebook, and Twitter.

It has a feature that lets you know your horoscope of the past two days and upcoming two days along with daily horoscope reading. It is helpful for those people who don’t know their zodiac sign as this app will help them find it out. With multi-language setting, it is one of the top astrology apps, useful for daily astrological predictions and horoscope reading.

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3. Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone

Susan Miller Compatibility

It is not typically daily prediction app but more of astrological calculation based on zodiac signs. The app contains interesting monthly horoscope forecasts based on scientific zodiac reading. It lets you learn about your future rather than giving you any daily update. The updated version of the app has a new design with some added features.

You can check short daily horoscopes, planetary news, and content-rich horoscope readings. The app is filled with mixed reviews on the Google play store highlighting the accuracy of the horoscope prediction. Navigation of the app is easy, and you can easily check reading of each zodiac sign in a book form.

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4. The Leo King

Leo King App

If you are curious about your future life and want to get accurate predictions about your forthcoming days, then you can trust The Leo King app. It is a popular website on the internet which gives daily horoscope reading based on the 12 zodiac signs. The app also offers a weekly reading of all the zodiac signs and explains the influence of the planets on your life.

The Leo King delivers these prediction readings in the form of videos. Unlike other astrological apps which chiefly shows the chart and predictive contents, it has a more entertaining approach. The app is famous for its highly accurate readings with in-depth analysis of all the zodiac signs. You can download the trial version for free however for updating to pro version you need to make an in-app purchase of $5.99/ month.

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5. AstroSage Kundli

Horoscope Astrology

AstroSage Kundli offers horoscope reading with the help of Vedic astrology, Indian astrology, and Hindu astrology methods. With the help of the app, you can create a kundli of yours in a traditional way and also know the life predictions, marriage compatibility, daily horoscope updates, Rashifal, and many other things.

It will give you personalized insightful future predictions based on both moon and star sign horoscope. The app supports several regional languages which are incredibly helpful. It also offers love compatibility calculator for those who are in a relationship. If you are looking for a best Vedic astrology app which can provide free horoscope readings with accurate predictions, then download this app on your phone.

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6. The Daily Horoscope

Free Daily Horoscopes Apps

It is one of the most popular horoscope apps that you can download for knowing accurate future predictions.  Apart from providing the daily horoscopes, it also shows the yearly zodiac horoscopes, zodiac characteristics, annual Chinese zodiac forecast and compatibility between two zodiac signs. People who love to get daily horoscope updates with accurate forecasts, for them it is one of the best horoscope apps to download.

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7. Zodiac and Astrology

Numerology Apps

Zodiac and astrology is yet another great app that you can use for getting accurate horoscope reading on a daily basis. The app is easy to use with its large graphical tabs with different categories. The app has a tarot card reading feature which gives you an accurate future reading of along with telling you about your personality and current life status.

The app also takes care of the believers of Chinese astrology and numerology. These predictions methods majorly rely on the sum digits of your birthday for giving you perfect prediction. It also has palm reading feature who are interested in knowing future through palmistry. Apart from these, it also has love compatibility, sign compatibility, and child astrology.

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Most of us remain anxious about the events that might take place in our future and to ease our inquisitiveness, these astrological and horoscope apps help us a lot. They do so by predicting things related to our career, family, love, marriage, money, success, personal issues, and other vital matters. Hence if you are too skeptical about your future and want to know about it, then you can use one of the above apps for accurate future prediction.

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