6 Best Railway App for Android

Irctc Railway App

Indian railway is one of the largest, cheapest and the most preferred mode of transportation in India. As more number of people are using Android phones in today’s date, the demand for apps has increased that can make train ticket booking, check PNR status, enquire seat availability and check live status of trains. These apps become incredibly helpful when you are planning to make a rail journey and seek information related to your booking. To know which railway apps can be useful to make your journey arrangement easy, just check the list given below.

Railway Apps

1. Railyatri

Railway Apps For Ticket Booking

The Railyatri app has a number of features that can be quite helpful for the users. You can get all the information from the app such as for your train journeys like checking PNR status, seat availability, train timetable, platform locator, and trains between stations.

Key Features:

  • PNR status with confirmation prediction
  • Train timetable
  • Shows platform number of the train
  • Spot your train via live train status
  • Seat availability
  • Sends SMS on confirmation of seat
  • Check local train timetables
  • Book bus tickets
  • Order your food on the train
  • Booking hotels near the station

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2. IRCTC Rail Connect

Irctc Railway App

IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) app is one of the best railway apps for rail journey solutions. You can book and reserve train tickets by using this app. You need to login to IRCTC website and create an account for booking tickets via this app.  The interface of the app is simple, and you can search trains between stations, seat arrangement, PNR status, seat availability and order food online.

Key Features:

  • Ticket booking and reservations
  • PNR Status Enquiry
  • Shows seat availability and seat map
  • End to end train search between stations
  • Reservation confirmation prediction
  • Train cancellation and rescheduling alerts
  • Supports tatkal, premium tatkal and ladies quota booking
  • Get upcoming journey alerts

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NTES Railway Apps

It is also one of the most useful railway information apps that is developed by Centre for Railway Information Systems or CRIS. This official railway app by the Indian government has several useful features for the rail passengers. It gives you complete information about your reservation status, live station reports, train schedule and other info.

Key Features:

  • Live train status
  • PNR status
  • Know trains between stations
  • Cancellation and train diversion information
  • Manage your favorite trains, stations, schedules

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4. Ixigo Indian Rail and Trains

Ixigo Trains

Ixigo is the most user-friendly railway app in today’s date that has ample of features for the rail passengers. This app allows you to do train ticket reservation, check seat map, train running status, PNR status and many more things. The app can be browsed in different regional languages like Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Telugu, Tamil or Kannada.

Key features:

  • Search trains between stations with train number or train name
  • PNR status and prediction
  • Track real-time status of trains
  • Train seat availability
  • Train timetable
  • Fare calculator
  • Displays seat map
  • Shows local trains and metro lines
  • Allows hotel, flight and bus booking

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5. Indian Rail Train Info

Indian Rail Info

It is one of the best apps that can provide you all round information related to your train journey.  Get everything on this app right from train search, availability of seats, PNR status, and live train status. The app is quite simple to use with easy to operate interface.

Key Features:

  • PNR status inquiry with email and SMS alert
  • Train search via partial or complete train number
  • Train station list
  • Search trains between stations
  • Easy to use swipe screen
  • Check seat availability
  • Fare calculation
  • Track waitlist status

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6. Cleartrip

Train Tickets Booking App

More than 20 million people trust the app for ticket booking of trains, flights, and hotel booking. It is an IRCTC authorized app that can do reservations for your rail journey. You can select the type of seat you want, check seat availability, train schedule, search trains between stations and live train status. The great thing about this app is that it caters all your needs in one app instead of switching to different apps.

Key Features:

  • Reservations for train tickets, flight, and hotels via one app
  • IRCTC authorized app for train booking
  • Check train status
  • Look for seat availability
  • Check train schedule
  • PNR status update and alert

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These rail apps cater most of the Indian passenger’s needs like train reservation, PNR status checking, trains between stations, live train station, alerts, and seat availability. Some also have additional features like booking hotels, flight ticket reservation and ordering food for train journey as well. By using the app, it becomes quite easy to plan your railway journey and save yourself from any unknown changes that come in the train scheduling or cancellations. Hence for the purpose of railway journey in India, these are some of the best rail apps that you can download on your Android mobile.

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