6 Best Personal Safety App for Women

Bsafe App

Safety is the biggest concern for any woman as they become victims of heinous crimes such as sexual harassment, molestation, and rape. Most women have a fear of being stalked, followed or being attacked which is indeed a big issue especially who stay or travel alone. In such situation, technology can also help in keeping you safe. There are some apps for personal safety which every woman can download that will help in keeping them safe from untoward incidents. These apps send distress signals to women’s close contacts so they can know her present status and come to her rescue if needed. These apps also send alarms to nearby police stations if anything goes wrong. To know which are the best apps for women’s safety, just have a look at the list below.

Safety App

1. VithU App

Emergency App

In the face of danger, most of us get panicked and do not get the time for dialing number of any family member or even cops. In such situations, this app can be incredibly useful for the women. You can just push a button which will send SOS signals to the listed contacts. They will keep getting alert messages after every two minutes with a live feed of your current location. This safety app is useful for those women who have to travel alone or do night shift jobs.

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2. bSafe

Bsafe App

It is an excellent app for women for keeping them safe and secure. It is a free app which allows you to create a net of ‘Guardians’ that will get your distress signal in the form of SOS messages. The app also allows your contacts to track your live GPS location and know exactly where you are and set a fake call alarm in case you haven’t checked in. The app sends notifications to the contacts with location, video and even siren.

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3. SafetiPin

Emergency Contact App

Safetipin is an incredibly useful safety app for women, especially who are moving to a new city or an unknown location. The app is designed for women’s security which has valuable features like screening safest route, GPS tracking, and emergency SOS service. The app will suggest all possible routes to you via which you can reach your destination in the shortest and safest way. The app also collects data about public places on the scale of lighting, visibility, crowd density, etc. The app has multiple language options which the user can set according to her preference.

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4. Family Locator

Personal Security Apps

The life 360 family locator is one of the best safety apps that you can install on your app which will help to keep track of your family members. It will send out SOS message to your selected contacts, and it also allows you to chat with them. It also ensures the women’s protection by having a private map which can be seen only by the circle members to track the location by using GPS and Wi-Fi network. This app also helps to track your phone in case it gets stolen.

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5. SOS-Stay Safe

Rape App

Sexual assault or rape is the worst fear that every girl has and to safeguard her from such situations this is one of the best apps to install on your smartphone. It immediately sends alert signals to the girl’s contact list in case she comes across situations like stalking, rape attempt or even road accident by simply pressing the power button on the phone. The contacts will receive an emergency alert and your current location via GPS to your family members and friends. It can send up to two free emergency SMS and email free of cost, but if you want to make it unlimited, then you need to get the Pro version of this app.

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6. Watch Over Me

Women Safety App

Watch Me Over is yet another great app to keep the woman in your house safe and secure. The app lets your contacts to keep track of your journey remotely. You can also specify the time span you want the app to track your GPS location until you check in from your desired location. If you don’t do so, it will automatically send an emergency alert to your selected contacts. Apart from this if something untoward happens, you can shake your phone to turn on the phone camera and video recording. This app is gaining immense popularity and having a significant number of users.

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Woman’s safety is indeed a big concern as it should not be taken lightly. It is better to take corrective precautions rather than waiting for any disaster to strike. Technological help can be a significant aid to keep yourself safe from the people with wrong intentions and protect you from unpleasant incidents such as sexual assaults and stalking. So if you want to keep yourself or any female family member completely safe, then these are some of the best safety apps for women that you should install on your smartphone.

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