6 Best Streaming TV Service App for Android

Netflix Live TV

The latest technology has opened a whole new dimension of entertainment services, and TV streaming apps are one of them. In the recent times, these live streaming apps have become immensely popular. These apps offer to stream your favorite shows and movies on your android device like regular TV channels. All you need is an active internet connection and voila! You can watch all your favorite shows without any interruptions. To know which are the best streaming TV app that you can download on your Android device, just scroll down the list below.

Live Streaming Apps

1. Netflix

Netflix Live TV

Netflix is the most popular name for TV streaming apps as it comes with a bundle of entertainment shows that can hook you for hours. It does not stream live, but it has vast content of TV shows right from current shows, classics, and even animation series.

Netflix broadcasts some of the hot favorite TV shows like its original series such as House of Cards, Narcos, MindHunter, Sandcastle and all the Marvel series which is quite excellent. You can subscribe to non-HD and UHD separately and as per the availability of the Ultra HD resolution. It is one of the best TV streaming apps you can download on your device.

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2. Hulu

Hulu Live Tv Review

Hulu app is one of the one of the biggest TV app that contains a huge collection of old shows, old seasons, current seasons, movies and lot other things. It has around 300 + channels of entertainment, and it does not broadcast any unwanted ads that will annoy you.

If you ask which is better Hulu or Netflix, then comparatively Hulu contains content for all age group whereas Netflix mainly focuses on adult entertainment. The best thing about Hulu is that it not only runs smoothly on an android device but also supported by Amazon Firestick, Kodi, iOS and PC/laptop.

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3. Sling TV

Sling TV

Sling TV is one of the best live streaming apps for android as it is the most customizable of all. It also comes at an economical rate as its basic packages goes from $20 to $25 per month. There is a bundle of packs available that you can add depending on your requirement. It has shows of every genre right from comedy, sports, kids and also HBO. Along with Android, it can be streamed on TVs, tablets, phones, computers and gaming consoles.

Sling TV also has a collection of entertainment channels of various languages which includes English, Arabic, Brazilian, Hindi, and other 18 languages. The app also supports Chromecast streaming and has hit shows like Walking Dead, Atlanta, SportsCenter and other popular series. The customizable channel selections are what make this TV streaming app unique and favorite among the users.

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4. Amazon

Amazon Streaming TV

Amazon is also rapidly capturing the live TV streaming app market by offering a variety of TV shows and movies. It local based database is what makes it popular apart from its global users. However in the battle of Netflix vs. Amazon, Netflix scores over as it has a lot of originals along with new and old seasons of shows which Amazon prime lacks.

Amazon prime streaming app is best for regional packs and streaming movies of both Hollywood as well as local regional languages. It shows all the latest blockbuster movies and some original series as well from HBO, Showtime, Starz, and Cinemax.

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5. Starz

Video Streaming App

It is one of the best basic TV streaming app that you can download on your Android handset. The app is also popular for its cheaper rates compared to its competitors. The app offers its users a variety of TV shows and movies which includes its original series like Ash vs Evil Dead, Outlander, Camelot, and other shows.

The great thing about this app is it allows you to download full episodes of your favorite shows to enjoy them on your long journeys. You can also download movies of many box office blockbusters. This is not typically a live TV streaming app but more of a movie app that has some original shows as well.

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6. YouTube TV

YouTube Live Streaming App

YouTube TV offers a huge variety of entertainment channels with a different genre. It broadcasts some of the prime channels of the cable network like ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, AMC and more. You can easily watch on your smartphone, tablet, game console and also stream via Google Chromecast and Roku.

YouTube TV is just not limited to a specific region as it can be accessed from any part of the world. You can subscribe to YouTube streaming app at a fee of $35 per month with no additional charges. It broadcasts channels for everyone including regional languages, News, Kids, and sports as well. You can have a free trial before you subscribe to the service of YouTube TV.


These are some of the best TV streaming app that you can download on your android phones. These TV apps stream your favorite shows including originals, old and current series. With a monthly subscription, you can easily enjoy the unlimited entertainment of various channels from any part of the world. Many of these apps support Chromecast, and you can watch all your shows on the big screen of your TV too.

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